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UK courts allow cover-up of Eton child porn criminal to protect his wealthy family

Pride's Purge

UK courts have allowed an Eton schoolboy to use a false name to protect his wealthy family from scandal.

Andrew Picard managed to escape jail time despite being convicted of creating and distributing sickening child pornography involving children as young as 2 years old.

But Picard’s real name is Andrew Boeckman – Picard is his mother’s maiden name.

Boeckman’s father is extremely wealthy lawyer-to-the-bankers Philip J Boeckman. But almost all references to the name Boeckman in connection with the case have been deleted from the internet – presumably under threat of legal action.

Here’s part of a cached Mirror article on the case from the internet archives in which the name Boeckman is mentioned. The article has since been deleted:

phil boeckman

Of course, Picard/Boeckman may argue he decided to take his mother’s maiden name before the scandal erupted. But here’s a photograph of Picard under the name Boeckman from as recently as August 2015 (from a…

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DeKalb County Traffic Tickets Misplaced

GeorgiaTrafficLawyer's Weblog

Great article from the newspaper.

The DeKalb County Recorders Court —- one of the busiest traffic courts in the state —- has lost track of hundreds of thousands of citations, costing the county and the state possibly tens of millions of dollars in uncollected fines, according to internal court e-mails.

The breakdown also let people ignore citations and not face punishment —- and no one has been looking for them.

The e-mails, obtained through the Georgia Open Records Act, show that a two-year communications failure in the court’s computer systems has caused citations to sit unresolved in case databases. It’s the electronic equivalent of being stuffed in a closet and forgotten.

No one knows how many unresolved citations exist, but an internal memo from a consultant estimated the value of uncollected fines at $90 million to $135 million. Both R. Joy Walker, the chief judge of the court, and Vernon…

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Counterintelligence report on CIA’s and DoJ’s International Framing Program, the Targeting of My Family by the International Spy Network & Miscegenation Subprogram. Framing program is also described by insiders, Scott Bennett @armypsyop and William Binney. UPDATED 07/05/2018 D/M/Y

This blog expires on June 8th and I dont have $99 to renew.

Travel advisory and travel ban: This travel advisory and travel ban is designated for White Europeans and ethnic Germans including those of Sudeten, Carpathian or Austrian origin, to avoid travel to North America and any American territories, but also including South America, Africa, Britain and its territories, Russia, China and the rest of Asia. Any Germans within these territories are to return to Germany and Western Europe immediately. This travel advisory and ban is indefinite. America and its territories has reached levels of anti-White vitriol seen only in South Africa against the Boer minority. All travel must be limited to Western Europe only.

As of 24/04/2018 I am in Copenhagen Denmark and the city seems to have a large undeclared crypto-jewish population as did Munich and Frankfurt, with many individuals being quarter jews or half jews. In Munich I bought a radioactive Under Armour (Vietnam made) backpack which I washed several times, and some stores in Munich seemed to have radioactive waterproof clothes which I needed. However, the harassment tactics in these cities are a lot less intense than in the US and EMF warfare is almost non-existent. The jews in Copenhagen have taken over every place of business and place of employment and it seems I am being denied employment just as I was in the US. I also burned my US passport, US driver’s license and US social security card, officially renouncing my US citizenship and I do not have a photocopy of my passport. In the US I worked for Ingenico in Alpharetta to make money to buy my plane ticket, and I quit Ingenico because of harassment tactics and EMF being shot at me from the roof of the building making it very difficult to stay awake while working. When I worked at Ingenico I was homeless sleeping at Ocee Park and Rock Mill Park. While in the US I bought radioactive socks at REI in Alpharetta which seemed to have radioactive waterproof clothes for sale as did a Target, and I came across radioactive grocery bags from Publix. I highly recommend western Europe and Scandinavia for any rh-negative White male being targeted in North America, even if it means being homeless as I am in Copenhagen. I do not recommend Russia since in Eastern Europe the harassment tactics are a lot more intense than in America and I cite my time in Romania as an example from April 2016 to March of 2017, during which time I experienced nightly break-ins and aggressive EMF warfare. Russia like North Korean and China, is a vassal state of the US National Security Apparatus and World Jewry. White rh-negative males, especially Germans, are the main targets for miscegenation or extermination, and at the present time western Europe and Scandinavia has the best life expectancy for rh-negative white males. The white female population is completely controlled and kept as breeding stock for jews or other rh-positive males. Less than 3% of jews are rh-negative, less than 1% of negroes and less than 1% of asians, and in my family, there was never any rh-positive members. In Copenhagen the white or crypto-jewish-quarter and half jewish female population baits and rejects to provoke much like the US female population, however they are a lot more approachable and I talked to several who were in their 20s and 30s so far who did not proclaim to be jewish when discussing the jewish question with them, but they supported jewish causes. As of 30/04/2018 I am still homeless and sleeping outside. So far I’ve experienced at least 3 incursion by MOSSAD as I slept and 1 by muslim proxy and the fungus was placed in my shoes again on 03/05/2018. There are many Israeli MOSSAD agents in the Copenhagen who appear to be armed, and it appears the population in the city was changed on 29/04 with a large influx of Israeli full-blooded jews, IDF, and other non-whites which also happened when I was in the Lawrenceville and Alpharetta US. Some of the food and water is poisoned with castration chemicals at the supermarkets but it is a lot less intense than in the US. As of now I am at Caféen (Herbergscentret) Sundholmsvej 36, 2300 København for the homeless buying the food because it is served to other homeless but I will not be returning since it is expensive. I walk the city center during most of the day collecting bottles and cans to support myself. Any Whites who are aware of my presence in the city are encouraged to make contact with me. As of now I decided to make my way back to Romania once I have the funds if my situation here does not improve. I am also next to the Bremen theater every day at 7:00 PM for the food van that drops off food for the homeless and the job center next to Bremen Theater as I type this. On 01/05 I bought radioactive socks (China made) from REMA 1000 and previously I discovered a white fleece radioactive blanket which is a blanket commonly found at a lot of the restaurants in the city. Just as in the US with the US army, this seems to be happening with approval from the Danish military. In Copenhagen, it appears I am followed by a DoD invisible zero-point energy drone since the population on the ground can intercept me walking to within half a second or better, even if I change direction.
UPDATE: 03/05/2018. I’m taking a Flixbus to Ploiesti Romania on Saturday the 5th at 10:00 PM. I do not expect the situation in Romania to improve or for the state to afford me any protection. I plan on going hunting in Romania to avoid being poisoned. On 05/06 I was in Frankfurt waiting for the bus to Bucharest which was #1924 and walked all around the station for 30 minutes before departure time because I knew they would play with the location of the bus. The bus loaded passengers behind the station on Mennheimer Str. instead of Stuttgarter Str., and after loading the passengers, the bus driver drove into the station from behind the bus station next to the train tracks, and pulled over on Stuttgarter Str. for 5 seconds where he was suppose to load passengers; likely to fake GPS data to say he did load passenger on Stuttgarter, and then took off as I was standing next to the bus on the sidewalk. I had to get another ticket with a connection through Vienna for Monday. When I got the ticket I noticed several other people failed to check in. This was the first time when the parasite has blown its cover in order to prevent me from traveling by delaying me.

“The International Spy Network managed by the CIA, GCHQ, NSA, MI5 and MI6, Swedish FRA, New Zealand-based GCSB, Russian-based FSB, Saudi-based General Intelligence Directorate, Turkish-based National Intelligence Organization, and Israeli-based MOSSAD or Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, is the largest criminal enterprise ever assembled whose number one rule is ABSOLUTE OBSCURITY, and its sole purpose is to frame, blackmail, loot, manipulate, provoke, intimidate, and ultimately destroy anyone with a conscience who becomes aware of its existence and opposes its communist rule. [1-12] Its mass surveillance and offensive capabilities expanding at a theoretical rate [13-16] with each new false flag terrorist attack, [17-26] fueled by limitless funding from the manufactured [27-32] ‘War on Terror’ that was forged in the ashes of the staged 9/11 attacks; that the entire US national security apparatus purposefully failed to prevent; [33] in order to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the deceived masses, [34-35] and funnel trillions [36] to self-serving defense contractors. In-turn, the communist US Deep State International Jewry [37-48] has managed to decimate the pillars of democracy,[49-50] and corrupt the moral standards of millions of people by enrolling them into the DoD-sponsored surveillance and framing program, whose goal is a New World Order [51-53] by offering billions of people the ultimate illusion of choice and a self-determined future by sustaining state perjury. [54-66]” – me

I wrote this report with the intention of sparking a World War against Jewry while a White majority still exists in White countries. The goal of Jewry is to continue to reduce our numbers until mounting an offensive is all but impossible. The Irish genocide of nearly 7 million, 1804 Haitian massacre of Whites, the Great Terror in Russia in 1938-1939 against the Polish and German minorities, 1939 Jewish-Polish-Catholic massacre of 58,000 Germans, Zimbawe’s ethnic cleansing, the genocide of White South Africans, Rhodesia’s demise, the Russian famine, Ukranian Holodomor, WW1, WW2, the War on Terror and chronic rape and murder brought to our lands by non-White jewish proxies are ways the parasite has reduced our numbers for the past centuries.

Every White man capable of mounting an offensive no matter how small, owes it to himself and future White generations to seek vengeance by any means necessary against those who trespass against us, including traitors. The alternative to inaction is our inevitable destruction at the hands of an enemy that is not subject to any truce or code of conduct. The enemy invented human rights and the Geneva Conventions which we signed granting the enemy rights within our lands allowing him to exploit us legally, and the enemy is no longer subject to prosecution or imprisonment according to our own laws. That is the EVERLASTING, shape-shifting parasite.

Those in positions of military power have a duty to uphold their sworn oath of allegiance to seek out and preemptively strike this enemy in any White nation that affords him refuge. By the executive power vested in me which is my birth right, every nuclear power under our control has my authority to annihilate all Jewry from Tel Aviv to Riyadh, and from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf and back again until all of it is well bellow sea level. The rest of the jews including jewish minors in countries under our control are to be reduced to the status of enemy combatants and expelled and quarantined in Africa by military force. All other non-Whites, are to be expelled from our countries and travel and trade bans are to be enforced by military force. All foreign aid will be illegal. Any liberal sympathizers are to be reeducated or expelled. A new currency must be issued based on units of labor performed, and usury by any institution or body will be outlawed. With the exception of sale taxes, all other taxes are to be illegal to ensure that future generations will inherit the fruits of our labor free of any financial burden. These orders are to be carried out even if my own safety can not be guaranteed. This enemy has been decreasing our numbers covertly for millennia, and his existence depends entirely on usury and deception. Nothing will appease this enemy short of our total destruction. Show him mercy and you will receive none.

Dailymotion video: The Eternal Jew in America. What the jews and their proxies once did to Germany and Russia, now comes to America

The Wandering Wolf Children Of World War II



Dailymotion video: Nixon: Jews are born spies
Dailymotion video: Jonathan Jay Pollard espionage
Dailymotion video: Jonathan Jay Pollard espionage continued

Dailymotion video: Flashback: 200 Israelis busted for spying on USA (60 related to 9/11)


Dailymotion video: (((The Arms Race))) This video was made private on YouTube

Dailymotion video: Rothschild Conspiracy International Banking Cartel and The Federal Reserve This video was deleted from YouTube

In 1918, intelligence services of the western powers were buzzing with reports that COMMUNISM was an international conspiracy fomented by atheistic jews. A flood of atheistic jews entered the FDR administration and helped pioneer the New Deal for America. The encyclopedia Judaica says FDR’s liberal policies endeared him to the jewish community which shared with him a over-lighting commitment to the welfare state. It is very significant that in letting left-wing jews into his administration FDR set in motion a conspiracy that was soon to have the greatest repercussions: Pearl Harbor.

13News Now Investigates: Food stamps for sale on social media



Dailymotion video: How many times did Jews rape Russia? Twice: Once by the Bolsheviks, once again by the (((oligarchs))). #tcot







Building 7 was the most secure building in NYC. It housed the CIA, IRS Regional Council, US Secret Service, ATF, the Securities and Exchange Commision and the mayor’s office of Emergency Management. The 9/11 commision did not address the collapse of WTC7 in its report.


Dailymotion video: Journalist Swarmed By Cops, Arrested For Asking People About Tower 7 On 9/11





Past Zionist-Jewish Terrorism – Some Historical Facts




Dailymotion video: Jews skipped the World Trade Center on 9/11

Dailymotion: Elizabeth O’bagy: fake intel from fake PhDs that armed REAL terrorists

Dailymotion video: How (((America))) Trained ISIS “Secretly” in Seven Easy Steps




Dailymotion video: Military Advisor: Some weapons seized by Syrian Army in East Aleppo



[34] FULL Paul Wolfowitz interview On NBC’s Meet The Press with Chuck Todd (9 11 2016)

Dailymotion video: Secretary of State Colin Powell UN WMD speech

Dailymotion video: US spends $4.79 trillion on wars since 9/11

Total Control of The United States – The Jewish Lobby

Dailymotion video: Project for a New American Century | Wikispooks: Project for the New American Century

Le Cercle


Who Controls America?




Dailymotion video: George Soros (real name Schwartz Gyorgy) on POTUS Hillary Clinton

Dailymotion video: ADL funds Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to clear out Ukrainian jews for a war w/ Russia


[48] Mike Lofgren – The Deep State

Dailymotion video: Mike Lofgren – The Deep State








American Security Council. Extract from the Terrorism Industry

It’s Time For Global Governance & NWO Rule

North American Caucus Formation

Secret new plan for EU Superstate

Juncker vows to use new powers to block the far right





Merkel, the Red footsoldier: German chancellor under fire over Communist links as image of her in uniform is released EXPOSED 1987 Video shows German leader Angela Merkel celebrating w/ communists

Vidmax: EXPOSED 1987 Video shows German leader Angela Merkel celebrating w/ communists

Dailymotion video: OBAMA = OSAMA – 100% proof

“…the force that orders the universe and cant be seen.” – JSOC, and an excerpt from Top Secret America exposing the human surveillance cells across America likely managed by the USMC and JSOC. I can just tell they hate to brag. The FBI worked with JSOC in Iraq to prosecute so-called ‘terrorists,’ who are very likely Iraqis defending their country from zionist control. It could be the ones who followed me were ethnic jews loyal to the IDF.

Dailymotion video: Jews made up 90% of the first Bolshevik governments

How the US DoD is complicit in undermining the US Constitution
Obama is a gay Muslim married to a man. John Kerry’s daughter entered a marriage with an Iranian which has significance. His family has Middle Eastern roots. Obama is also the stunt double for Osama Bin Laden whose family is from Saudi Arabia. Obama is NOT an American citizen.
YouTube: Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama’s Birth Certificate is Forgery Press Conference 12/15/16

Despite the US DoD being FULLY AWARE of these facts, they have made no attempt to arrest and charge Obama and his entire administration with treason and perjury and EXECUTING him and his entire administration. Hillary Clinton also sold uranium to Russia that is supposedly an American adversary. The NSA and other agencies of the DoD are waging open warfare against the citizenry of the United State and the world, by actively aiding and abetting a communist foreign power to subvert the US Constitution and civil order in the United States and the world. Any unlawful orders that violate the constitutional rights of the citizenry that are executed by the DoD against a lawful US citizen to achieve the nefarious goals of a foreign power constitutes treason. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” – Article III, Section 3, Clause 1

Dailymotion video: US government officials won’t acknowledge the existence of Israel’s nuclear arsenal

FBI’s and NSA’s push for back doors to encryption to fight the “War on Terror”

The US and Israel fund ISIS, and the US is waging a war for the Greater Israel Project, therefore the “War on Terror” is a manufactured threat and that is clear from the many false flag attacks in Europa and the US.

The reason the FBI and NSA push for back doors to encryption, is to destroy evidence gathered by a target against the state validating the target’s assertions of a state-sponsored framing program, and to plant evidence on a target’s devices after an arrest. The DHS, openly pursues this goal, and it extends to any WiFi device, not just cell phones. When I was in NYC and GA, all non-WiFi cameras were removed off the shelves at all Best Buy stores, or non-WiFi cameras were sold with sabotaged firmware that had malfunction timers. This also occured at a Fry’s Electronics store and Microcenter Duluth GA. The Government’s Secret Plan to Shut Off Cell Phones and the Internet, Explained

Coincidentally as a result of this report, several YouTube videos have been removed on the grounds of copyright claims after becoming part of this report and some were made private. My vimeo account has been deleted which had several important videos embedded in this report. Several Twitter users deleted their tweets after they were embedded in the report and some were suspended.

Several hacking attempts have been made by NSA, FBI, and CIA state-sponsored agents against the device I am using to write this report, likely to plant evidence and to prevent me from documenting their efforts to frame me. The NSA can hijack any WiFi device, and all of these WiFi chips are manufactured in communist China which has significance. Any electronic device left unattended is hacked, especially recording devices. The NSA is a DoD agency that has limitless back doors in new software and new hardware sold on the retail consumer market and the sudden surge in refurbished and open box electronics is clear evidence of NSA, CIA and MOSSAD ransomwear that is used to destroy evidence against the state gathered by their targets.
The NSA utilizes Israeli intelligence mining companies to provide the hardware, software and expertise for up to 20 of its chocke points across America in which a large share of its activities is devoted to domestic espionage. 2 of the telecom companies contracted by the NSA, Verizon and AT&T, are underpinned in their espionage endeavors via the FISA Amendment of 2008 by 2 Israeli intelligence companies, Verint systems (Verizon) and Narus (ATT).

These alphabet agencies work for the sole purpose of advancing communism, which is an international conspiracy fomented by atheistic jews and the criminal state of Israel. The CIA, NSA and DoD are in direct violation of Amendment IV of the US Constitution which states the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Dailymotion video: #Syrian army captured stash of #US/#EU weapons

Dailymotion video: “we’re speeding up training of #ISIL forces” – #Obama

The role of the FISA court in the framing program
Anyone that has ever served on this court is an enemy of the state and an enemy of America. Anyone that has ever submitted evidence to this court is an enemy of America.
The FISA court approves secret search warrants and the target isn’t aware that he or she is investigated, because the target is being primed and groomed to be framed and/or blackmailed. Since its inception, it has approved nearly all secret search warrants despite the fact that the “War on Terror” is manufactured and funded by the US and Israel and others, and so was the “Cold War” through operation Gladio conducted by NATO in Europa, where scores of Europeans were murdered to create the illusion of a Soviet adversary to sustain an inflated US and NATO military budget funded by the US and European tax payers. To further prove this fact though the evidence is already insurmountable, the SR-71 Blackbird, now discontinued, was manufactured with titanium from the world’s largest supplier, the Soviet Union. In my case the initial FISA investigation commenced because I migrated to the US from Romania which was a satellite state of the Soviet Union after WW2 since the allies under jewish influence gave all of Eastern Europe to Stalin.

The investigation is currently sustained by attempting to falsely associate me with China, Russia and even North Korea which are controlled by jewish proxies and are supposed adversaries of the US which is also in jewish hands, even though I’ve never traveled to any of those countries and I’ve never known anyone that was Russian, Chinese or North Korean.

The final justification for termination and invasive surveillance is legislation signed by the commie Obama on December 05, 2016, which legally allows the government to target ‘invasive non-human species’, which simply includes any rh-negative White individuals that reject miscegenation which is destructive of the rh-negative species that are distinguishable from the 7 billion rh-positive individuals inhabiting the world. Basically, any rh-negative individual is targeted, that is superior to a psychotic jew in a White country in a position of power with an inferiority complex. These accusations and legal justifications are used as cover to maintain invasive surveillance and prolong the investigation indefinitely, not just in the US but globally since the jews manage this network in the entire world. The FISA court and the US under jewish control targets individuals that have the political potential to bring an end to jewish presence in White countries, which is why the US has always fought jewish wars of aggression across the world to increase jewish dominance, eventually leading to a world government and communism with the capital of the world being Jerusalem which is the stated goal of jewry. Because the White race poses the biggest obstacle to this plan and communism can not be implemented without White genocide bringing every individual down to the same social and economic level, any White leadership that opposes jewry’s plans for world domination is targeted to be compromised and/or terminated, including by denying reproductive rights to Whites by strict control of the white female population, especially rh-negative White females.
This became increasingly obvious when Obama was elected and changed the staff of the DoD launching several wars of aggression in the Middle East and Africa for Greater Israel, and Syria and Libya were destroyed for Greater Israel which created the refugee influx to Europe for White genocide. Some of the crypto-jews in Obama’s DoD included Herbert Raymond McMaster, James Clapper and Michael Hayden of the NSA who are also crypto-communists feeding NSA data to Israel. It’s no surprise they look like brothers. McMaster in particular has the typical murky-green eyes that a lot of jewish males have like Louis C.K. and others, which indicates the base of his DNA is non-White. These 3 who report to no one but to each other, seem to be clones of Churchill who was a crypto-jew. McMaster also seems to be an alias, instead of a real name. It’s possible all 3 are using false names.

The chain of command in the International Spy Network
Currently, the US State Department heads and funds the International Spy Network, and the individual directly responsible for its activities is the crypto-jewess-bisexual-feminist-communist, Hillary Clinton, appointed by Obama who is the first gay president, and Lynn de Rothschild which makes Hillary an agent of the Rothschild family. George Soros (real name Schwartz Gyorgy) is a Hungarian jew and he is an agent and a proxy of the Rothschild family agenda of #WhiteGenocide. According to Christopher Bollyn, the Israeli company ICTS based in Holland which is Rothschild owned, controlled passenger screening on 9/11. 15 of the 19 supposed hijackers lived in Florida where many were given duplicated drivers licenses and others reported lost passports, allowing MOSSAD agents who are stunt doubles to leave false trails for the hijackers using their duplicate identification which also happened in my case. The IDC in Israel is a MOSSAD training center run by Major General Daniel Rothschild, and the center was or still is funded from America by Ronald S. Lauder who privatized the WTC which allowed Silverstein to take possesion of the WTC before 9/11.

Homosexuality is an obsession of the communist International Jewry and the US State Department funds LGBT causes that openly promote the adoption of children by gay couples. Normalizing pedophilia and homosexuality is another obsession and the framing program is centered on sex crimes. Full Jewish press is on to keep Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism in State Department

The communist International Jewry led by Hillary and the Rothschild family, also has an obsession with elevating women into positions of power with disastrous consequences, and I will describe this obsession in detail in the rest of this report. Women such as the crypto-jewess-bisexual-feminist-communist Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Frederica Mogherini, and Nicola Sturgeon, and all support unlimited immigration and are feminist-communists. Hillary’s State Department was directly involved in the Arab Spring, Bengazi for a US war in Libya and the coup that followed, Syria’s civil war, the Ukrainian coup and ongoing civil war, and other grievous crimes in direct violation of international law. Hillary also has the female vote in America for the simple fact that she is a woman. These female supporters that are spy network participants are feminists, who foster the idea of a female POTUS and communism achieving total equality with their male counterparts despite the fact that gender roles are our biological imperatives. Jewish Political Lesbian Feminist

The DoD men in the video above are lying likely under NSA orders. No one died at the embassy and there was no fire fight. One must remember that this psychotic network protects and promotes homosexuality and Stevens was gay. This was another false flag to justify war.

Dailymotion video: Hillary laughs at Muammar al-Gaddafi’s death
Dailymotion video: Hillary Clinton Exposed – Her Lies, Hypocrisy

DoJ’s new standard of justice for the political elite and peasants


Dailymotion video: NEVER take your kids to this ‘Pizza party’ 2016

Dailymotion video: The Pizza-Related Pedophile Ring #PizzaGate
RenegadeTribune: Fmr Speaker of the House Who Raped Children Let Out of Prison Early

The relationship between Israel, the Saudi Royal Family, Turkey, and the planned invasion of Europa and America by Sunni Muslims and Africans disguised as refugees and a humanitarian crisis
The Saudi Royal Family is jewish but also Sunni. Turkey is Sunni and Turks can also be considered Ashkenazi Jews, or Khazars who were also the jews that migrated into Weimar Germany from Russia before the Third Reich. The Persian Empire and the Ottoman Empire both sought to subjugate Europa for millennia. Palestine is also majority Sunni, and Palestinians can be considered Sephardi Jews which has significance as the current Palestinian and Israeli conflinct is staged which I will describe later. Syria is or was also majority Sunni, and jews still live in Damascus to this day even though muslim Syrians know that jews are responsible for the war.
Dailymotion video: King of Bahrain hosts menorah-lighting ceremony. Cousins by blood & allies in their eternal pursuit of Western conquest
Ex-CNN Reporter Publicly Exposes Behind-the-Scenes Reality of Fake News!

Jews were part of the Ottoman Empire. The US is an arms supplier for Saudi Arabia and Turkey as are others, and at the same time provides military aid to Israel to the tune of $13.2 billion per year.

Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE, all rich Sunni countries in an alliance with the jews, have taken 0 refugees as a result of the US led campaign in the Middle East for the Greater Israel Project, and all migrants have been sent into White countries only. The differences between Sunni Islam and Judaism are few. Circumcision is prevalent in both religions. Muslims and Jews Join to Fight German Circumcision Ban. Muslims consume halal meat and jews consume kosher meat and both reject pork meat. Jewish women also wear a burka. Hillary Clinton has both jewish and Sunni Muslim donors. Will Hillary Clinton Condemn her Million Dollar Donor Who is Out to Stone Gays?

Dailymotion video: Learn how the Jews got expelled from Spain for fighting alongside the Muslims

Russian FSB involvement in the Spy Network, ISIS and Putin’s ties to Israel
Lebanese Report: Putin Close to Israel Because He is Jewish

How Jews are aiding and abetting the refugee crisis in Europa and America to achieve #WhiteGenocide and complete the Greater Israel Project
Dailymotion video: 1200 rabbis support refugees in America
Dailymotion video: Miri Regev: the Sudanese are a cancer in our body
Dailymotion video: Jews: kill all Arabs
Dailymotion video: Jews: Niggers go home
Dailymotion video: Jews: Get the hell out of here
Dailymotion video: GERMANY | ‘Pursued’ #Turkish academics and journalists should be able to work in #Germany – FM Steinmeier

The most common method that the Spy Network uses to gain political control over men/Rejection/Offensive ops to relieve significant potential political opposition of any heirs/Feminism and the eventual Islamization of White Civilization
This is by far the easiest method, and it’s done by systematically denying sex to men through regular means like asking women out in person, online dating and apps which are completely controlled by the NSA and GCHQ, and consensual one-night stands. These men are then lured with “honeytraps” that are paid in Bitcoins or any other form of payment to frame men for rape in one-night stands if they do not accept political control, like Julian Assange’s case who was framed to be imprisoned, and Julian Comesy, who were subjugated with claims of rape with no evidence. JTRIG manipulation
Here 2 examples of British politicians embloiled in sex scandals, 1 involving female minors and an example of state favorability towards a jew who commited the same crime:

Dailymotion video: A woman is seen hitting herself in the face. JTRIG manipulation

This is why these idiots are dressed in women’s skirts in support of the Cologne victims; they were instructed, and most of all OBLIGATED:

YouTube: Netherlands: Men in mini-skirts march in solidarity with victims of Cologne attacks

This is another instance of people who are obligated to advance the NWO agenda of promoting degeneracy by proving their loyalty to the parasite:
Why Is There a Wave of People All over the World Randomly Having Sex in Broad Daylight?

If the target is arrested and accepts the terms of becoming a spy presented during police questioning for the alleged crime which some of the time will never stand in court, the target also automatically accepts guilt and will now be obligated to advance the NWO agenda, and frame and recruit or imprison other dissidents. This type of entrapment is by far the easiest since a mere claim of rape can be made, and it works especially well when a condom is not used, which is one of the claims that one of the women made against Julian Assange even though Julian did use a condom. Because there was no DNA in the condom, both women had the decency to finally state that the police framed him. The prosecution who are also spies motivated by the Jewry in the US Deep State, proceeded with the case anyway to attempt an extradition to Sweden with the real destination being prison in the US or Guantanamo.
In the rare event that the target is physically capable and has been incentivized or framed for a serious crime, they are sometimes used as CIA/MOSSAD/FBI patsies in false flag attacks to serve a political purpose. Anders Briekvik false flag to portray the resurgent National Socialists in Europa as terrorist since the surrender of the Third Reich was illegally signed.

The Charleston church shooting for gun control and to portray Nationalism as terrorism. The Pulse gay nightclub shooting for gun control. The Sandy Hook shooting for gun control. San Bernadino for gun control, the “war on terror” to push migrants into Europa and the US, and back doors to encryption. The Bataclan Massacre for the supposed French bombing in Syria pushing migrants into Europa and the US achieving #WhiteGenocide, etc.

Jewish feminism, promotes the idea of ‘sexually liberated women from oppressive family life.’
Feminist Icons Are a Bunch of Trannies

“Hooking up” on the first date or no date at all is a social norm, and a woman having multiple sex partners is a norm in a civilized Western, White society. This preconditions women psychologically to accept sexual partners that they barely know, sexual partners that are of a different race and culture achieving #WhiteGenocide, and sexual partners that are not suited for any long-term or stable relationships. It is my conclusion that modern day feminism preconditions women psychologically to accept being raped, for the eventuality of living in an Islamized Western society governed by Sharia law, which is defined by rape culture, incest, arranged marriages and relationships, and child brides which is pedophilia.
Dr. William Pierce – How the Chosen Ones Sexually Exploit Children – June 8, 2002 (with CC)

Joe Biden Pedophile – Do you wanna know how horny I am?! from Zilch Magnet on Vimeo. UNESCO Tolerance Propaganda
Dailymotion video: UNESCO Tolerance Propaganda for German women
Horrific abuse scandal in town dubbed ‘child sex capital of Britain’

According to feminist Barbro Sörman, when native White men rape White women it’s worse than when Muslims and Africans do it, and migrant rape cases in Sweden reached an astonishing 1472%.
Swedish feminist politician says Islamophobia is worse than rape by native Swedish men

Dailymotion video: Muslims and mongols threaten children with violent rape

Minor Swedish blondes paid by Swedish government to hang out with refugees

It is very clear that these women are paid to portray migrants in a positive light, and even maintain relationships or relations with migrants, to promote miscegenation and #WhiteGenocide. It is very UNLIKELY that these White women suddenly have an interest in third world non-Whites, who have no appeal to any normal White person. As an example, @georgesoros funded Femen to pit White women against White men. I believe that he or one of his associates still does.
Free speech in Europe. Mark Zuckerberg and Angela Merkel
Calais Jungle volunteers accused of ‘sexually exploiting’ camp’s refugees

Theresa May accused of cover-up over child abuse inquiry concerns

Alt-right news media outlets and investigative journalism controlled by the spy network. Anyone outside the network is simply not allowed to exist. Most do not report on false flag attacks and simply go along with the mainstream media’s narrative. All purposefully omit any reference to Jewry’s control of the world. The purpose of the Alt-Right and the US playing the victim of Zionism, is draw out White nationalist dissidents to be destroyed by the national security apparatus, mainly the NSA, FBI, CIA, DoD and MOSSAD that operates freely and without restrictions in the US. The US has a large undeclared jewish population of at least 50 million or more, and it became apparent that the US Civil War was faked since the founding fathers of America were jews and Freemasons. Robert E. Lee gave the order to expel jews but the order was never executed. The fake American Civil War gave America the moral high ground to intervene in the affairs of other countries and it was nothing more than a PR stunt to improve America’s standing in the world. Colonization outside of Europe has never been fruitful for the European. The so-called ‘Sons of the Confederate Veterans’, who claim they can trace their lines to confederate soldiers who served, which I saw at my citizenship ceremony in Atlanta around August 2013, are english jews. It’s absolutely preposterous to even begin to believe that White and jewish men killed each other on their own territory to save negroes from jewish oppression, and it is astounding to witness the length to which World Jewry has gone to promote fake history as truth. The fake American Civil War explains the large undeclared jewish population living in the US in secret since they lie on the census survey claiming they are White while seeking ways to destroy rh-negative White males.

@NickGriffinBU is the only one who has acknowledged that money is offered to divert attention to Islam and migrants instead of the jews who import them.

2 hand gestures are used to indentify ‘fellow travelers’ according to Millo.

I do not know if Kyle and Sinead are part jewish but they seem to have achieved an elevated status to operate without being censored, hacked and sabotaged like I am daily. I am poisoned constantly, but they do not seem to be of an important European lineage though Kyle stated he traced his ancestors to 1200 AD Britain, so there might be a chance he could have English jews as direct descendant which could be why they are immune to the daily perils I endure, including constant EMF exposure. Kyle and Sinead have a White son but I am starting to suspect Kyle might not be the child’s father. It is odd they were able to conceive and marry since pure Aryan relationships and marriages are forbidden in the Jew World Order, so once again there is a possibility one or both are part jewish. Their reporting has been flawless and accurate so far but they do not mention the framing program of which they are fully aware, including details of my own case and they seem to have details of the ongoing secret Nuremberg-FISA lynching tribunal. It could be that the CIA/MOSSAD and International Jewry made the decision that Kyle and Sinead would be the new pro-White European Royalty to administer a post-New World Order since total collapse is a possibility. The jews have always placed their own in positions of leadership for the goyim, which could be why they are allowed to operate the radio show and criticize jews. It’s probably no coincidence Sinead looks a lot like my own mother who is the real Princess Diana. In this scenario there is also a possibility that Sinead might even be transgender, not only because the decision was made that her and Kyle would be the new pro-White European Royalty, but because current European Royalty is transgender and selected by the jews. Should the populace discover that they are ruled over once again by illegitimate rule, another collapse would surely occur. Because the Queen of England can exercise unlimited executive powers over Britain and all of its former territories including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, it is imperative that a female child of pure blood be born which can only be conceived by me and my brother. I do not know which CIA/MOSSAD individual has details on this decision, but I believe he hosted a show on RenegadeBroadcasting and seemed to be pleased with this decision and my downfall since he might be a jew. It seems to be a popular hangout for jewish controlled CIA/MOSSAD assets with the freedom to criticize jews and not become targets like I am.
The following video explains maritime laws and the powers granted to the heir of the Crown.

Sarah Harrison is likely transgender and I am not sure if her parents are English jews or if her parents and Sarah were deliberately targeted since they might be European Royals. The CIA very likely split into 2 factions with opposing objectives. One faction serves the interests of the international jewry and is well funded, and the other faction is the complete opposite. WikiLeaks does not mention world jewry and the international conspiracy for world domination, and it releases mostly classified information which helps create the illusion of choice between the established political parties since most politicians are controlled by the jewry.

This also creates the illusion of dissent within the US government, while the direction of the US government and its policies remain unchanged. #Pizzagate has produced no indictments for any of the high ranking US government officials such as Podesta and Hillary Clinton who are involved in pedophilia, and the ritualistic murder of children and cannibalism which is why Hillary is a paranoid-schizophrenic and suffers from Kuru disease.

The Snowden revelations have produced no changes in policy, and recently spying powers in America were expanded by Obama before leaving office. Bradley Manning was also framed for releasing the “war logs,” which is likely part of an “under-the-table” deal offered to Manning for having been guilty of another crime – likely involving a sex crime while on active duty; the framing program is centered around sex crimes.

NPR reports false flag attacks as real, and they are a store front for #blacklivesmatter staged shootings. They do not mention world jewry.

Paul Joseph Watson
This guy was very likely targeted by the network in much the same way that I am, and he instantly changed his tune and stopped addressing the jewish question all together. This is very common since Alex Jones underwent the same transformation. This video details Paul’s transformation:

*The Rebel
Ezra Levant is a jew. There is some emerging evidence to suggest that @Lauren_Southern who worked for the Rebel is actually a transsexual jew. It has long arms, large hands, tall for a woman, and a deep voice.

An example where she denies both #WhiteGenocide and the rape culture that migrants bring:

This is an example of another such jewess:

This is yet another jewess that doubles as Lauren Southern (Simonsen). Also appears to be another transsexual.

RT simply reports most false flag attacks as real like the rest of the jewish owned media. They do not mention world jewry.
“The Greater Israel Plan” Called Out & Ignored:

*Democracy Now!
Democracy Now! reports false flag attacks as real. Amy Goodman is jewish. Democracy Now! did however prove useful to me when they interviewed drone operators, and one stated the USAF physically attacked his dog on a visit to his residence. Democracy Now! is a store front for #blacklivesmatter staged shootings, and they’re apologetics for muslims living in White countries. Democracy Now! also does not mention world jewry.
The jew trains many in the art of deception. I haven’t been able to record police with my cellphone in years.

*The Intercept
The Intercept reports false flag attacks as real. Glenn Greenwald is jewish and is apologetic for #blacklivesmatter and muslims in White countries. The Intercept also doesn’t mention world jewry and endorsed the jew Bernie Sanders for POTUS who also claimed live on TV that he is White. A false populist who ran on the idea that he had a $250k middle income mortgage who ultimately endorsed Hillary who is also a jew. Hilldabeast Has Jewish Roots

Breibart reports false flag attacks as real, and has jewish owners.

*Red Ice Radio
Red Ice reports false flag attacks as real, and has ties to jewry.

InfoWars reports some false flag attacks as real depending on how obvious they are as being hoaxes. InfoWars is similar to WikiLeaks, and both divert attention to Saudi Arabia instead of the criminal state of Israel.
Paul Joseph Watson:

The subjugation of WikiLeaks/Julian Assange UN ruling/Sarah Harrison’s extraction of Edward Snowden to Russia/Scott Bennett and the Snowden connection
As I stated before, no one outside the network who is significant political opposition is allowed to exist. The UN ruling was a purely symbolic and meaningless ruling for Julian, and a PR stunt for the UN trying to portray the UN as anything but a dictatorship controlled by the world jewry much like the European Union, due to the ongoing UN Agenda 21. This is also the reason why the UN has not acted to prevent the White genocide in South Africa, which is in the last stages of a genocide.

Edward Snowden didn’t actually leak any new information, and there is none on 9/11, the size and scope of the International Spy Network, the enrollment process, how it’s funded or how it’s managed. Snowden did however state that the NSA gathers data for political control, but he did not say how this political control is achieved which is obviously by framing and blackmailing targets using the data collected. Leaking useless information that isn’t new or particularly damaging since the reason no changes were made, is the perfect method to give cover to a US spy on Russian soil. The US proved it is capable of grounding any flight at any time, and it was a coincidence that the one bound for Russia with Snowden on board wasn’t grounded, but not because they didn’t know he was on it. The pilots themselves of all the airlines are part of this network, and so are the flight crews. No one leaves and it’s possible he isn’t even in Russia and I believe he is also a jew. UPDATE 01/12/2018 Snowden turned out to be Mark Zuckerberg’s cousin. Mark has a 90% match to me in the mugshots with short hair, which suggests he has involvement in the framing program, and I saw stunt doubles for me in NYC at the Backtowork program on 95th or 96th, and the Whole Foods at 95 E Houston St. I was also asked many times to cut my hair short since 2015.

There’s been a few US officials who claimed he is a spy for Russia further providing Snowden with cover. His passport was not revoked when the charges were filed allowing him to fly to China, and the Chinese communist government stated the US filed the wrong extradition paperwork allowing him to fly from China to Russia, which has significance. He also stated that the FSB attempted to recruit him.

Dailymotion video: Donald Trump repeatedly calls Edward Snowden a traitor

Snowden himself has yet to acknowledge the existence of this Spy Network, and one of its core rules is to deny its existence and anyone who notices is mentally ill. I suspect that Snowden is in Russia to manage the Spy Network inside Russia which was active before he arrived. Snowden is highly knowledgeable in encryption and Internet networking, and the Spy Network sends and receives large amounts of encrypted data, mostly over cellular networks with the spyware that is loaded on all the users’ smartphones. Snowden was sent to Russia by the DoD as a direct result of the reports Scott Bennett was sending to members of congress.
YouTube: Exposing the I.S.I.S Lie: How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S.

Prominent public figures who omit references to Jewry’s NWO or #WhiteGenocide
*Ben Shapiro
Shapiro is MOSSAD and he gained my attention in the beginning of 2016. He states that he is a jewish American and openly claims loyalty to the Zionist vision of Israel (Greater Israel Project) over the interests of Americans. He stated that Zionism is not based on racial nationalism, but religion, even though judaism is rooted as an ethnoreligious group composed of jews who have at least 1 jewish mother (any individuals with jewish parents or direct ancestors are considered jews according to Third Reich law). He claims that nationalism in the US Constitution is based on creed (religion) as opposed to race, even though the founding fathers and the First Congress explicitly prohibited non-Whites from becoming US citizens, and US law proscribed miscegenation until 1967 when it was ruled unconstitutional after the passage of the immigration act of 1965 written by jews.
Dailymotion video: Jewish Zionist Ben Shapiro EXPOSED

*Mike Cernovich
Cernovich is another jew. It appears that the jewry offers multiple false leaders for the Whites to choose from. Most Whites do not know what jews look like or that they are not White.
Dailymotion video: Listen to Thernovich deflect blame from the Jew like no other

*Steven Crowder
Another jew with a large following on social media. Dailymotion video: @scrowder

*David Seaman
This is another jew. It seems these jews receive starter packs of followers to snowball the lemmings that are left into following them.

*Richard Spencer
Associate of Jared Taylor. Richard Spencer is an unregistered foreign agent and a MOSSAD and Russian operative guilty of treason. His mission is to align White Nationalism with jewish interests so that jews can continue to exploit White America and prevent the formation of a White Ethno-state, and to equate White Nationalism with terrorism and prevent it from gaining any traction in America for the interests of White European Americans. His wife is Russian but of Turkish descent and claimed support for Stalin, but she looks and sounds like a transsexual. The latest is that Richard Spencer is actually gay.

*Luke Rudkowski.
Luke simply reinforces the US government’s version of the events that took place on 9/11
Dailymotion video: Luke Rudkowski EXPOSED (WeAreSellouts)

*Michael Moore
Wrote a book titled “Stupid White Men.” Supports muslim mass immigration into White nations. Source:

*Stefan Molyneux
He’s a jew and he does not mention it to his audience and denies organized world jewry.
Dailymotion video: Stefan Molyneux exposed

*Katie Hopkins
She purposefully makes no reference to the #WhiteGenocide in South Africa despite having 3 children. Latest is that she is jewish and a transsexual.

Ann Coulter
This one is a direct duplicate of Katie Hopkins in the UK, and recites much of the same script. Also a jew with the typical long face. Also transgender

*Jared Taylor
White Nationalist. Says jews are White. Married to jewess Evelyn Rich.
Dailymotion video: Jared Taylor exposed

*TradYouth/Matthew Heimbach
This is a White Nationalist movement that actually names the jew as the source of global issues. They also claim to oppose communism. Half of the chaos symbol used by TradYouth is also used in whole by Aleksandr Dugin’s Eurasian Youth Movement. @Sineaderade describes TradYouth in detail: YouTube: Chaos Magick and The Discordian Origins of the New Right

*Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson
@NickGriffinBU mentions the EDL as having been funded by jewry. This guy is likely a jew.

Heads of state and prominent public figures murdered or framed and blackmailed by the jewry-led International Spy Network
Constantin Karadja / Constantin V. Neurath / Konstantin Hermann Karl Freiherr von Neurath
How this family is related to Konstantin:

Pension was revoked, and he was raped repeatedly in the same prison cell where I was in Bucharest Romanian from the end of WW2 in 1945 until December 28, 1950 when he was murdered by the communist Romanian Securitate and communist Soviet NKVD for being a Nazi official under the name of Constantin V. Neurath. He was also framed for joining the German Resistance, writing letters for jewish causes which are supposedly located in a Holocaust museum in NYC, a city which is half jewish; letters he wrote under duress since the Nuremberg defendants also signed false confessions, and helping jews escape the ‘Holocaust’ which is odd since there was no Holocaust. His grave is in Germany supposedly but he lived and was murdered in Romania and the location of his grave is unknown. The detainee that was released from prison was a stunt double jew. Constantin Karadja’s work during the Third Reich involved research into the rh-negative blood types which led to the Third Reich Aryan Eugenics program which is now operational in Israel using White slavic women to ‘White-wash’ the jewish genome in their attempt to be the new Aryans.

The program’s main goals were to extract a height of at least 6’5″ for males and a minimum IQ of 140 points for both sexes.

This program’s details were written in several books burned by the allies. Teutonic Europa’s last generation was born and it will seize to exist without a drastic overcorrection.
I believe Constantin has an illegitimate half-White grandson working as a police officer in Bucharest, whom I’ve met at a police station in December 2016 when I was arrested. If it is true, he is my step-brother.
The Romanian monarchy was abolished in Romania 3 (numerology is significant) years before by the communist Soviet Union on the 30th of December 1947. King Mihai I went into exile in the UK but he was instrumental in the coup against Ion Antonescu who was an ally of Germany. The communist reign began in December 1947 and lasted until the Romanian revolution after which a jew-controlled democracy was installed, and coincidentally, The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion specify the replacement of royal rule with socialist rule, followed by communism and despotism. This is another such case:

The Caragea or Karadja family is also linked to Stefan the Great or Vlad Tepes by blood, and my mother’s family name Dumitrache, could link this family by blood to one or the other. They both fought the Ottoman Empire that was and still is in an alliance with the jews. The Karadja name also appears in North Africa and the Middle East where the Ottoman empire occupied, and if it’s accurate information, it was assumed by individuals under false pretenses in an effort to bastardize the family lineage. The Ottoman empire did take White males and turned them into Janissaries, which indicates the tactic of assuming the identity of the enemy so as to infiltrate and not be recognized as alien invaders; the directive of the Ottoman empire was to assimilate the host and destroy opposition just as it is today. There are also several pictures on Wikipedia depicting gypsy or muslim women alongside descendants of the Karadja family, and the pictures appear to be doctored. Several historical accounts pertaining to the family have been falsified on Wikipedia.

Ludwig II of Bavaria
Ludwig appears to have been the son of Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma and it appears that he was also directly related to this family. He also seemed to be aware of this network but never wrote about it. Murdered by jews.

Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Bavaria
Was engaged to Ludwig II and later died in a fire in Paris and was murdered. She was pregnant at the time of her death with Ludwig’s heir.

Richard Wagner
Murdered and died of a heat attack in Venice, just as my grandfather from my mother’s side. He borrowed a large part of his finances from jews which Ludwig II repaid.

Ludwig van Beethoven
Murdered and poisoned until his death. He frequently traveled to Venice.

John F. Kelly, Former Commander, U.S. Southern Command. Current White House Chief of Staff for U.S. President Donald Trump. Previously serving as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security in the same administration.
This is the first known account I have of a high ranking White General who has been targeted by the framing program and is likely being blackmailed. His son was murdered by the same jews that he associates with in the White House, and it appears that he was blackmailed to accept the job to give the impression of an amicable relationship with the jews resposible for his son’s death since he doesn’t need the job. This is very typical in the framing program where the parasite attempts to falsely associate the target with the culprits responsible for framing the target or in this case, causing his son’s death. It also appears that his marriage to his wife was arranged by the parasite possibly without his knowledge. Kelly also seems to be aware of my report.

Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels
I’m not sure what the purpose of this spyop is but Stormy Daniels is a castrated crypto-transsexual porn star, and likely jewish since jews are the ones who usually castrate their offspring in the event of a botched circumcision. Some of the other crypto-transsexuals in porn include Lucy Zara and many others. In Frankfurt there are many male to female transsexuals that actually appear to be clones. Trump appears to have a fake relationship with Melania like Prince Harry does with Meghan Markle who is a transsexual jew.

Rudolf Hess
Second in command of the Third Reich after Adolf Hitler. He was murdered by MOSSAD by hanging him using shoe strings while in prison at the age of 93, and it was ruled as a suicide. Born in Alexandria, Egypt. According to his son, 2 people were sent into the prison wearing American army uniforms. The murder was carried out on the orders of the British Interior Secretary (Rothschild) with consent from America.

Earst Zundel
A prominent revisionist who died of a heat attack in Germany. He rejected the Swastika and Hitlerism which are the core components of National Socialism which are always red flags. I believe that he agreed to fake his death to avoid being called as a witness to my own potential jury trial. The spy network will completely isolate a target to relieve the target of any testimony on the target’s behalf. It’s also possible that he agreed to fake his death to prevent me from establishing a contact in Germany in the eventuallity I would travel or move to Germany.

Victor Thorn
He was aware of the spy network and its campaign of disinformation in the 9/11 truth movement.
UPDATE: Prominent AFP Clinton Researcher Found Dead
Prolific author, AMERICAN FREE PRESS writer and seasoned Clinton researcher Victor Thorn was found at the top of a mountain near his home, the apparent victim of a gunshot wound. Family and some close friends contend Thorn took his own life on his birthday, August 1. Thorn would have been 54.

Tim Bergling
The Swedish DJ-producer known as Avicii, supposedly killed himself while vacationing in Oman on April 20. His family agrees with the official cause of death, or at least they will not publicly state any suspicions they might have.

Russian Imperial Romanov family
Murdered under direct orders from the Rothschild family to prevent the rescue of the Imperial Family by the approaching Czechoslovak Legion (fighting with the White Army against Bolshevik jews) during the ongoing Russian Civil War. This is supported by a passage in Leon Trotsky’s diary. Yakov Sverdlov: “Ilyich [Lenin] believed that we shouldn’t leave the Whites a live banner to rally around, especially under the present difficult circumstances.” Source:
At the congress in Vienna hosted by the Rothschilds, the first attempt was made to create the first League of Nations and a world goverment, and most European heads of state would accept this proposal due the debt their nations owed to the Rothschild banking cartel. The Czar of Russia opposed the proposal ending negotiations. Nathan Rothschild who organized the Congress in Vienna swore to destroy the Czar and his family which occured in 1918.

Folke Bernadotte
Source Wikipedia: Folke Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg (Swedish: Greve af Wisborg; 2 January 1895 – 17 September 1948) was a Swedish diplomat and nobleman. After the war, Bernadotte was unanimously chosen to be the United Nations Security Council mediator in the Arab–Israeli conflict of 1947–1948. He was assassinated in Jerusalem in 1948 by the militant Zionist group Lehi while pursuing his official duties. Upon his death, Ralph Bunche took up his work at the UN, but was removed from the post around six months after Bernadotte was assassinated, at the critical period of recognition of the fledgling state.

Corneliu Zelea
A prominent Romanian National Socialist who was familiar with the parasite’s framing program and according to his own accounts, this framing program was active even BEFORE WW2. So far this is the ONLY known account I have of a National Socialist who described the framing program in detail. Since this program was active before WW2, it is possible that this program might have penetrated elements of the Third Reich before Hitler became Chancellor.

Muammar Gaddafi
Murdered by kinetic force. By definition, he was a National Socialist and instituted policies and programs that benefited the populace.
Why was Gaddafi killed?

The REAL reason for Europe’s influx of migrants

John F. Kennedy
The penalty imposed on Kennedy for speaking out against the jewish plans of a New World Order, was that he had to fake his death to relinquish the presidency which was awarded to him by jews. Jackie Kennedy was a transsexual jewess. He had admiration for Hitler and sought to abolish the jew-controlled Federal Reserve which is a private bank that lends money with interest to banks and the US government. Kennedy also tried to have the jewish AIPAC organization registered as a foreign agent.

AIPAC is seamlessly linked to Israel and should register as a foregin agent

How JFK secretly admired Hitler

YouTube: Jackie Kennedy Assassinated JFK? The Mandela Effect? 6 people in the car

YouTube: Mandela Effect | JFK assassination changed due to the Mandela Effect? #MandelaEffect

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve!

Dailymotionvideo: 9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve!

Marilyn Monroe
Murdered by non-kinetic force. She was a transsexual and had relations with many Hollywood jews. Forced by the Hollywood jewry to play the “dumb blond” to degrade white blonde women just like Cyrus. Marilyn was also married to a jew and converted to judaism.

Princess Diana
She was a transgender stunt double. Planned on pledging support for Palestine and was dating an Arab man at that time which coincides with the time of my mother’s marriage to my father. Supposedly body was cremated in France. In order to ensure the jewry’a success in dominating the world, they’ve put in place controlled opposition which is the British Royal Family today, and it is likely that they expelled the real British family which is likely my mother’s own family. One must consider that jews have been expelled out of European countries over 100 times by European monarchs. There is some evidence to indicate that my own mother could be the real Princess Diana, and my gandmother in Goruna was the real Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and that the entire British Monarchy are jewish controlled puppets who have supported wars of aggression to serve jewish interests.

Princess Diana is Alive and is Married to Elton John

Princess Diana murdered by MOSSAD
YouTube: The Real Reason Why Princess Diana Was Assassinated. Ex MI Agent Testifies

The Illuminati Tranny Royal Family

The Drag Queens of Sweden Part 1

Bobby Fischer
Murdered by non-kinetic force. He was a jew but was targeted by jews in Russia for playing chess on the US side, and targeted in the US for his criticism of jews. Died prematurely due to X-Ray/EMF ionizing radiation poisoning, and likely because he was constantly poisoned as I have been.
Dailymotion video: Bobby Fischer

Michael Hastings
A Scott Bennett asset. He was framed into a car crash because he had a history of drunk driving. General George S. Patton, Mark Saylor a California Highway Patrol officer, Serena Shim a reporter, and Princess Diana were all murdered by staging car accidents.

As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.

The Assassination of Michael Hastings and The Future Of Driverless Cars
Evidence indicated Michael Hastings was assassinated

YouTube: Proof Michael Hastings was Murdered by Car Bomb! He Contacted WikiLeaks Hours before Death!

YouTube: The FBI Murdered Journalist Michael Hastings Before He Revealed New Government Info

John Jones
Murdered by kinetic force. Could be fake news.

Michael Ratner
Murdered by non-kinetic force. Could be fake news. Died of cancer likely caused by poisoning.

General George S. Patton
Attempted murder by kinetic force. Ultimately murdered by non-kinetic force by poisoning him.
General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders

James Allen
A film student in Savannah GA conducting research on zero-point energy and anti-gravity, ‘Alien Reproduction Vehicles,’ who was murdered by poisoning him with heavy metals and radioisotopes in his food and/or water the way I and Steve Jobs was poisoned. Blood work showed that he was poisoned with 12 different heavy metals including manganese, beryllium, thorium, and uranium. He died of cancer shortly after being diagnosed.

Andrew Breitbart
Murdered by unknown means for being the first to expose #PizzaGate in 2010. It’s possible he isn’t dead.

Max Spiers
Dailymail: Max Spiers, 39, originally from Canterbury, was found dead in Poland. He had gone to the country to talk about conspiracy theories and UFOs. Friends have claimed he died in a Warsaw apartment after he ‘vomited a black liquid’. Now it has emerged that Spiers was inquiring about allegations of widespread sexual abuse against children that was committed at a military base in California by employees acting under the influence of a satanic cult.
I’ve also been poisoned several times in Romania with a liquid that causes black diarrhea, and the dog was also poisoned with the same poison that died shortly after.
Dailymotion video: Follow up to the dog being poisoned. Black diarrhea

Yves Chandelon, Chief Auditor of NATO
NATO Chief Auditor in Charge of Terrorism Funding Murdered in Belgium
Glaring hard facts and evidences challenge the official’s attempt to cover-up the incident as ‘suicide.’ Source:

Eric Braverman – Clinton Foundation CEO Declared ‘Missing’ By the Internet After Going Public Saying ‘Follow the Money’
Read more at Eric Braverman missing

Dorothy Kilgallen
She investigated the John F. Kennedy assassination and was murdered by staging a drug overdose in the same way Marylin was murdered. Her evidence file that she always kept on her person went missing from her home when she died. The Reporter Who Knew Too Much
Lew Rockwell talks to Mark Shaw about the assassination of TV star and JFK investigator, Dorothy Kilgallen.

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte
He was killed by inducing heart attacks, and as I experienced, microwave and weaponized x-ray machines cause cardiac palpitations. Can be induced with radioisotopes and heavy or soft metals as well. Various other organic poisons can be used to cause heart attacks.
Former German newspaper editor whose bestselling book exposed how the CIA controls World media, has been found dead. He was 56.

Gary Webb
Originally posted by Newsbud: Garry Webb published a series called ‘Dark Alliance’, and uncovered the connection between the CIA and violent Los Angeles drug gangs. The Cripz and Bloodz sold tons of cocaine and fueled one of the worst drug epidemics in US history. The drug network opened a direct line between the Columbian (I was rejected by White women and encouraged to date Columbian women) cartels and black neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Coincidentally, I as a result of being lured to California by Taylor Swift, I flew to Los Angeles at least 3 times. Garry Webb was targeted by the CIA and was demoted by the Saint Jose Mercury News. He resigned from the newspaper and published ‘Dark Alliance.’ Webb was found dead at the age of 49 and it was ruled as suicide by the Sacramento County coroners office, despite the fact he was shot TWICE in the head. Microwave weapons can induce a deep sleep, and microwave devices such as the ones depicted in the ‘Adjustment Bureau’ can completely disable the brain to frame a target into a suicide, which were also likely used to murder Phillip Marshall, his children, and Nancy Schaefer and her husband.

James Traficant
A US congressman who was brought up on corruption, bribery, racketeering and tax evasion charges by the DoJ. He exposed the International Jewry and briefly mentioned the jewry’s framing program.
YouTube: James Traficant

Senator Nancy Schaefer
Nancy Schaefer and her husband were found dead in their home in Habersham County. Even before a GBI investigation could be initiated, media outlets began pronouncing that their death was a “murder-suicide” and shut off most public comment posting on their web sites. The “murder suicide” theory implies that Sen. Schaefer’s husband shot her and then killed himself (or vice versa). Both Habersham County and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation began investigating the case as a “murder suicide” rather than the more obvious murder made to look like suicide”.
Specifically in Georgia, former Senator Nancy Schaefer had found during the last few years that:
· DFCS in Georgia housed children in a foster home with a known pedophile who molested
the children.
· DFCS in Habersham County failed to remove six children from a home where they are being abused and tortured.
· DFCS in Georgia turned two girls over to a California father who had a pornographic video business.
A report that Nancy Schaefer produced on these remarkable cases can be found here:
Report of Georgia Senator Nancy Shaefer on CPS corruption
Nancy Schaefer was also interviewed extensively by talk show host Alex Jones about corruption in Child Protection Services nationally. A multi-part series of her interview and an Eagle Forum presentation can be found on You Tube here:
YouTube: Search for Nancy Shaefer
In addition, Senator Schaefer led opposition to HB582 and SB304, two bills introduced by fellow Republicans that would have likely resulted in increasing child sex slave trafficking.
The strange death of Nancy Schaefer
Pedophilia is a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite

Phillip Marshall
A case that is identical to Nancy Schaefer’s case. Phillip Marshall sought justice for 9/11, and all the people who died after. He stated he had evidence proving Osama Bin Laden was framed for 9/11, and Phillip was framed for a double murder/suicide by NSA’s Tailored Access Operations to prevent the evidence from being released by him in his next book. Phillip’s wife was INSTRUCTED by the CIA or MOSSAD, to have an affair in Turkey so that if they failed to murder him and his family, they could then state he found the evidence stating Osama Bin Laden was framed by MOSSAD, because his wife had an affair with a Sunni/Turkish man, and Philip Marshall was jealous and a racist. They also stated that he killed his family and himself because he was depressed that his wife left him. I suspect, Phillip was also isolated and could not date any women under control of MOSSAD/CIA, just like me. The NSA and GCHQ collect data looking for anyone who might have evidence proving Osama Bin Laden was framed for 9/11.

This case is similar to Nancy Shaefer’s and Phillip Marshall’s case but it differs in the method of assassination. He was anti-abortion which led to his demise, but contradicting since he stated that circumcision should be open for debate despite circumcision deaths in the US, and the fact that it should be an individual right.

Mark Saylor
He was a California Highway Patrol officer, and I do not know the reason why he was targeted to be terminated; as I stated earlier all police departments in the US are aware of this framing program and participate. It is less than conscionable that a California Highway Patrol officer would succumb to the accelerator pedal being stuck on a floor mat. This and other targeted assassinations, should stand as a warning that the state is openly murdering political targets which is always indicative of a jewry occupied government.
Drive-by-wire or DbW systems have been installed in passenger cars manufactured since the early 2000s. My previous 2004 and 2005 G35 both were equipped with drive-by-wire. Drive-by-wire is a system in which there is no physical connection between the accelerator pedal and the butterfly valve in the throttle body controlling engine output. By default, the ROM file contains programming for the DbW system to only open at WOT (wide open throttle) AFTER a certain vehicle speed is reached. This limit in the DwB/WOT parameter is placed in the programming of the ECM, in order to prevent mechanical failure caused by the sudden WOT acceleration from a standstill in drive-line components such as axles, drive shafts, and the automatic transmission which is mechanically inferior compared to a manual transmission. The parameters in the ROM file of the G35 ECM could be programmed and changed using a specialized piece of programming software called Osiris by UpRev, which I had installed on my 2005 6MT: Osiris by UpRev Tuner

Using Osiris, I was able to program the ROM file in the ECM to achieve WOT at any speed thus increasing throttle response and performance. It is very apparent that the ECM in the LOANED Lexus ES350 was likely programmed to maintain WOT after the vehicle reached a certain speed, and driver input from the electronic accelerator pedal was disabled. The automatic transmission also has a TCM (transmission control module) and that was likely programmed to remain in drive, and ignore driver input.

“Floor Mats the Focus of Deadly Lexus Crash
A CHP officer and 3 family members were killed.
Mark Saylor, 45, his wife Cleofe, 45, their daughter Mahala, 13 and brother-in-law Chris Lastrella, 38, died in the August 28 crash on highway 125.
A preliminary finding in the investigation indicates the accident may have occurred after the accelerator got stuck on a floor mat, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.
Witnesses reported seeing a Lexus weaving through traffic at a high rate of speed. The driver tried to make a left turn, but he was going too fast and struck a Ford Explorer. The Lexus broke through a fence and struck a dirt embankment, catapulting it through the air more than 100 feet.”
Floor mats the focus of deadly Lexus crash

Alexander Litvinenko
The Russian FSB was framed for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko by the CIA or MOSSAD, and all the FSB agents had to do is be at the scene. It’s likely the FSB agreed to take the fall since all intelligence agencies serve the same jewish masters. Alexander Litvinenko’s widow is also a LIAR and a corroborator like Phillip Marshall’s ex-wife. It is less than plausible that any intelligence agent of any country would actually leave a trail of radioactive material from Russian to the UK. Whoever delivered the tea or prepared it, also poisoned it, as I was poisoned numerous times in this same way.

Rachel Corrie
On 16 March 2003 in Rafah, occupied Gaza, 23-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie from Olympia, Washington, was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver. Rachel was in Gaza opposing the bulldozing of a Palestinian home as a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement.

Steve Jobs
An icon who resisted the introduction of backdoors into his Apple products and was murdered for it.

Nikola Tesla
Murdered in a hotel room in NYC surrounded and isolated by the jews who murdered him. Cause of death is unknown but he was cremated which indicated a cover-up. Trump’s grandfather or one of Trump’s relatives came into possesion of Tesla’s research on Zero Point energy.

Jonathan Bowden
He could have been a Freemason since he seemed to be aware of my existence. Jonathan David Anthony Bowden (12 April 1962 – 29 March 2012)[1] was an English nationalist, orator, writer, film maker, and outsider artist. Bowden died of heart failure at his home in Berkshire on 29 March 2012, aged 49.

Stanley Meyer
Poisoned American inventor of a self-sustaining hydrogen car powered by water. The invention was replicated in Japan it seems and the vehicle was not produced due to lack of funding. This is very typical since the parasite will marginalize any technology that is renewable, self-replenishing and non-polluting.

Thomas Ogle
Poisoned American inventor of a fuel system that heated gasoline and turned it into a gas before igniting it which averaged 100 miles per gallon on a heavy 1970s car. This is similar to a direct injection fuel systems that turns gasoline into a high pressure mist upon injection which yields a more complete burn.

Features of nanorobotics WiFi enabled DARPA implants. Functions in conjunction with iPhone and Android cellphone Facebook spyware. Spies likely receive a bonus for being implanted, are covertly infected or are blackmailed into accepting it. The classification of this program is above TOP SECRET.
The New Age of Information and the Collective Human Intellect
The G5 rollout (the fifth generation of mobile phone technology) will be coming upon us sooner than we think, with some of the first devices and features potentially coming out in 2017. This will mostly revolve around the internet of things (IoT), and we can expect more devices to become internet-enabled. What is in your fridge could become public knowledge. People might be able to hack into your heating system with a smartphone, or a company could remotely repossess a connected car by externally locking it. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
Intelligent neural dust embedded in the brain could be the ultimate brain-computer interface NASA: The Future of War
This was a “prototype” leading to nanorobotics:

Currently, nearly all US government employees have this implant and some wear an ear piece as cover. This includes nearly ALL DoD personnel.

In this video, Ellon Musk who is a contrator for the DoD, actually describes the classified DARPA program and states the following: “Effectively merging in a symbiotic way with digital intelligence revolves around eliminating the input/output constraint. So it would be some sort of portable direct interface.” The smart phone.

In this video Leonard Coldwell states microchipping the population in Austria is mandatory, and will be mandatory in Germany in 2017. These microchips likely have a different manufacturer.

*5 mL vial, clear liquid. Control is achieved at much higher doses.
*Can be injected into the ear canal to reach the brain. (Alien Covenant)

*All individuals can connected to an NSA or GCHQ supercomputer, and likely Google servers which are positioned throughout the world to decrease latency
*Made of lifetime corrosion resistant Graphene
*Powered by the circulatory system
*Connects to WiFi networks in close proximity and mobile networks (Internet traffic is hidden)
*Full control over the central nervous system, including hormone secretions, emotions, conscience, morals, ethics, speech and behavior

*Implanted recipients receive audio/microwave instructions through WiFi networks or mobile networks, i.e, they hear voices in their head
Before the advent of projecting voices through WiFi
*Capable of disassembly and reassembly to avoid detection in CT, MRI and X-Ray scans
*It can be covertly used offensively in injections in human targets on a massive scale (Flu Shots)
*The implant is also used in dogs, pigeons or other birds and animals, especially German Shepards

CIA Funded Mind Control Experiments – Bull & Cat Tests by Dr Delgado in the 1960s

*Capable of establishing a neural link to send visuals and audio interpreted by the host
*Capable of killing the host by shutting down vitals remotely (Likely that DoD personnel are implanted with this off switch)
*Remotely removed through 2-3 bowel movements or it is permanent

Noticeable abnormal behavioral changes in adult subjects:

Noticeable abnormal behavioral changes in animal subjects. This network is responsible for nealy all marine mammal cetacean strandings (beachings), especially sperm whales. The biggest markets for whale meat is China, Japan and likely South Korea and Vietnam.

In this video Aaron Russo describes a conversation he had with the jew banker Nicholas Rockefeller, in which Nicholas Rockefeller states that the ultimate goal was to implant the world’s population with an RFID chip which the jews control.

YouTube: MOSSAD killed aaron russo for revealing the truth about the Rockefeller’s [MIRROR]
Why Nasa pushes globe and not flat earth
YouTube: Why Nasa pushes globe and not flat earth.

Out of range and going off the script:

Out of range and going off the script:
YouTube: Barack Obama Calls His “Wife” Michelle “Michael” Twice

Example of it in birds:
In this tweet from my previous account, I took a picture of a bird that flew into my Leaf as I headed towards Shackleford Rd. I then turned around to take the picture of the bird that was still alive and moving in the street. It was designed to attempt to provoke me into running into the middle of the intersection to try and save the bird, which would of framed me for mental illness. Of course the point in this situation is to remain neutral, observe the enemy to expose its own insanity, and gather evidence against the enemy to destroy the enemy. The man driving in the Subaru was likely DoD and the intersection was recorded from inside the car.

Experimental implant in cats:

Features of iPhone and Android spyware used to invite others into the global network, if they can not be blackmailed by the NSA/GCHQ for crimes they have already committed. This requires forfeiture of all privacy rights of
an individual. YouTube: William Binney: NSA Goal Is ‘Total Population Control’

ALL MOBILE DATA SENT AND RECEIVED IS ENCRYPTED. WiFi networks are also used to send/receive data. Spy network participants who collect this data are not required to be identified or present during the proceedings of a court case, even though the data is clearly gathered in an effort to frame a target. These spy network participants are also selected for jury duty which is illegal. Usually targets are framed with spy network participants who are women, children for child molestation, or men who have a family in an attempt to inspire leniency from the jury in the event the spy network participants are found guilty of framing a target.
5G is high powered EMF, and it will be used to alter the behavior of the entire US population.

iPhone is likely preloaded with the spyware and the fact that it is manufactured in communist China is significant.

*Small payments ranging from $1000-$20,000+ are sometimes awarded for framing a target through “Christmas bonuses” issued by employers. Other forms of ‘payment’ include employment opportunities, sexual favors, career promotions, contracts, housing, cars, etc. Payment are sometimes awarded to spy network participants in the forms of tips ranging from $500 to around $5000, and this has become common place just in the last 5 years.

*Medium to large payments are awarded to spy network participants through various popular radio station shows and other contests with cash prizes, and the winners are usually always women who have successfully compromised targets that are almost always men who oppose the New World Order. Winners of the US lottery are also preselected and are all spy network participants.

*Women are given Bitcoins, cash bonuses, or free purchases from certain companies and fast food chains for enrolling. The companies participating in this program include Star Bucks, Dunkin Donuts, UGG, Dell and McDonalds. I believe the cash or Bitcoin bonus is close to the amount that was offered in the US First-time Homebuyer Credit in some cases. Blond women likely receive the highest amount in exchange for control over their sex partners to accelerate White genocide and exterminate Aryan features that coincidentally were favored by the Third Reich which the Germans tried to restore.

*Parents receive Bitcoin or cash bonuses for enrolling their children
*Shares profile of a target with millions of users GLOBALLY
*Tracks the sexual activity of all users
*Sexual activity and/or dating non-users must be APPROVED by “Gatekeepers”

*Invite others by sending the spyware to the device with approval from the “Gatekeepers”
*Record audio and video while the device is on standby or shut off
*Record video and audio with front/rear camera during a call
*False video is shared globally with millions of users for the purpose of framing by association
*Video is collected of the target looking into the phone of a spy, and the video is then sent to other spies for the purpose of framing by association, usually sent to parents of minors or minors who have phones, including female minors under 18

*Spyware dumps audio and video collected into an NSA/GCHQ database to be processed and falsified
*Tracks the user’s location at all times and the iPhone is preferred due to the non-removable battery.
*Bitcoin payments are awarded for completing tasks assigned by “Gatekeepers” through the phone. US has the highest Bitcoin usage globally
Teenagers under 18 used to derail the careers of married political opponents of the New World Order

Features of ISP-issued WiFi routers/modems. Hardware and/or firmware based spyware. Similar to smart electric meters. AT&T modems and routers contain this hardware and returns are processed at UPS stores in the US
*Tracks the location of all of the occupants within a building
*It can induce a number of medical conditions such as headaches, fatigue, insomnia or sleepiness, and even heart attacks
*Influence certain body functions
*Induce vitamin deficiencies and DNA damage

I believe but I am not sure, that all the apartments that I rented were on the side of electric meters to attempt to divert attention away from the tenants targeting me using microwave weapons.

Smart electric meters serve the same surveillance functions and have the same health hazards:
YouTube: Dr Deagle – Smart Meters and Electropollution
YouTube: Replacing A Smart Meter With A Safe Analog Meter
YouTube: Hacking For Privacy – Smart Meters Are Spying On You! – How To Hack Them

Smart Meters Can Overbill By Up To 582 Percent Higher Than Actual Consumption, Study Reveals

Hacking my phone. Samsung Note 4 T-Mobile rooted w/ a custom ROM and unlimited data plan. Delivery of this phone was delayed by one day in an attempt to hack it, or deliver a duplicate that was hacked. Destroyed it in September 2015 to avoid the possibility of planted video, pictures and contacts in the event they managed to fabricate an arrestable offense to frame me by association. Service was disabled in July.
*Rerouted calls multiple times, including 2 incoming calls on the day I abandoned my 2015 Leaf in Acworth, GA
*Disabled and pushed apps to the phone. Disabled Lyft and a Gif animation app
*Deleted some pictures, audio, and video, or replaced the pictures w/ a stick figure and a thunder sign above
*RESTORED the ROM/OS after I deleted it without service or a SIM card installed

Social media accounts I abandoned to prevent the NSA hijacking the accounts and changing pictures or videos. I uploaded no personal pictures on these accounts due to the NSA using them as evidence in a case against me. I also had a Tumblr account which I can no longer find, likely because I logged in at an NYPL in NYC in 2016 after chaging the password months before to prevent hijacking or its deletion.
This was attempted on my current account.

My my350z account had all of my off-topic section threads deleted in which I discussed politics, dating, and race, and most of the off-topic threads I started on All of the pics I took and posted on Imageshack were also deleted since it became a subscription service around 2014.

How media is planted on a target’s devices, i.e phones, laptops, SD cards, harddrives, USB memory sticks, cameras. Normal pictures and videos already in existence on a target’s devices are modified with other content so as to not change the date of creation or modification date attributes associated with those files. Ecryption and systems without backdoors is the only way to prevent planted media on electronic devices.

EXAMPLE on my current LG REBEL | LGL44VL | ESN 800CEB55 | MEID HEX 35487507620950 | 354875076209508: The pictures are blank even though they contained normal content. If the target reaches the threshold required for an arrest of any type which usually involves searching the contents of the target’s devices, the photos would then be revealed to contain the content necessary for an arrest or additional charges to be pursued.

Other errors typical of a hacked device:

Besides remotely controlling the phone, the hack also lowers the brightness of the screen below the standard limit occasionally.

EXAMPLE of how evidence captured by the target is suppressed anywhere on the web where the parasite has control. This video is included in the “Types of frame jobs” section of the report.

EXAMPLE of how the parasite manipulates the Twitter feed using the Twitter drones at his disposal and online advertising. Usually the Twitter feed is manipulated by Tweets containing pictures of children and female minors. I also receive constant ads for Wix which is owned by an anti-White tool named Avishai Abrahami.

In this rare capture, the parasite displays his obsession with Eurasianism on a pro-White account.

In this capture the feed on Daily Motion is manipulated to include Asian anime and Taylor Swift videos.

EXAMPLES of hacking attempts through Javascript on Twitter, Youtube and WordPress.

This is simply a manipulated script flashing a partial German flag on a tweet.

EXAMPLES of 2 hacked and sabotaged laptops and cross-platform Android-Windows viruses.
In this capture there is no zipped volume. The error appears upon insertion of the micro SD card from the phone.

Hacked BIOS which required physical access to the laptops. 2 SATA dongles were severed and a 3rd went missing to prevent me from installing Windows.

In this video the WiFi adapter is disabled upon connecting and reenabled after disconnecting.

In this picture the BIOS on a brand new Dell laptop has been replaced with a hacked version that disables the USB ports. The backup ROM on the motherboard has also been replaced with the hacked ROM and it can no longer be reset to stock. The NSA likely wrote the ROM which is ransomwear and it can only be fixed by Dell. This required physical access to the laptop. The laptop battery was switched to a high content radioactive battery containing uranium or plutonium. Any electronic device in production using a lythium battery could have a radioactive battery.

A hard drive that I could not format using Tails OS

List of compromised Internet browsers and software
Software on the Internet is replaced with software that contains backdoors to hijack and delete data from a target’s computers, steal passwords or sabotage. The following browsers are compromised and they all contain a proprietary plugin owned by Google that plays videos on Twitter and Facebook to force Internet users to install these browsers.
Google Chrome
Epic Privacy Browser
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Opera
Comodo Dragon

Other compromised software and programs:
Tails OS
All Linux distros
Qubes OS
Zonealarm firewall and antivirus
Tiny Personal Firewall

How the international spy network is managed
Each city and town in every country, has its own CIA “gatekeepers” who manage the human spy network or “drones” as I call them, and the spies receive instructions from the gatekeepers. CIA gakekeepers in the US and in other countries with US military bases are usually recruited from within the ranks of the DoD such as the USMC and JSOC. Usually, gatekeepers receive their gatekeeper status for successfully framing targets. CIA/MOSSAD agents have total control over the spy networks, including the FBI and local police in every country to frame the target by proxies.

The CIA will deny any involvement in the spy network, but a global spy network of this magnitude could only have been made possible and controlled by the world’s largest intelligence agency, in cooperation with others governments from around the world. Intimate data on the target is shared when the target crosses international borders, since these spy networks actually compete with each other for large sums of money to frame a target. Usually, if the target does not cross international borders, only general data on the target is shared. The American Protective League and American Defense Society are the precursors to the #ADL, #SPLC, the #CIA and #NSA. At one point the APL had 250,000 members in 600 US cities including school boys over the age of 10, and both were anti-German and pro-war much like today’s PNAC and AIPAC. Today the network is global and it’s source of finance is jewish usury. In Nazi Germany the spy network was simply known as Bolshevism and it targeted White women for enrollment just as today, so as to control the White male population and relieve White men of reproductive rights by proxy.

Notable figures I encountered in NYC
*Jean Reno crossing 6th Avenue onto the west side of 6th Avenue before the Jefferson Market NYPL.
*Famke Janssen with a male companion on 6th Avenue past W Houston Street and I think she went to the Da Silvo restaurant. That entire day I was thinking about X-Men and the similarities given my situation at that time.
*George J. Tenet, formed CIA director, at the West 4 station in a subway car headed downtown I believe and he made eye contact; I was on the uptown platform. That day or the previous day, I came across an article online in which Kanye West said he met George Tenet, so my sighting was not a coincidence.
*Calvin Harris in a Range Rover driving with Taylor Swift on 14th Street heading towards West Street. This was 1 of 2 encounters.
*Gigi Hadid on 14th Street driving the same Range Rover or a different one.
*James Comey, FBI director in front of the main entrance to Penn Station in the beginning of December 2015, though I am unsure of this sighting

Possible and confirmed DoD personnel I encountered that served as agent provocateurs and likely to provide GPS data to frame by proximity
The personnel and the DoD jew who issues their orders are IDF doubles and conduct NKVD style operations on US soil against the indigenous White population of the United States and should be interrogated and relieved of their command and duty without question.
*Before I abandoned my Leaf in Acworth GA, 2 or 3 DoD men, 1 white or jewish and at least 1 negro appeared and pushed my Leaf back into the parking spot since my car was half way out of it and on an incline.
*2 mestizo DoD men (one amputee) appeared as staff of a QuikTrip gas station in Duluth GA. (also confirmed by tattoos)
*In Duluth and Marietta I was followed by what appeared to be an Airforce jew in an Airforce jumpsuit who drove Marietta and Gwinnett County police vehicles (Ford Edge SUV). He also appeared at the QuikTrip in Duluth mentioned above, and another gas station in Marietta when I was getting water from the dispensing machine. This jew would likely kidnap a target by staging an arrest or by waiting for an offense to occur.
*An identical DoD jew very similar to the one above appeared in Grayson GA in police uniform and asked for ID. I in-turn asked for a business card. He mentioned taking a cruise with his ex-girlfriend. (Possible these 2 are brothers or clones of possibly Churchill. Artificially enhanced jewish hybrids. Height 6′.4″ requiring Aryan female egg donors, possibly from the US army’s egg freezing program announced in 2016)
*In 2015 I was followed to Emerson GA by a jew from the Marietta Airforce base on a motorcycle. I would later see this same jew or another one like him in Marietta in 2017.
*When my credit cards and personal and business accounts were blocked which required a presidential order from the commie-negro Obama, several jews who appeared to be FBI or DoD appeared at the Publix on Holcomb Bridge Road.
*When I was at the Whole Foods at Union Square, I encountered a blonde DoD female in uniform walking south on Broadway after I was poisoned with a vomit inducing chemical at Whole Foods in yougurt.
*At a post office or USPS I encountered 2 White or jewish DoD men in uniform on Varick St. after I was denied a US passport application.
*In NYC on the subway heading north towards Central Park North, I encountered 3 DoD men when I went into the car behind mine. One had a Tokyo foldable city bicycle and he had various tattoos on his arms, including on his wrist, and this guy was likely an NSA jew. The others who were with him were mestizos who also appeared to be DoD. The male with the bicycle had a conversation with a female sitting across from him. Likely he was stunt double for me (likely happened numerous times) to feed false information into the network and build a case or a smear campaign, since in NYC this network ran a spyop to convince me to purchase a bicycle, and I spotted negroes several times riding fat-tire bicycles on the sidewalks.
*At Father Fagan park, a short, heavy build white or jewish DoD male appeared and walked north on Macdougal St.
*Another possible DoD mestizo male appeared at Father Fagan park and spoke to a homeless woman about him working in GA.
*On the subway in NYC, I boarded a train and got off and walked back 4 cars to find a DoD man with an army issued backpack who appeared to be jewish, and appeared to have traveled to NYC from GA. In the same car was what appeared to be a MOSSAD agent with sun glasses on.

How the international spy network discourages extraction of a target. Cloned hybrids/NSA/CIA secret police characteristics
The spies interact with the target in public by concentrating their numbers around a target and engaging the target in conversations, and even by offering financial or material aid, which is perceived as target assimilation into the spy network by normal people who are aware of the spy network.
The NSA/CIA secret police in the US is made up of middle-aged jewish and sometimes White men, who are used as proxies to harass the target. They are always clean-shaven skinheads, and they always wear sun glasses when harassing the target so that they can not be identified by the target in the event of a trial by jury. Some can be found on Twitter, and they all supported Trump who is controlled opposition. They look very similar almost as if they all have a common ancestor and it’s even a possibility that ALL are clones of Churchill. This is the most accurate representation that I could find:

Types of aerial surveillance I encountered in close proximity
*Fully transparent Zero Point Energy mini-drone on Old Norcross Road in GA in 2015, which flew West achieving superluminal flight, likely heading towards the Marietta Airforce base. Approximate location was 33°57’02.8″N 84°05’51.9″W
*Unarmed and unmarked white jet-powered Reaper drones in NYC and GA. The closest one flew directly over a RaceTrac as I was sitting on a bench on Oak road at 2211 Scenic Hwy S, Snellville, GA 30078. I suspect these drones do in-fact have offensive capability, likely in an internal weapons bay.
*Private jets retrofitted as drones in NYC flying the same course over the Hudson river and eventually over land and directly above or near me as I walked through the city. The frequency over the Hudson river was every 30 seconds. The fuselage under the jets appeared to be modified, and I believe the jets carry an energy-based weapon’s system on board because of the high frequency of flights.
*Helicopters including the NYPD helicopter on multiple occasions. This was a psyops to induce guilt, and in one instance the helicopter appeared over Houston street at the the same time as a White or jew family was walking behind me in close proximity pushing a stroller. Surveillance was also conducted in Lawrenceville using the local PD helicopter and I sometimes flicked them off as they flew overhead.
*Single prop planes in GA and NYC over the Hudson river and/or park, but not inside the city.
*A banking C-130 Hercules transport carrier over Highway 29 as I walked back to Lawrenceville from Athens, GA. Banking maneuver likely warned me to stay out of Lawrenceville. It appears that as I walked through GA I was framed for various crimes which were reported to a military tribunal which is apparently the FISA court, and I was not suppose to return to the scenes of these “crimes.”
*Walking on my way to Canada, I also spotted what I believe to have been a banking A10 Thunderbolt.
*In Canada at the refugee center, I also spotted a low altitude, short-range drone that was disguised as a flying seagull which was likely collecting video.
In GA, numerous USAF jets would create Xs in the sky using chemtrails, likely indicating a warning to stay out of the area. Chemtrails were also used to create “weather changing events” in conjunction with HAARP. US developed weapon system that is responsible for global warming, says Indian government

Summary of types of harassment tactics/spyops. GPS data collection activies of network participants/Framing by association-promiximity
Example of how participants intercept a targets before the target reaches a destination and how traffic patterns are controlled to frame by proximity to the female in front of me at the stop light. NY Plate IXI527 or IXJ527, black or mestizo female. License plate has been removed from online databases since the capture of the video
This is another example and this was second time this happened. First occurance was deleted from Bitchute and it was a white Prius or Honda with a Lousiana license plate
*Participants leave or enter an area at the same time.
*Participants will travel to the same location as the target before the target reaches the destination.
*Participants will follow a target around a room, building or city.
*Participants enter or leave a room at the same time.
*Participants drive at the same time if the target is driving or walking in public.
*Participants walk at the same time as the target on a sidewalk.
*Participants intercept a target as the target crosses driveways, streets and crosswalks, grocery store isles, etc. (usually drone children)
*Participants will talk across a target to another participants.
*Participants will stop in front of a target within 2-4 feet in public and make eye contact on surveillance video.
*Participants will appear in public and make prolonged eye contact to appear as if they ‘recognize’ the target.
*Participants have suggestive conversations which serve as spyops.
*Participants have cryptic conversation discussing private details about a target that they have no way of knowing unless told.

The latest which occured on 02/16/2018 is that someone has been using my laptop (HP G4-1318dx), my own brother very likely, as I am sleeping if I leave it on the table next to the couch as I sleep, likely accessing child porn on some FBI website. In this scenario, they also need to plant child porn on my storage devices to make it stick in court which is why I routinely format storage devices and move the data for the report. The BIOS update for my G4 on the HP website (sp60864.exe), which clears the EC to return the motherboard firmware to stock even if hacked, was replaced with a BIOS that has a backdoor on 02/14/2018, or my Internet traffic to the HP website is redirected, or the motherboard in my laptop was replaced with one that can not be flashed back to OEM spec. I am getting a permanent hardware firmware fault for the Network Interface Card NIC which is a Realtek LAN and Ralink WiFi, but I switched the WiFi card to an Intel one and the issues for the most part seem to have resolved but my Internet traffic is still redirected. The error is as follows: “rtl8105e-1.fw failed with error -2” even if I am using an Intel card and the error is for a Ralink NIC. It appears that the NIC interface and WiFI card have firmware of their own that is not cleared by a BIOS update and that is what was hacked allowing the NSA a backdoor to my laptop and to likely use it a proxy and download child porn without my knowledge. On 02/19/2018 the cooling fan stopped working and I found a dust ball inside the heat sink that was likely radioactive.

How compliance of network participants is enforced
Disobedient participants and targets are subject to the following:
*Reduction of income (frivolous)
*Employment termination (frivolous)
*Denial of employment (frivolous)
*Low wage employment
*Homelessness enforced by directed energy weapons (weaponized Mil-spec EMF generators, Mil-spec x-ray machines)
*Sabotage (personal property, modes of transport, electronics, employment)

*Theft of personal property. (In the past year x1 Nike jacket in Romania, x1 Columbia jacket in the US, x1 password lockout 7200 RPM 500GB Toshiba HDD to likely plant child porn and chat logs for the master password to Dell prove the HDD is mine) (Dell chat logs collected by the FBI or NSA and submitted to the illegal FISA court)
Current inventory is as follows:
Unencrypted 320 Western Digital HDD labels removed – backup of the report with my video logs from Bitchute and Dailymotion. CONTAINED HIDDEN PLANTED FILES
64 GB San Disk USB drive – Windows 10 PE and drivers for G4-1318dx
32 GB Datatraveler – Tails OS
*Low level poisoning through the food/water supply
*Sterilization by poisoning (Nordic rh-negatives)
*Mandatory abortions (Nordic rh-negatives)
*Mandatory Autism/lobotomy induction by vaccines/poison/EMF for undesirable infants exceeding 1 birth per couple (Nordic rh-negatives)
*Mandatory circumcision/forced trauma for male infants (Nordic rh-negatives)
*Mandatory LGBT participation (Nordic rh-negatives)
*Frivolous lawsuits
*Isolation (denial of sex, relationships, family life) (center piece of the framing program)
*Forced miscegenation by isolation and denial of freedom of association (framing the target)
*Financial sanctions enforced by the state (US-NSA and GBR-GCHQ) (blocked bank and credit card accounts)
*Denial of EBT (food stamps/public assistance) or delaying benefits (starvation)
*Denial of mail and communications and basic services
*Denial of travel (US nofly list, UK Terrorism Act of 2000)
*Denial of legal forms of ID by widthholding mail or by frivolous requirements (proof of residence/home address) (passport, license)
*Asset forfeiture (farm land, liquid assets)

NSA/FSB/CIA Tailored Access Operations (TAO) using Zero Point energy devices and Medical Intervention Operations
Wikipedia: TAO is reportedly “now the largest and arguably the most important component of the NSA’s huge Signals Intelligence Directorate (SID)[7] (SIGINT), consisting of more than 1,000 military and civilian computer hackers, intelligence analysts, targeting specialists, computer hardware and software designers, and electrical engineers”.
The NSA, CIA and FSB have access to zero point energy devices capable of manipulating ANY metal interior deadbolts, latches and locks, including disassembly and reassembly from the outside, to gain entry into a target’s place of business or residence, in order to search and destroy evidence gathered by a target incriminating the state in the framing program. Snowden was incriminated in such a break-in and became a whistleblower against his own employer as legal cover, leaking known NSA programs and procedures. Another device used in Tailored Access Operations includes a hoverboard or body suit capable of noiseless flight, likely utilizing zero point energy.
Medical procedures without consent are sometimes performed within the residence of a target, by temporarily disabling a target’s brain using a microwave weapon. The most common procedures are hair transplants and laser eye surgery which occured in my case on 02/13/2018 resulting in a constant burning sensation in my eyes and blurred short range vision. Some of these medical procedures are used to implant the target with an inhalable DARPA implant or maim and poison the target leading to eventual death. I’ve experienced these break-ins in Romanian between 08/2016 and 03/2017, and on 06/2017 while in America I discovered that I had 2 different types of hair follicles on my head with the least common having been likely implanted. This is significant since I was blond until the age of 10 or 11 and my hair color changed within 1 year. It’s possible I’ve experienced many such medical interventions and even abductions sometime between 1992 and 1994 in Romania in my childhood home. I was in a room with an open window adjacent to the kitchen sleeping between the hours of 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM, and I vomited upon waking from a deep sleep and a very vivid dream. TAO teams are almost always White cucks recruited from the ranks of the US Army like Snowden. During some of these operations, infants are murdered and the phenomenon is known as SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which is blamed on cosleeping and vaccines which has been common just in the last decade. Parents are often times falsely imprisoned for these murders. These operations are graphically depicted in the kids’ movie Monsters Inc. Before these operations became common, there was a previous phenomenon called ‘switched at birth’ where parents were discharged with someone else’s infant(s).

Another such Tailored Access Operation occured in America between 7/15/2017 and 7/21/2017, and various devices were hacked and sabotaged including a brand new Giinii dash cam I purchased a short time before.
Another possible intrusion occured on 12/12/2017.

The weapons capable of disabling an individual’s brain, have been featured in the movie “The Adjustment Bureau.” Zero point energy devices and vehicles have been described by the Admiral Richard E. Byrd in his diary.

Background information: The story starts with my father, Stefan Caragea, who was obsessed with the idea of moving to America from Romania, likely because of a childhood friend he had named Marian Parvu, who left Romania to work in America sometime after the Romanian revolution. I’m certain that Marian Parvu’s mission was to lure this family out of Romania to be targeted for termination in America or miscegenation, as the communist spy network, ECHELON, gained a stranglehold on all of Romania after the revolution. Even today, certain individuals have made numerous cryptic suggestions and comments to convince me to leave Romania, so that no real political opposition to communism and jewry can gain control in Romania. My father by profession was a mechanical engineer, a machinist, and a carpenter, and in Romania he worked at a factory in Plopeni machining metal parts for what I believe to have been bombs, missiles and ball-bearings. He also occasionally brought home powerful magnets in various shapes and sizes, and the most common were round and rectangular with 30 or 45 degree corners. My father also had a carpenter business that he hid in our house from the power company due to the heavy electricity usage, and the fees associated with operating a business. He made furniture and fences and had clients all over south Romania. He never discussed his work in Plopeni with anyone except Grecu who worked with him who recently passed away likely from being poisoned with radioisotopes as was likely the case with my father after he returned to Romania. The topic of discussion between Grecu and my father in the early morning hours of every weekend in my father’s shop, was always how to covertly sabotage parts without being fired. I recall a story about a superior complaining that he was machining the parts with unacceptable tolerances during the communist reign. Another topic of discussion between my father and Grecu was my grandfather from my father’s side, Constantin Karadja, and Grecu always smeared me as being non-White when this topic would surface likely because no one in his family was blond like I was.
Some pictures of me, my brother and my parents. Today I am 6′.2″ and my shoes size is 13, and my optimal body weight is 180 lbs and never exceeded 177. My mother is rh-negative and did not require treatment during her 2 pregnancies.

The wedding of my parents. My mother is pregnant with me in this picture.
UPDATE: 03/01/2018 M/D/Y. Upon closer examination it is apparent that this family is the surviving Habsburg family of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, since the jewry is so preoccupied with exterminating surviving members. Marie Louise Karadja was also Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma or Marie-Louise von Österreich, also Maria Ludovica Leopoldina Franziska Therese Josepha Lucia von Habsburg-Lothringen. Maria Orsitsch of the Thule and Vril Society (rh-negative only society) was likely the daughter of Marie Louise. Maria Orsitsch was likely directly related to Constantin Karadja and she was his sister, and Maria Orsitsch was part of the Oršić Croatian noble family that was also related to the Habsburg family. It also became apparent that my grandfather as German royalty outranked Hitler during the Third Reich and gave orders to the SS that Hitler did not know about as reported by David Irving. Hitler towards the end of the war had alzheimers and a heart condition. My grandfather was also a ghost writter for Mein Kampf and The Myth written by Alfred Rosenberg.šić

This my US passport photo. My nose was severely broken twice while I was growing up in Goruna which is why it’s slightly misaligned.

My father loved Marlboro cigarettes and the cowboy commercials for Marlboro, listened to Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA and Ace of Base, liked Clint Eastwood, and praised America for its fight against communism, but little did he know that ECHELON, was targeting his family even before any of us made it to the shores of the “free world.” He also wrote a letter addressed to what I believed to have been a US embassy, or a person in Western Europa stating why he favored America and wanted to leave Romania – which at the time was under the communist regime of Ceausescu. The account of this letter having ever been written by him is disputed by my mother, even though I was told this story by several relatives over the years. The letter in-short, was intercepted by the “Securitate,” and he was suppose to have gone to a forced labor camp as punishment when he was conscripted in the army like every male that turned 18, but he was assigned a desk job writing reports because he had beautiful hand writing.

The prospect of being sent to a forced labor camp is significant since Constantin Karadja visited Auschwitz during WW2. He also developed a stomach ulcer for which he was operated on. This is the account of this story as it was told to me by his mother, my grandmother or intruder as I call her who lives across from our house in Cocorastii Mislii. I am unsure on the exact order of the events, but he was obsessed with moving to America. Because of my father’s mother being a gypsy, my father could not be considered White since his X chromosome was from his gypsy mother, and the Y chromosome from his White father. Any children that would of been conceived by my father would be White, only when a male would of been conceived with a White woman such as my mother who had a White mother and father and so on. My grandfather in Goruna was in the SS, and likely knew Constantin Karadja who was also in Berlin during the Third Reich and he was also present for the 1936 Olympics. In Romanian, 50,000 White SS men volunteered for the preservation of Europa. Me and my brother have an X chromosome from my White mother and the Y chromosome from our White grandfather and 95% of the Y chromosome doesn’t combine, and we were born blond and White until we were constantly exposed to the Mediterranean environment in Romania that tanned us while our faces and bodies still remained pale white. My arms are evidence of the stark skin color difference since my arms and hands were always exposed. It’s also possible that this family might have been constantly poisoned with melanin increasing chemicals, or even microwave weapons that increase melanin levels.

Jews are unusually white themselves which could be artificially induced in their attempt to be the new Aryans.

Whites – Saturday Night Live

jews celebrate centuries of control

Y chromosome function as described on Wikipedia:
Over time, the Y chromosome changed in such a way as to inhibit the areas around the sex determining genes from recombining at all with the X chromosome. As a result of this process, 95% of the human Y chromosome is unable to recombine. Only the tips of the Y and X chromosomes recombine. The tips of the Y chromosome that could recombine with the X chromosome are referred to as the pseudoautosomal region. The rest of the Y chromosome is passed on to the next generation intact. It is because of this disregard for the rules that the Y chromosome is such a superb tool for investigating recent human evolution eugenics.
Crossing over between the X and Y chromosomes is normally restricted to the pseudoautosomal regions. The function of these pseudoautosomal regions is that they allow the X and Y chromosomes to pair and properly segregate during meiosis in males – the regions have no bearing on male physical characteristics.

My grandmother from Goruna, Dumitrache, whose last name was changed to ILIE upon her marriage to my grandfather in Goruna; who I suspect was the real Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland or one of her many children; used to take me on the corn fields every season shortly after I was born, just so that I would become tanned as a means of protecting me from being targeted by the communists in Romania who were targeting this family since the fall of the Third Reich and maybe even before that, since the reason they attempted to bastardize our bloodline by the forced introduction of my father’s gypsy mother, the intruder. Constantin Karadja was likely raped before he was murdered with full knowledge of the local police in Bucharest who was always working for MOSSAD with orders from Rothschild. Constantin Karadja was murdered in the same Romanian prison cell where I was in Bucharest in December 2016. There are no non-tanned Whites in Romania due to the environment unless they only exist indoors such as my brother who never went farming and has no tan, but Whites are clearly identified by the physical characteristics that define us all. There have been numerous attempts to frame me into false relationships and marriages in Romania with non-White women, even though I’ve been sterilized and my brother is the last remaining viable male unless he too has been sterilized which is very likely since he is also targeted for miscegenation and he has been dating mestizas. This is also in an effort to imprison me on false rape accusation like Julian Assange, smear my image, or attempt to dispossess me of the house my parents built in Romania. The latest cryptic smear campaign launched against me by the same jews who have been a thorn in the side of this family for over a century; and it’s one of the MANY reasons I will NOT grant them a shred of sympathy; is that my grandfather, Constantin Karadja, from my father’s side is a non-White because of his negro-looking nose which is actually not uncommon among White Nordic men, women and children because they are not hook-nose jews, and that I am not White myself, and my blue-eyed brother was conceived by someone other than my father. This is singinificant since Constantin Karadja was a rival of the Rothschild family that interbred with the negro nobility of Venice. Baroness Philippine de Rothschild and other Rothschilds such as James Alefantis exibit negroid facial features and skin tone.

The National Socialist revolution 14 years of struggle

My mother’s brother has blue eyes, and so do some of the intruder’s own mixed children including my father’s brother who is half gypsy and some his children and grandchildren, which could of only originated from a Nordic father being Constantin Karadja. Remaining true to type, is often times indicative of a pure bloodline up to and past the time of forced miscegenation. Total number of blue-eyed males or females from my father’s and mother’s families are around 9 or more living individuals, and this includes individuals that are half-White due to carrying the X chromosome from the gypsy intruder.
UPDATE: My grandmother from my father’s side is likely Italian since she is rh-negative.

Marian Parvu came to visit Romania sometime in 1994 or 1995, and he stopped by our house in Cocorastii Mislii. A party ensued that entire night at our house, smoking Marlboro cigarettes filling the entire house with cigarette smoke and drinking alcohol. Marian Parvu brought gifts, including a black cowboy hat that my father loved, and he promised my father that he would bring him to America once his construction business could sponsor him. My father left Romania in 1996 I believe, and started working for Marian Parvu who was based in the state of GA. I am unsure on the dates as I was only a child at the time. My father stayed with several coworkers at an apartment complex in Norcorss GA that was called Park Colony apartments at the time. He hired an immigration lawyer for which he paid $10,000 to avoid deportation and to start the naturalization process. He was also diagnosed with brain cancer in 1998, and me, my brother Vlad Caragea, and mother Elena Caragea, left Romania in December 1998 or 1997 on an emergency visa to be present for the surgery just in case he did not survive. UPDATE: 9/1/2017: It’s possible that he did not have brain cancer and he was misdiagnosed to become part of some kind of DARPA/MOSSAD/CIA experiment.

UPDATE: On 01/24/2018 I found a picture of my father in Paris and the picture was uploaded on a twitter account @healthranger who is ex-DoD. It appears that it’s a 100% match, and it is possible that his death was faked and all my relatives in Romanian and everyone in my hometown are part of this conspiracy to conceal his whereabouts. If he is being held in France he is likely a political hostage being held by Macron who is a Rothschild agent, and France has a rather large jewish population with a declared number of 600,000. It also appears that he was infected with a DARPA implant since he looks confused. The woman holding his arm appears to be jewish.

I recall my mother telling me that he had irradiating ball bearings implanted in his head to kill brain cancer cells which were removed in Romania.
The brain surgeon operated for free which was surprising, and I believe the surgeon’s gesture was motivated by the fact that he knew my father had radiation/EMF poisoning inducing symptoms that might be mistaken for brain cancer, and to avoid suspicion and guilt since the diagnosis and surgery were faked for an experiment. All doctors are part of this network globally. I received false lab test results in 2014 showing a testosterone count of 333, which is a masonic number and highly unlikely. These labs were done because I had prostatitis due to lack of sex, and I was prescibed powerful antibiotics. Despite being under constant EMF exposure in my apartment which suppresses T levels, I believe my T level was somewhere around 700 at idle.

Before these labs I was given a false diagnosis for diabetes in 2013 at a Gwinnett clinic located at 5595 Peachtree Pkwy by an Asian/Chinese/Korean woman, likely to make me dependent on prescription meds or increase my Obamacare premium which was $255/month without any preexisting conditions – essentially paying for someone else’s healthcare. It’s important to remember here that the opioid addiction in America is fueled by CIA/MOSSAD cultivating poppy in Afghanistan for whites in America to become degenerate drug addicts. The testosterone count is not the only item that is false. It also shows a B12 deficiency to likely incentivise me to consume more meat since I consumed very little meat, which also helps solidify an animal cruelty frame job; but I consumed eggs in high quantities which provided me with sufficient B12. Meat is also easily poisoned with deadly chemicals that can induce high-yield, highly aggressive and invasive cancer, and I would of likely been poisoned much sooner than 2014 had I been a meat eater. When I worked at the Publix in Brookhaven in 2013, a brunette female in her 20s used to come into the store and purchase ground beef constantly.
I recall conversations my father had with my mother over the phone before, stating that he felt sick, had insomnia, his hair was falling out, he had fatigue, one day he blacked out, and on one occasion he fell of the scaffold landing on his feet, and other peculiar events leading to the brain cancer diagnosis. Under his apartment at Park Colony, in 1703, lived an unemployed White woman with red hair, and her miscegenated negro son who were visited by a negro-mestizo male once every 1 to 2 months who was in the US Army, likely CIA, that used to drive a Chevy pickup. This woman and her son rarely left the apartment, used to order pizza and takeout constantly, and I don’t know where her son attended school. I suspect that this woman and her husband likely targeted my father using an x-ray machine, by shooting it through the ceiling into my fathers body and head while he was sleeping.

This was done very likely under orders from the NSA or CIA, that intercepted the mail, photos, and phone calls my father and mother were exchanging. This family was targeted for termination or imprisonment since the end of WW2, and targeting intelligence was gathered through ECHELON when the program was launched, and the signatories to this program are all White countries. We arrived landing in New York according to my mother, and while waiting in line to board the flight to Atlanta we were pulled out of line and asked to sit down and wait. After about 1 hour or more of waiting, a female FBI agent arrived and interrogated my mother on the basis that they thought we were Russian, and asked us if we were seeking asylum and this lasted at least 1 hour.

This is significant as my name in official FBI databases would be misspelled on purpose to ‘Alexandra’, even though the birth certificate had the correct name and it was clearly printed on every other document.

This is also significant since the spy network also has an obsession with transgenderism, and every other form of sexual perversion. I remember my mother who started crying and was pointing constantly at our Romanian passport stating over and over “No, Romania!” My mother disputes my account of this happening, and says that there was only a problem with our final destination address which is partially true. Something that happens often in this international framing and spying network, is that they will frame and/or blackmail or buy and influence the friends and family of a target which is me, in order to discredit the target, which also helps frame the target for mental illness. This is known as political abuse of psychiatry. The label of being a paranoid-schizophrenic would be awarded to me by the American Psychiatric Association that condones pedophilia. This criminal network very likely included all psychiatrists.

We arrived in Atlanta, and went to stay with Marian Parvu in Lilburn GA. Marian Parvu recalled the story having talked with airport officials, and discussed our ordeal that night after arriving at his house. He even asked me jokingly while I was siting in his living room: “A crezut ca sunteti Rusi?”

I started school at Lilburn Middle School in 1999 and I had several students, all negroes except one, ask me at random if I was Russian.
While there, I used to sit outside in the courtyard between the basketball court building and the school building, and I saw F16s at least twice fly extremely low over the trees in the courtyard in a controlled, low-speed descent. I would later learn from RT and the Russian Airforce that this is called a “simulated attack.” At Berkmar High School I was also asked by several negro students if I was Russian. On 9/11 on my way to a class taught by a teacher named Mr. Hand, a very attractive blond female talking on the phone about the attacks made eye contact with me in the trailer park at Berkmar; after everyone else ran into the buildings; and she said over the phone that it might be the Russians. I experienced various forms of harassment, especially from one negro student who was on the Berkmar High School wrestling team named Mathew, who went by Mat. This was not a coincidence, since I used to wrestle and fight in the courtyard of my school in Romania when I was little.
At Berkmar High School several students and even teachers made degrading remarks concerning the worth of philosophy degrees in my presence, which was likely directed at my grandfather Constantin Karadja who was also a philosopher, and the Third Reich courted philosophers and thinkers.

While at Lilburn Middle School and Berkmar High School I also noticed that despite speaking fluent English by 6th and 7th grade with little accent, I had zero interest from White American girls, and the only ones interested were negresses which was strange, but I was not interested and never really have been except for a lack of choice.

I recall one particular negress female who was always sitting too close next to me on the bus on the way to Lilburn Middle School which was annoying, and she would always sit next to me since the seats were assigned to us. I had interest from one White woman in high school named Ashley Cook, who was a beautiful and stunning blond who had a boyfriend, and was complaining to me that he used to tell his friends the details of their intimate relationship which was likely a fabricated story. However, because she continued the relationship I did not pursue her despite being enamored with her. We used to walk together from class on the hallways of Berkmar talking, and I noticed on several instances that a few students would purposely walk between us to split us up as we were walking together. We dropped out of contact sadly when our schedules changed, and I think she would later leave Berkmar to attend another high school which was not by chance. I suspect she was a jewess because she was part of the network. I also became interested in one negress named Devonna Reynolds in high school because of a lack of choice, but I was suspicious of her and did not pursue her at the time. I tried to reconnect with her to no avail later in 2005, 2006, and 2007, after driving past her on Club Drive in Lawrenceville in 2005, and her following me to a friend’s house near Berkmar that same year. I dropped this completely in 2007. At one point, Ashley Cook appeared in one of Devonna Reynolds’ profile pictures on MySpace, even though they were not friends at Berkmar High School, and that picture was not taken by coincidence. In her MySpace profile she also had dozens of male friends while attending Middle Georgia College in Cochran, and I suspect she was a prostitute to pay her tuition. By my estimate, 100% of all chicanos and negroes in America are part of this network due to their extremely high rate of criminality involving illegal immigration, murder, prostitution, assault, rape, and drug offenses. @georgesoros funds #blacklivesmatter and most of the negroes participating have a criminal record, if not all.

I dropped out of high school in 2005 while attending Phoenix High School; went to work in Ohio remodeling hotels for a month in March 2005 for a company owned by a Romanian named Marcel who was married to my mother for a few years, and bought my first car in 2005; a 2000 Hyundai Elantra for $3000. I wrecked it in 2005 in the back of a 6 wheel truck driven by a spy that was braking aggressively on 85 South near the Beaver Ruin exit, but I continued to drive the car. The officer who issues the citation for following too closely was a negro and the driver was White which was not a coincidence, since at that time my insurance expired. The negro officer knew my insurance expired since this accident happened after the passage of the Patriot Act. This was a spyop to attempt to endear me to negroes since I stopped associating with them after Berkmar High School, and ignored them at Phoenix High School in 2005. The truck was chosen because the rear lift gate was metal and sustained little damage on the left side. I started working as a janitor for Phoenix Cleaning Services Inc. in north Atlanta, a company that I had worked for before helping my mother clean office buildings since 1999. As it turns out the Hawkins family who owns Phoenix Cleaning are English sephardic jews (Rothschild phenotype) and are former slave owners, and this would have implications for me as a goy throughout my employment with the company resulting in constant conflict and peculiar complaints in what is known in the framing program as “gaslighting” which I will describe later. It is also no coincidence a lot of other Romanians end up working for this company.

One night in September 2005 I believe, I received my first traffic citation while driving on 285 East heading home from work in North Atlanta. The citation was issued by a White or jewish officer. Upon leaving the traffic stop and driving faster than normal because I was annoyed, I encountered large rocks and sand near the top of the on-ramp to 85 North in the right lane, and the car shifted a few feet to the right taking the left turn. Had I over-corrected, I would of ended up over the barrier and plunged down under Spaghetti Junction to a certain death. I believe the rocks and sand were strategically placed, especially while turning left, and I never saw rocks and sand again in that left turn on the on-ramp to 85 North any time after that, and I used that on-ramp for years after this incident. It’s fairly obvious that issuing me the citation was planned ahead of time. This was my first encounter with an NKVD style assasination attempt. I believe my brother was also targeted to be terminated after birth and again before we left to America.

My brother was born in Campina Romania, and was strangled by the umbilical cord and no attempt was made to resuscitate him for a full 3 minutes, according to my mother who confessed this to me years ago. This network includes nearly all hospitals, doctors and nurses globally. Something similar happened to me during a circumcision surgery at the age of 2 or 3, and I went into cardiac arrest and lost consciousness, and I believe it was done on purpose to induce brain damage since I woke up with a severe headache and chest pain from CPR. This statement alone can now be used against me to frame me for mental illness because anything is used to create cases.

On a previous occasion in Goruna, my own mother slammed by forehead into a door frame, twice, while she was running with me in her arms through my grandmother’s house, and I believe it was done on purpose under the directions of the spy network to induce brain damage. In the US the autism rate is catastrophic for White children which is NOT a coincidence. My mother assumed directions from the spy network in Romania before I was born, since the marriage to my half-gypsy father was arranged. My father being the half-gypsy son of Constantin Karadja as a result of my father’s gypsy mother, and my mother’s family being linked to Stefan the Great or Vlad Tepes by blood, provided the jewry with the perfect opportunity to bastardize 2 royal and pure White bloodlines with 1 single arranged marriage, or so they thought. I believe a second attempt was made against my brother before we left to America, and he was poisoned with liquid Ex-Lax in cow’s milk from a local, which gave him instant diarrhea and stomach craps which were visible on his stomach. The milk was boiled before he ingested it. I believe my mother’s father was also poisoned and died as a result in Goruna after returning from WW2. My mother recently told me that her father died of a heart condition, which was likely caused by some kind of poison which I’ve also ingested recently which causes heart pain. There are no other deaths in the family due to heart conditions that I know of, and he was not overweight at the time of death. In 2014, 2015 and beginning of 2016, I was capable of running 6.2 miles on a treadmill without stopping which is indicative of optimal health and a capable heart. Bobby Fischer mentioned he was poisoned with steroids and had heart conditions followed by heart surgery without resolution. SCOTUS Scalia and Dr. Udo Ulfkotte also died from heart conditions.

Several acquaintances were present including a local doctor who stated that my brother might go into shock and we were ready to take him to a hospital. He cried himself to sleep that night and fell asleep from exhaustion. In America he was targeted by various indians and negroes while at 1500 Swan Valley Ct, and he picked up drug use which is not a coincidence. At 1500, I planted several fruit trees, and the indian family that lived in that same neighborhood that introduced my brother to drugs, also planted what looked like fruit trees after I found out it was them and negroes in the neighborhood who introduced my brother to marijuana. Spy network participants sometimes mimic the behavior of a target when discovered in order to divert suspicion and guilt, attempt to assimilate, or to provoke a target and frame by association.
This video contains a falsified map of rh-negative blood types. It’s non-existent in Africa (excluding White South Africans), the Middle East and Asia. It’s common in Sweden, Denmark, Britain, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Holland.

There is also a story that my grandfather, Constantin Karadja, from my father’s side, died in his sleep by turning over face down on a pillow because he had epilepsy, and I believe that he was murdered by Romanian communist jews with the help of American intelligence gathered through ECHELON. Constantin Karadja’s cause of death is not listed on Wikipedia. Snowden is CIA and claims that he has epilepsy even though that disqualifies him from joining the CIA, and my grandfather coincidentally died from epilepsy, or so I’m told.

My mother was fully aware that miscegenation was the deal offered to this family by the jewish communists in Romania, who foster the idea of a single Eurasian-Negroid race and universal equality by eliminating White royalty as part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.

Eliminating social classes which is why the middle class is being eliminated on a global scale by free-trade globalism and cheap labor by third world immigration, and eliminating White intellectuals that could pose a potential threat to global egalitarianism, global communism, and #WhiteGenocide.
This is supported by the fact that jews target all White intellectuals who oppose them, such as the White SS troops in Eisenhower’s death camps.


My grandmother from my mother’s side was also aware of the deal offered to this family by the Romanian communists, and she was extremely anti-jewry. Both her and my mother were extremely worried when me and my brother were born White and blond and my brother has blue eyes; features favored by the Third Reich to restore the Aryan race which is the only race that has diversity in eye color and hair color.

My brother was nicknamed “Neamt” meaning “German” by my mother’s brother, who was also aware of the deal offered to this family.

My mother’s brother who is a White male with blue eyes who is around 6 feet tall with black hair, mentally and physically abused my grandmother until she signed over the deed to her property in Goruna to him under duress. I witnessed this abuse every time he visitied her in Goruna since it was her who raised me. My grandmother from Goruna whose real name was Anica Dumitrache, was a natural blond and had blue eyes.
I moved out in 2006 after turning 20 to a one bedroom apartment in Sandy Springs GA at 1011 Windridge Dr. I woke up one afternoon with very blurry vision and a headache, and hit a curb on Roswell Rd going to work in North Atlanta which lead to another accident later losing control and hitting a light pole, due to a bent rim that was severely out of balance. I purchased my mothers 1997 Nissan Maxima for $1000 in 2006, and the car was hit while parked by a negro driving a Chevy Cutlass who was also living there – likely done on purpose for me to incur repair costs or replace the car. I called the police and a White officer who was dispatched told me he was a drug offender without a job. I attempted to sue this individual, and I was told by a court clerk that there was no one living at that address. I suspect this negro was protected by another negro or jewish individual who was appointed to the CIA or FBI. I moved to another one bedroom apartment in 2007 to attend Gwinnett Technical College until 2009.

While staying at 1400 Herrington Rd Apt 20006 Lawrenceville GA 30044, which was where Devonna Reynolds’ family lived previously, though it was not why I moved there, I experienced several break-ins, packages from Amazon were being delivered opened which has significance since my Amazon account would later be suspended. I was never able to fall into a deep sleep, nearly completely blacked out twice, and I was poisoned several times while living there, including with what I suspect was estrogen or a testosterone inhibitor, though this could have been caused by EMF from the apartment above which can affect hormone secretions. I also sent flowers to a non-White woman working at the management office named Canela who helped with the paperwork, and she would engage me in conversations when I would go to the office, but would turn me down every time I would ask her out. I eventually stopped asking her out and stopped conversing with her besides answering her questions. This woman also likely lied and told me she was from Venezuela which is a US adversary, and strangely, years later in 2013 and 2014, I would find this woman’s escort ads on Cityvibe and Backpage likely running a sting operation alongside a negro prostitution ring. While staying in 20006, the chicano neighbors upstairs moved, and I was finally able fall into a deep sleep and woke up feeling rested and refreshed, but this was short-lived. In 2007 I sold my 1997 Maxima to what looked like a White male who was accompanied with what appeared to be his negress girlfriend – this was not a coincidence. I then purchased a 5MT Nissan Maxima, and in 2008 I purchased a 2004 6MT silver G35 Nismo sedan which I wrecked, when a mestiza spy ran a red light in a Honda Odyssey, and I bought another 2005 6MT sedan in March 2009.

The spies also cause accidents by signaling left or right but never executing the turn which I noticed in 2014 and 2015. In 2008, I finished furnishing my apartment with all new high-quality furniture, spent $1800 on a black GE washer and dryer, and I was getting ready to purchase my first house in March of 2009.

I did not buy the washer and dryer as a pair, so I had to drive to Ohio to pick up the other machine since my search results from Best Buy where being filtered in Georgia. When I went to the Best Buy in Ohio, the female clerk recognized me and even joked that she had to check if the machine was in stock.

That month, Devonna Reynolds or another light-skinned negress, showed up on my doorstep, and sat down on the concrete against a wall outside my door, and waited for me to exit the apartment with her phone in her hand. I opened the door and was surprised, said “Hi” and left without saying anything further.
I tried approaching her on Myspace out of curiosity asking her if it was her, and got a response of “leave me alone.” Before this I would see this woman driving in areas near where I would work, or at the same time as me on the same roads which was not a coincidence, but I always minded my own business because it was awkward. I went out with 2 negresses in 2008 simply because of a lack of choice, and one said she did not want to see me after 3 dates, and kept calling me after and not answering the phone when I would pick up. Another who did the same would call, let it ring once, and hang up. This was done to provoke me into harassing them or stalking them since I knew where they lived – another angle to complete a frame job. This is something that I complained about in the off-topic section of the forums on in 2008, and the thread was deleted. I purchased my first house in March 2009 at the age of 23 at 1568 Park Grove Dr Lawrenceville GA 30046, and I also had problems sleeping in this house the whole time I owned it, and I suspect the neighbor next door was likely using a microwave weapon to watch me through the walls, which was also happening at the previous apartment.

He was a redheaded White American with a blond girlfriend, and he used to drive a Nissan Frontier, but he could have been jewish. He actually had several disputes with his girlfriend and they broke up. I don’t know if the disputes were staged, but she showed interest. One night after returning home from work and pulling into my neighborhood, I saw a negress female in a car parked on the left side as I made a right towards my house. I suspect this was Devonna Reynolds even though I dropped everything in 2007, and provided no incentive to provoke her interest. In one particular instance in 2009 or later, I saw this woman in front of me as I was driving to go home, at the Sugarloaf Pkwy exit off 316 in a silver Chevy Tahoe making a right towards Old Norcross road, and she placed her right hand which was in a cast out through the passenger window – obviously to try and inspire sympathy which I ignored. In 2009 I met my first and only girlfriend who was from Mexico at Jackson EMC when I went to turn on the electricity for my house named Margarita Scott and she said Scott was the last name of her ex-husband which she kept. Today, I can not find the property records for her house and it appears Margaretta Scott is an actress listed on IMDB which might not be a coincidence. We went out 4 times, we had sex 5 times the first night from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM without oral sex which was strange, and this was one of the issues I had with her in the relationship. We moved in together in her house after several months of dating, and my house sat empty. Despite this we were not compatible in a crucial way since she was 10 years older, and I asked her out because of a lack of choice and convenience. After 14 months I ended the relationship because I was actually sexually frustrated by her. My mother suggested to me since it was suggested to her by others, that I should marry her and this was around 2009 or 2010, despite the fact that it would of been an interracial marriage and she was 10 years older and incapable of having children which is something that she confessed to me. When I moved into my ex-girlfriend’s house in 2010; a crypto-jewish couple; 1 DoD or IDF male and a fake female blonde who was possibly the female who followed me all around GA from 2013 to 2015 in a Honda CRV and Toyota Highlander; moved next door to us and were shooting EMF into her house after my ex left for work every morning and I slept until noon since I worked nights. This couple appeared to be MOSSAD and NSA, and the food in my ex’s house was poisoned at least 3 times that I know of with estrogen but not the castration chemical which is commonly used now. Despite the relationship being interracial which the jews approved of since she agreed to date me, and my ex being 10 years older and incapable of having children, these MOSSAD jews targeted me anyway. This appears to be my ex’s house located at 1258 Mitford Ln, Dacula, GA 30019:,-83.9044328,3a,75.5y,118.82h,95.56t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1soDnYM7gZfP6FrODrjunyBw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
The couple that moved next to my ex’s house appeared to have been stunt doubles for me and her in the event of my death, and in 2009 and 2010 during our relationship, I was stopped 3 times for no reason by Gwinnett PD and I was armed on all 3 occasions. Once on 316 by an American jew and a second time by another resulting in a citation for 75MPH in a 55, and a third time right at the end of the 85N Jimmy Carter on-ramp after making a u-turn on Jimmy Carter by several crypto-jewish police officers – it’s likely all the white male police officers over the years were murdered by negroes and replaced by quarter and half jews who travel to Israel for training.
Several months after purchasing my house in March 2009, I started having some very peculiar complaints from the tenants at various facilities I was cleaning for Phoenix Cleaning, and in September 2009 I lost the 1st floor in a building called the Medical Quarters leaving me with the ground floor.

As a result I started Imagedetail Cleaning Services, to acquire my own janitorial contracts, and I was able to acquire a job at a hospital in Marietta that quickly ended since it was too far from Lawrenceville and it was paying minimum wage.
These are some of the recommendation letters, but several clients did not submit one despite making numerous requests which was not a coincidence:
Around 2014 I noticed I almost always had problems posting status updates on the Facebook page for my business which indicated my location and time. This was done on purpose to easily place me at the scene of a crime in which I would be framed. In 2010 after breaking up with my girlfriend, I also tried approaching a woman at the Interchange building in North Atlanta named Meera Garcia, because of a lack of choice and because she was constantly smiling and making excessive eye contact indicating what I thought to be availability. As a result of her actually being married and with 2 daughters which is something that I overheard her say, one day on my way to the facility my boss called me, and told me not to go to the building. We met at a gas station on pay day as the check would normally be delivered to me by a supervisor or another employee at the Interchange building. This was not the final time of a run-in with the Garcia family. In an UNBELIEVABLE turn of events in 2014 while I was driving home from Parkway Products; on 285 East before the Roswell Rd exit not far from the Interchange building, several spies including one of Meera Garcia’s daughters staged a violent traffic accident with injuries ahead of me, involving at least 4 drivers. A Caribbean blue Nissan Leaf, a negress driving a Chevrolet Cobalt, Meera’s daughter driving a white or silver Ford Edge, and one other driver. I came upon the scene which took over several left lanes since I always drove in the left lanes, pulled over and got out, and saw one of Meera’s daughters standing next to her Edge. I asked her if she was all right since she was bleeding from her left arm, and asked if there was anyone else in her car since it was tinted. She got on her phone, and I got back in my G35 and left. Meera’s daughters are half hispanic for the record, and can not be identified as White. The accident was staged, to provide me with the opportunity to possibly harass Meera’s daughter since I suspected her mother had me fired, and when she got on her phone it was likely recording me. The negress who caused the accident, suffered more serious injuries, and I think she lost some teeth in the accident. I also believe this negress would appear in the parking lot at Nordstrom in Buckhead in 2015, and intentionally jumped a curb near the entrance as I was driving through. I would later see Meera’s daughter again in late 2014 driving the same Ford Edge on Peachtree Parkway, just past the Holcomb bridge intersection. However, I ignored her since this was happening with other females, and I was suspicious of their intentions. Eventually in 2010 I lost all of the space at the Medical Quarters and my boss told me simply that Chappel, which is management, did not want me in the building. Before however, while I worked there, a beautiful and tall blond woman named Ashley started working in the management office. She would make eye contact off and on and say “Hi” when she would walk past me, likely an incentive to approach her and ask her out which would of been an excuse to have me fired, just like at the Interchange building later that year with Meera Garcia. A coworker named Jerry who was a daytime porter, even suggested that I go introduce myself to Ashley shortly after she started working there, but sensing that this was likely a trap I minded by own business, especially with a mortgage and car note. I suspect that she might of been transgender since she was unsually tall or likely jewish. As a result of losing over half of my income by the summer of 2010 from Phoenix Cleaning, I successfully applied for unemployment which lasted over 1 year, while constantly trying to find clients for my janitorial business and other employment. I applied online to dozen of jobs at various retail stores and supermarkets, supervisor positions in environmental services at Emory and Mckenson, automotive repair at Gwinnett Place Nissan and Infiniti of Gwinnett, and other companies. I realized last year as a result of coming across this International Spy Network which includes millions of people, that I was being denied employment. Furious, though I did not show it, I decided to generate income in other ways, and in the end I sold everything in 2012 including the house in a short-sale in February of 2012. I also tried to refinance the house in 2011 through NACA which was denied.

My mother divorced my father in 2004, and my father went back to Romania in 2005 and died ALONE in February 2012 of brain cancer at the age of 50. I was not able to fly home after his death, since I did not become a US citizen until August 2013, so I had to go to Washington DC in 2012 to acquire a travel document to fly home in June or July of 2012. My first citizenship interview was in 2007, and the apartment number, 20006, was purposely omitted to prevent me from receiving the ceremony invitation, despite going to the immigration office several times after waiting 1 week to ask why I wasn’t receiving the invitation. Earlier that year, I also rejected a White male DoD recruiter at Gwinnett Technical College for disagreeing with the Iraq war:

Wesley Clark is a jew and he supported the war in Afghanistan knowing 9/11 was a false flag. He also stated: “There’s no room for ethnically pure states in Europe.”
The Plan — according to U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.)

My rejection of the recruiter very likely resulted in my citizenship being denied. On the flight to Romania in 2012, the NSA or CIA or some other agency that is part of the DoD, arranged for a young and beautiful Russian blond in a summer dress to sit next to me on the flight from Atlanta to France or Amsterdam. It is possible that she might have been a Russian jewess. We had an extensive conversation on the plane about her life and mine despite her limited English vocabulary; so much talking that I got up and brushed my teeth and tongue with soap, just in case something did happen since the TSA confiscated my toothpaste in Atlanta. She told me she was vacationing in Florida with her grandparents and was going back to Russia, and this is significant since the spy network has 100% coverage in Florida and most of the south. She said she was married, but then she said she was just engaged, and then that they were just living together and were not engaged. It immediately alerted me that she was a plant, and I did not proceed to flirt with her out of fear of being framed for rape. The reason she told me she was engaged or married, was because it was believed that I am somehow interested in women who are married or already taken, because of the Meera Garcia incident in 2010. She also said she was cold and so she put her feet up sideways on her chair and rested them against my left leg for warmth – I had the window seat. We went our separate ways upon landing which was late by a full 20 minutes which was not a coincidence (all airline pilots are part of the network) likely in order to say that I ‘associated’ with a ‘Russian spy’ even though she was sent by the US government itself which is occupied by Russian jews. I kept seeing Russians many times since, up to this day that appear in public places at random to frame by proximity. While I was working for Phoenix Cleaning in Norcross, they also sent an older, blond and homeless Russian woman trespassing on the property around the buildings where I was working, which is something that I immediately reported to Phoenix Cleaning and Workman & Company which was management that was also owned by jews, and this woman told me she was waiting on immigration to send her back to Russia. On the flight back to the US, I saw an F16 or F18 fly dangerously close to my jet which is what I saw over Lilburn Middle School years before. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17) During the process of selling my house in 2012, I stayed for a few months at 1500 Swan Valley Ct Lawrenceville GA, 30045 which was owned by a Romanian named Marcel who was married to my mother at one point.

Upon returning to the US, I moved in 2012 to 3308 Country Club Village Ln Apt E Norcross GA 30092. I then moved to 3266 Country Club Village Ln Apt A Norcross GA 30092, after having an issue with the neighbor downstairs cooking tamales in his bathtub and stinking up the whole block, which I reported to management several times without a resolution. This was done on purpose to force me to incur the cost of moving, and it was also an incentive to harass the neighbor. I never made any kind of contact with them because I despised them. After I moved in 3266, an upstairs neighbor played loud music towards the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015, which was also done on purpose. This was also done very likely to frame me by association or into gang rivalry if it resulted in a physical confrontation. I did not report this. This also occurred with a negro who listened to loud music in his car which was a Honda Accord coupe, in the parking lot until 12:00 AM and even 1:00 AM and I had to get up at 6:00 AM to go to work in Marietta for Parkway Products. I never made any kind of contact with any of them because I despised them. Around 2013 or 2012 while at 3266 I wrote a letter to Obama to ask for assistance on my citizenship, not being aware of who he is or what the US was becoming:
Dailymotion video: Michael Obama
Dailymotion video: Taqiyya

I started working for GS Cleaning Group cleaning a Marshalls retail store in 2012, while also working for Phoenix Cleaning. I was able to acquire gainful employment in 2013 working for Parkway Products, through the staffing agency TRC. I stopped working at the Marshalls store at that time. At Parkway Products, 2 women, one named Mary, would make eye contact and smile in a more than “friendly” way, and I kept my distance but I got fired later anyway. Joe who was the plant manager also made at least 3 cryptic comments before the decision was made to have me removed.

He was surprised when I purchased a White Leaf and said on one occasion “A White Leaf. Huh?” He made another cryptic comment in another conversation we had and said Hitler was part jewish.

I believe Joe also asked me if I was going to ‘help the people in Ukraine’ which was an odd question, which was also mentioned to me by a second individual who worked at the plant. Joe also told me that he was a Turk and he was married to a White American woman, and I suspect that he is a Freemason. I think he was brought specifically for me to create conflict since he had no leadership skills, and me and Mr. Dirkson who was in engineering, always made fun of his lack of leadership skills. Mr. Dirkson also made cryptic comments about his wife studying in Berlin so I suspect that he is a Freemason, and that his wife might be jewish. Joe also made numerous engineering requests that were impossible to fulfil, and me and Mr. Dirkson discussed this nearly every day. In Romania, the vice mayor and mayor of my town appear to be of Turkish descent which is not a coincidence, and there is also a Romanian jew who works alongside them. Before being fired, I met Kenneth Post who was my supervisor at Parkway for a while, who helped me acquire a job at a Publix in Brookhaven GA while also working for Phoenix Cleaning at night for a total of 3 jobs. Parkway Products from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Marietta, Publix in Brookhaven from 3:30 PM to 11:00 PM, and Phoenix Cleaning in Norcross from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM. I also operated my cleaning business on the weekends that was picking up clients and growing. I worked at the Publix in Brookhaven from January 2013 until April or May of 2013. I quit this Publix job when the manager was switched and a negro manager was brought in and assigned me tasks outside of my job description, such as cleaning the rear loading dock and the rest of the area around it, and I quit shortly after. Additional tasks were assigned to me while I was also working for Parkway Products because of my efficiency, and because of this I started looking for other employment before being fired. While working at this Publix in 2013, and from January 2013 and up until 2015, I asked out over 100 women all around Georgia, and I was rejected every time no matter what approach I used, such as being direct or indirect. I was being denied dates, and this International Spy Network includes 100% of the entire female population in the US, and millions more around the world. These are paid female protestors funded by the jewry that are also used by the jewry as proxies against White men, and an estimated 4 million attended which can attest to the magnitude of this network.

This is a staged video and they are compensated for the interview likely in the form of free purchases from Starbucks as an example. The video does prove they serve jewry to isolate a target.

It is also possible that White women are threatened with retribution if they date me due to my undesirable German lineage and ties to the Third Reich – all hated by the jews.

I also tried online dating on Tinder, and they would all reply a few times and go dark, or give me the run-around when I would ask them for a date. “Hooking up” with them is dangerous since I believe they are framing mostly White men for rape, which is why I believe a lot of the rape cases in colleges and universities are false for political control, like Julian Assange’s case. I suspect a lot of universities and colleges handle these cases internally for this very reason, and these cases subsided as all the White males were assimilated into the network. Emma Sulkowicz is one of those women:
Anti-rape activist Emma Sulkowicz releases sex video

College rape survivor will carry her mattress around campus until her rapist is expelled

Though not necessary to avoid being framed, it is a lot safer to be seen in public and to have credit card receipts for dates. During this time I also saw several women including Meera Garcia, drive around in certain areas at the same time as me while I was going to or from work, on Peachtree Industrial, 285, 85 and 75, and this happened so many times with the same women in different cars that it was not a coincidence; I paid them no attention since no one meets in traffic, and no one pulls over to talk to women who are out for a jog. I suspect this was done in order to provoke me to follow them to create conditions for an arrest on stalking and harassment charges. The 100+ women that I did ask out from January 2013 to February 2015, including 8 from Romania, always made eye contact and smiled in what is universally recognized as females flirting, and they likely did this on purpose under the directive of the CIA/MOSSAD to attempt to provoke me into sexually assaulting one or harassment, or to date outside my own race. The ultimate goal was always incarceration or accidental death.

I finally gave up in 2015 on the idea of dating ANYONE AT ALL in the US, after talking to a woman named Jen at a bar named Medlock Tavern in Norcross, who turned me down saying she had a boyfriend, even though we flirted at the bar and she made her interest abundantly clear. Another female bartender suggested at a later date to come in more often and encouraged me to keep pursuing Jen even though that is clearly stalking. I would see Jen at the bar again but I kept my distance and no longer spoke to her. On one particular day I found her working at the bar when I walked in, even though I was told she did not work on those weekdays. She told me she was covering for a coworker who had a friend or relative that died – likely a fabricated story. On another day when I saw her working the bar through the windows, I stopped short of walking in and went to Whitehall Tavern instead. Jen drives or appeared to be driving a ninth generation (E120, E130; 2000–2006) white Toyota Corolla with tinted windows, and on one morning when I was driving to work at Parkway Products I ran into her as I took the on-ramp to 75N and she took the on-ramp to 285W – likely to attempt to make me late for work which would of been an excuse to have me fired, and this also occurred with a Ukrainian brunette who worked at the Target in Norcross that I also asked out, and this woman appeared to be driving a silver Honda CRV. I would see this Ukrainian brunette working at Target on several occasions, but I avoided her as much as possible. I also saw Jen or someone who looked like her, at least on 2-3 occasions driving a blue Honda Accord coupe with tinted windows and with a Florida State University license plate, on Peachtree Industrial north as I was driving home from Parkway Products which was not a coincidence. I think I also saw her in Brookhaven or someone else that looked like in a car with a group of females, and again in person when I picked up my weekly dry cleaning at the corner of Spalding Dr. and Medlock Bridge Rd. I believe I also saw her in Buckhead as I was driving home from the Cotton Exchange. At a later date, a man at the same bar suggested I date a Columbian woman whom he knew. Around this time Devonna Reynolds, again showed up in my apartment complex and I ignored her. I believe Devonna Reynolds would also appear again in the parking lot of TJ Maxx in Norcross, GA in 2015 around June or July. I would later see Jen’s supposed “boyfriend,” a White balding male and a heavy smoker, driving a Dodge Ram pickup on Peachtree Parkway likely there as an incentive for me to harass or to attempt to assault him. I also met a White woman in my apartment complex who I saw at an earlier time at the same bar socializing with some negroes. I offered her a ride when I saw her walking out of my apartment complex, and she gave me her phone number. I texted her off and on and I noticed that she was replying too late, and she attempted to lure me to her apartment before the first date. Since she was a mudshark with fake blond hair and dyed eye brows, and played games texting me making me suspicious, I canceled the date on my way home from Parkway Products and deleted her number. Unbelievably, Jen, in her infinite insanity or under the direction of the CIA, showed up in NYC in September 2015. I was at the Father Fagan park, and she started a cellphone conversation in the park pacing back and forth. Her White or jew male companion held the double glass doors open to the apartment, in case I would decide to assault or harass her, and she was recording me while talking on her phone at least 10 feet or more away from me. I turned my camera on and started recording, and the male companion warned her and she immediately went inside. Another couple went in later, and were able to open the electronic doors without an access card – Germanwings Flight 9525 (4U9525/GWI18G) The NYPD would show up later as well, and ask me if I went up the fire escape. A third White woman at the same bar in Norcross that I got a phone number for, told me she was watching a football game when I texted her the next day and I deleted her number.
NFL teams paid for military tributes

It was then I finally decided to leave and to move back home in Romania, but I was interrupted by the CIA’s and DoJ’s framing program, and I made the conscious decision to accept the challenge.

I was also fired in the beginning of 2015 from Parkway Products because the position was ELIMINATED. Weeks before leading to my termination, a JaniLink car was on the property several times for no apparent reason and not for a delivery, which was likely a provocation since I bought my supplies for my own business from JaniLink. I also had a situation at Parkway Products in which I witnessed a negro employee stealing black trash bags from the supply room and hiding them under the breakroom sink near the the end of his shift to pickup at a later time, and he was fired when I reported this to Michelle and Amber who were HR. Coincidentally, Kenneth Post and me discussed the unusually high usage of trash bags. I suspect this negro employee attempted to frame me for it since I had a cleaning business using similar trash bags. I was able to replace that income working as a subcontractor for Enviroclean owned by Jerry Thomas, cleaning a large commercial building called Parkside Commons by myself. While working there the alarm in one of the suites kept arming at odd times with me in the suite. The Brookhaven police was dispatched several times to the building, and asked me for ID nearly every time. In one instance I was told by the police that the alarm had gone off in a suite I did not service. In one instance Jerry Thomas gave me a call and told me the alarm had gone off the previous night, and I had no recollection of this happening. Surveillance video of the police arriving on the property for tripped alarms, could of been used to frame me for various crimes while on the property. I suspect some alarms might have been internet enabled or radio controlled or other individuals went into the suites after I left the property. I then purchased a Hero4 Black to record video of me collecting all the trash because missed trash was another complaint towards the end, and video of me locking the doors and arming the alarms in the suites that required it. I uploaded the video on youtube which was actually blocked from posting, but I also kept my evidence on my laptop and my Note 4 which had a 128 GB micro SD card. While I worked there, the condos across the street were occupied by negroes and non-Whites likely being jews who were MOSSAD and NSA/CIA/FBI agents and I collected several license plates, and I suspect they had a sniper team in the condos. Several times I heard noises on the roof of the building and I went up on the roof to investigate. Behind the building I also saw a white work van with tinted windows on several occasions and I suspect this was an NSA/TAO/FBI/MOSSAD team that broke into my Leaf several times that was parked in the indoor garage and they came in through the back door. They also pumped an odorless gas in the building which caused sleepiness and lung pain after exposure and it eventually stopped happening after 1 week but I used the fans in the garage to evacuate the air in the buiding. This gas reduced my lung capacity by nearly 1/4. I also worked in a building called Achu Allergy and the building was under surveillance from the parking deck of the condos located across from Parkside Commons, and several trained DARPA cats were dropped off at the back entrance of Achu Allergy in order to frame me for animal cruelty.

Previously, months before, while working for Phoenix, I had the same issue with the alarm in a suite and the tenants claimed I forgot to set it on several occasions, and the office complex was split in half and another employee was brought in to clean that suite who was a negro. I suspect that this alarm was also remotely disarmed after I armed it, or that someone else went in who knew the code – likely a negro. I also had a building called the Cotton Exchange since the 4th quarter of 2014, which was the only large janitorial contract I was able to acquire out of dozens of proposals that I sent by mail. I suspect these proposals did not reach their destinations. While working at the Cotton Exchange and driving to the building from Norcross, I sometimes saw a dog leash in front of the stop sign at Sardys Way NE and Roswell, and this would sometime coincide with road kill on Peachtree Industrial, or Peachtree St before the stop sign. This was done to attempt to score a lawsuit against me for running over a dog. In 2014 and 2015, while at 3266 Country Club Village Ln Apt A, I noticed a mestiza in her 50s moved upstairs that was unemployed, just like the woman who was living in 1703 below my father’s apartment. I suspect they use women because the targets which are almost always men, are less likely to retaliate against women and are more likely to trust them because they are women, especially the ones in the care of minors such as in my father’s case. I was also having trouble sleeping again ever since moving there in 2013, and after the Edward Snowden revelations I decide to leave out a few old cell phones. This attracted the source of my problems, and one day in 2013 after arriving home after finishing work at Parkway Products, I saw GA Power employees walking out of the apartment upstairs with their equipment, having made new electrical connections in that apartment. One day in March 2015, after coming home from operating my business, I noticed that the woman upstairs was also now following me around my apartment, since her apartment had the same floor plan. If I would move from the bedroom to the kitchen I would hear her walk around with me. If I would move at random in the apartment she would follow. The floor also used to creak and her steps were loud against the floor, indicating she was carrying a heavy object. The next day, and several other days after, I woke up feeling extremely sick with severe insomnia, muscle weakness, blurred vision, fatigue, cardiac palpitations, severe indigestion where I would excrete completely undigested food that even retained its color, muscle and joint pain, memory loss, and low semen since I was used to masturbating and ejaculating at least 5 times daily. I abandoned the apartment in April 2015, as a result of realizing she was likely shooting an x-ray machine through the floor into my groin area, and I moved my furniture which I repurchased into a storage unit. When I moved my valuables into a storage unit and drove back and forth between the apartment complex and the storage unit, I noticed the light poles across from the apartment complex had some very peculiar equipment that was newly installed – likely some kind of white-box-NSA equipment that I also saw on the corner of Holcomb Bridge and Peachtree Industrial when I was walking between the Norcross library and the DMV. It has since been removed. I spent most of my weekends at hotels. I noticed that on several instances my hotel reservations would be blocked. On one particular night at a hotel in Marietta, a white van with a government license plate showed up at my hotel, and that night I heard commotion in the attic since I booked the top floor. I took a picture of the van and the license plate with my Note4. I suspect this was the NSA, as I again experienced light symptoms of radiation poisoning. As a result of this radiation poisoning I am sterile, and I went from being able to ejaculate 5 times in a day to nothing. I also very likely lost many base pairs. UPDATE: Semen production has recovered to less than half of what it was a year ago, however, it could be just semen without any sperm.

I stayed with Ngoc Nguyen at his place of business, Dyno Proven LLC during the day since I worked nights, who was also bought out to the tune of what I believe to have been $500,000 in Bitcoins, since he bought a new $300,000 house and a new $30,000 Rav4 for his wife Lina Nguyen, who is also from Columbia. He always complained to me however, that he did not have money to purchase new emissions machines with biometric security, which was a lie. He also made large purchases of decorative rocks to place around his house. He was also called for jury duty at one point which is arguably illegal, as are all network participants. He was useful to me since I did most of the work on my cars at his shop in exchange for shop fees, because he had power tools, a 4 post lift and a MIG welder that I learned to use welding my last custom exhaust for my second G35. I can not TIG weld yet.

It also appears that he or someone in the spy network has been trying to take credit for the custom work that I did on my car. Ngoc used to run 2 emissions machines and had no time to work on my car. His brother has a degree in electrical engineer with very little knowledge of electrical engineering, as unrealistic as that sounds. Another individual named Kenny whose real name I do not know and who is also involved, helped me finish the repairs on my car when the rear differential fell out, and I paid him for the help. I purchased a 1995 blue Geo Prism from Kenneth Post when this happened, but I would later wreck it by hydroplaning under the GA 400 overpass traveling west on 285 on my way to Parkway Products one morning – this accident was caused by me, but it is possible that I might have been forced into the right lanes under the overpass where water pooled, since the spy network has enough participants to change traffic patterns on the fly which I’ve witnessed multiple times. When I sold my G35 to Ngoc and he sold it again to another individual, him and the buyer attempted to convince me to repurchase the car, and the car was likely photographed in areas I’ve never been in with occupants whom I’ve never met and/or had drugs planted in the upholstery or unibody. In my 2004 G35 I found honey-nut Cheerios wedged in the back seat obviously left over by a child or planted. I consumed a high amount of honey-nut Cheerios myself during my time in the US. In Romania I am being encouraged to purchase a bike, which will be removed from my residence during my absence and filmed or photographed on another individual’s property to frame me by association – the spy network has a tendency to run over targets that are cyclists for low prison sentences for involuntary man slaughter. In 2015, Ngoc and his brother asked me several peculiar questions like how come I never wear shorts, and why I don’t wash my Leaf. He also mentioned to me several times, “Lady Tay boys” which was strange. He was paid that money to attempt to frame me using doctored surveillance video from his own security system at his place of business, a stunt double, and a similar 2015 Nissan Leaf with the same amount of dirt on it which I found at a dealership. My Leaf also had copies made of the key fob before it was sold to me, so that the CIA, NSA or FBI could unlock my car at will and even drive it without my knowledge. The Leaf was sold to me by a negro named Victor at AutoNation Nissan Thornton Road who was a MOSSAD/FBI proxy. This also happened with my 2005 G35 sedan, and in one instance the car was unlocked and the hand brake was disengaged with a near miss collision with only one other car in the entire parking lot, which was strategically parked while I was cleaning the suite of Kim Firm LLC. The other car was parked behind the rear entrace to suite 96 rented by Borsky who was a jewish formed client. A female existed suite 96 just after I retrieved my car and parked it, and it’s possible she had copies of my G35 keys or knew who did. She drove a black car that might have been a Mazda 3, and the idea was for me to confront her which would of framed me by association.
My 2015 Nissan Leaf with the dented passenger door next to the stunt double Leaf.

After I discovered this stunt double Leaf they then brought drivers of White Leafs at every chaging station I went to.

To place me at the scene which was a fenced water retention pond next to Dyno Proven LLC, they planted a duck and ducklings in the pond knowing I would go in to rescue them, and collected aerial surveillance video AT THE SAME TIME when I was inside the pond. The video was collected by the CIA, NSA or FBI. Realizing that they were using an identical Nissan Leaf to falsify surveillance video evidence, I purposefully dented the entire front passenger door of my own Leaf by reversing and steering the car into a metal pole, avoiding any damage to the unibody, irreplaceable sheet metal like the side skirt and C pillar, the window, or side airbag deployment. I believe they towed the car from Acworth GA to the “scene” in Lawrenceville GA, as a result of being unable to replicate the damage on the door of my Leaf. I even called my insurance company Geico, and an NSA or FBI agent jokingly took an incident report because the call was rerouted. They eventually switched the script of the frame job since it wasn’t reliable. They opted to say that I was under the influence of alcohol because I had 1 or 2 low alcohol beers that I drank on surveillance video at Ngoc’s place of business, and soda cans made to look like beer even though I never had a DUI, and I was targeted for traffic citations EXCESSIVELY since I began driving, using the local police and the power of the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act allows the NSA to share data on a target with the local traffic police to harass the target. I was stopped 4 times for no reason at all in 2008, 2009, 2010, and the last time being in July or June of 2015 in Brookhaven for “failure to maintain lane,” which was quickly backtracked since I told the female officer that I had a dash cam which she saw, and I also stated I did not cross any lanes without executing a lane change which I did once while being followed. Out of fear of the NSA Secret Police planting evidence where I was working or in my car, I was forced to drop everything and become homeless. Walking through Georgia I was followed by numerous ex-military personnel identifiable by their Desert Storm license plates, US Army plates, USMC, and I identified some as being part of JSOC who also appeared in NYC from as far away as Tampa, FL. The Intercept: The NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program
I was also followed by a false Mercedes Benz ambulance van, especially in Marietta but as far away as Lawrenceville and Grayson, and I suspect that this is a fake emergency response team to kidnap the target and likely inject the target with a DARPA implant. Most of the activity seemed to have been directed from the Marietta Airforce base, and activity diminished slightly when I left Marietta.
As I walked through Georgia, homeowners would also leave their garage doors open especially in Lawrenceville, and also leave their trash cans at the end of the driveways and this happened too many times for it to occur on trash pickup days only. Garage doors were also left open occasionally when I walked to Canada.
This frame job has been such an issue in the state of Georgia, that there are dozens who are missing that have gone into hiding with people who they can trust, and there’s not many people left. They use female spies to spy on men, and there are many men who have relations or relationships, and even get into marriages with these women without knowing. This is a cost effective way to monitor the population since only one sex has to be controlled to gain control over the other, and this is also done to serve the jewry’s goal of emasculating men. There is a small but significant parallel worth mentioning in the US Airforce, in which the former SR-71 pilots were required to be married before they could fly the SR-71. It’s possible this requirement extends to the B2 bomber but I am unsure.

By my estimate, an astonishing 100% of the female population in the US is part of this global framing and spying network, and some are being paid in Bitcoins or other forms of payment including free purchases from certain retailers and fast food chains such as McDonalds, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts to participate. I do not have an estimate on the female participation rate globally, but outside the US there are millions of women in many countries who are part of the same network, including Romania where the coverage is also 100%.

I was also fired again on 06/27/2017 after I was hired again by GS Cleaning to clean a Best Buy store, because I was recording the harassment tactics of the negro employees in the store alongside a mestiza.
Around this time, I quit a second job I had at a UPS store because I was framed for failure to place a label on a box with a value of $400, and the evidence was a fake receipt that was a photocopy which had a thinner signature than the original receipt which had a thicker signature since it was printed and not photocopied. I gave my notice to quit the next day.

Target selection process/Isolation procedure/Separating families to infiltrate/Forced pairing of different ethnicities by depriving the target of choice

This family was the perfect soft-target to destroy and portray as Russian spies, to justify looting $600 billion per year, and $58 billion in surveillance alone, by providing the FISA court with falsified testimony and evidence; to break into every residence that I’ve lived in without a real warrant, and ultimately destroy my life and the lives of hundreds of other people and families, who have nothing to do with any espionage for the Russian government. As such, there is a significant amount of evidence that clearly and definitively states that the “Cold War” was staged.
Counter Intelligence (Part 3) – The Strategy of Tension

I never held a government job and I did apply at Lockeed in Marietta in environmental services. Most spies have always come from the FBI’s, the CIA’s, and the DoD’s OWN ranks and have always been American and most of the time, dual-citizenship jews.
Dailymotion video: De Niro knew Israel was running a Nuclear smuggling ring in America with the help of Hollywood Jews & kept quiet

It also appears that anyone with leadership qualities with a clean image is targeted that could be political opposition for world jewry and MOSSAD/DoD/CIA. NSA/GCHQ data collection identifies those individuals, and they are incentivized or framed. Married SNP MPs in ‘love triangle’ face questions over expenses claims

Isolating the target is a process of assimilating friends and family into the spying network, to easily place the target at the scene by depriving the target of any witnesses and therefore testimony, and to create conflict to end relationships and friendships. Targeting is active on a case by case basis so as to not raise awareness of the group that it is targeted as a ethnic group, and to isolate the target from other targets by location. I had 2 friends named Liviu Georgescu and his girlfriend Dina Pruteanu who are both from Romania. Liviu dropped out of high school in 2002 for the same reasons I did, and became an expert hacker who was recruited by the NSA. Liviu stopped picking up my phone calls after a 14 year friendship in 2013, and since then I’ve had no friends. I suspect Liviu is actually a romanian jew and him and his family are rh-positive. I suspect that Liviu was paid around $10,000 to end our friendship. Liviu made several cryptic comments about me and suggestions before ending our friendship. He claimed of having heard a rumor that my brother was not conceived by my father, even though we both have the same unique physical attributes my father and grandfather had. This story has been repeated to me by a local individual in Romania who is a habitual drunk. Liviu also accused me of being a jew because of my facial hair. As an example, Goebbels has also been accused by jews of marrying a half-jew which was proven false. This was to discourage me from growing facial hair which makes it easier to falsify video and pictures. I would later be falsely diagnosed with diabetes which is a jewish disease. The US will be majority diabetic in a few decades due to miscegenation being a contributing factor, and diabetics will become permanently dependent on the welfare state due to their eventual inability to perform manual labor.

Coincidentally jews dislike manual labor, and I am currently discouraged in Romania from performing jobs involving physical labor such as being a security guard. When I was in the US I had shares in MNKD and OREX which temporarily skyrocketed. Liviu also suggested that we both adopt a vegan diet and drink soy milk. A lot of jews are lactose intolerant. Soy and soy milk are estrogenic. I suggest almond milk.

My mother instigated numerous disputes up until 2011 and I stopped talking to her in 2011. I reconnected in April 2016, however she continues to DELIBERATELY create numerous insignificant but annoying arguments to cause an overreaction from me to attempt to turn it into a domestic dispute with legal consequences.
Liviu’s big sister named Anda, and EMT, cheated and divorced her husband named Ruben, a Romanian, in 2012. She was obligated to accept numerous vaccines as a condition of employment. There were NO ISSUES in the relationship, and Ruben even paid for her college tuition and she was studying nursing at Perimeter College. She entered a relationship with what I was told was a White American man who I believe might be jewish, who worked with her at a hospital as an EMT who also claimed to work for the FBI, and he was living in Dekalb/Decatur in a townhouse. Leading up to the divorce, Anda was also withholding sex from her then husband Ruben, to the point where it was only once per week, and that immediately arose suspicion from Liviu and me especially. After the divorce, Ruben met a woman from Columbia at a club, and got remarried within months, or at least that is what I was told. This Columbian woman had various dealings with a negro family which was strange, and also had pictures of herself in a harbor with yachts and sail boats. It is very likely that she was a career prostitute, and Liviu and me especially, warned Ruben not to get involved with her. After they began dating and started having unprotected sex, she lied and claimed that she was pregnant.
Marian Purvu who is likely rh-negative, bought his wife, Mina, who is from Columbia and she was a stripper in NYC in the 90s, and he became part of the network since the 90s, and it’s very likely he brought my father to the US to be used to justify a spying budget – targeting of this family began in Romania through ECHELON in the 60s when the program was launched, by acting on the intelligence gathered.
Liviu’s parents had a 3 bedroom apartment in Bucharest that they sold, and they bought a house in the US with a $100,000+ mortgage.
Liviu’s parents divorced due to financial trouble but remained in the same house. His mother began dating someone else, and his father was giving what little money he had to a Christian radio station for “server maintenance.”
I dated a woman from Mexico, which was the only sexual relationship with a woman that I had in the US.
Liviu’s middle sister was assimilated into the network in or around 2004. When I was at a previous residence that Liviu’s parents’ owned that was eventually foreclosed, on a street called Burns Way near Berkmar, his sister came home from high school and got drunk, and attracted attention by coming out onto the porch drunk, and me and Liviu were outside on the street – an incentive that I obviously ignored. She eventually became involved with a White American man around 2011 who was a drunk, a drug user, and a jailbird. She would later move to Chicago with him and his father, and they all lived together in a 1 bedroom apartment. Liviu’s little sister was also smart, and she was an Honors student with a scholarship – she became part of the network around 2012.
Most White men who are immigrants, single or married, are paired with minorities, who are low pay-grade spies. This is also a reverse eugenics program to achieve #WhiteGenocide. My brother, Vlad Caragea, who is part of the network, has always dated mestizas by lack of choice, and being targeted by them since these women are instructed to show interest just as they were with me. This is despite the fact my brother is a White, blue-eyed male. My ex-girlfriend also created conflict towards the end of our relationship, and she was part of the network before we met. She also made several cryptic comments during our relationship. She once said to me that she was stealing the “family jewels” alluding to my family’s lineage. She also told that her husband did not consume alcohol who was aware of the framing program, and I would see him as well in Lawrenceville driving his silver 350z with chrome “rimz” that had a terrible offset, though this might of not been his car and it could of belonged to a negro or chicano drug dealer. In another conversation she suggested we split up because of our age difference and I should date a younger woman, and shortly after this conversation a young mestiza with fake blond hair was brought to a Kroger that I frequented often located behind the buildings I used to clean for Phoenix Cleaning in Nocross at Pointe Parkway, and she showed interest which I obviously ignored. My ex-girlfriend was also sent walking in Buckhead near the Cotton Exchange when I was on my way to the building in 2015 – I suspect she is also now collaborating with the CIA in their campaign of smearing me as being non-White.
The isolation procedure is also enforced on social media. Twitter and Facebook have millions of users who are part of the spying network. I’ve received as much as over 100,000 Twitter impressions in one month, but no additional followers. Every anonymous account is suspect and there are millions. Almost all non-anonymous accounts maintain a neutral stance on jews or are openly anti-white, which is itself proof of the control achieved by world jewry to micromanage every aspect of daily life of network participants, and it maintains that control by marginalizing and isolating targets.

A lot of these users will produce truthful propaganda against World Jewry but would never name the jew outside of social media such as in a street protest, however, they have proven to be a priceless tool against World Jewry in my report. #WhiteLivesMatter is controlled counter opposition to #blackLivesMatter but not the jews responsible for #blacklivesmatter. Identitar in Europe is controlled opposition against migrants, but not the jews who import them. Currently my report has not received any endorsements from any users online despite its accurate account of a global spying and framing program for political control. This is likely done to discourage me from researching and publishing on this topic. Of course, it’s completely unconscionable that World Jewry with unlimited funds and accurate historical accounts of its demonic global threat dating back millenia, would employ a spy network of this magnitude for political control by framing and blackmailing political targets on a global scale.

Miscegenation and the covert biological warfare against the Rhesus negative species/Rh-negative type O universal donors and #Pizzagate
Miscegenation and reverse eugenics is a subprogram of the spy network, and it promotes Whites in interracial relationships in ads, movies, and the news. This is in an effort to destroy rhesus negative blood types which are almost always pure White, and almost never present in non-Whites unless those non-White individuals are mixed. The network also promotes interracial relationships or darker features in real-life couples, and adoption of non-White children by prominent Whites to promote miscegenation to the public at large. In the US this subprogram is, I suspect, headed by a jewish individual with ties to islam and world jewry who is likely appointed to the CIA and/or MOSSAD/Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

The network has an absolute obsession in pairing White blond women, or Shiksas of the Aryan race with non-Whites, and White men with asian women, negresses or mestizas.

Some of the men on this list are actually jews mascarading as White men. It’s important to remember most Whites do not know what jews look like, so if successfully deceived, White men will perceive Eurasianism as being acceptable.
The 2017 Eurasian / Half Asian Megathread and Why This Sub-Reddit Exists

This is extremely detrimental to the White race which is a global minority, since White blond women are extremely rare, and White women of breeding age are only 1% of the Earth’s population, which can easily be controlled with the jewry’s unlimited funds. This to me is apparent as being a coordinated effort since Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Britain, Ireland, Germany, Russia, France and even the US and Canada, have catastrophic birth rates for Whites, and it is very likely that young White women are paid by the jewry not to have White children, and coincidentally, Obamacare covered contraceptives for free. In the same way jews can pay ISIS mercenaries $5000/month EACH to create a buffer zone for Israel in Syria, the jews pay White women to create a buffer zone between themselves and White men and fill that void with non-White women and men imported by jews. It’s very likely that White women are compensated to have abortions if the fetus was concieved by a White male, especially in the US. 56 million abortions have been performed in the US since the 1970s, and 86% or 48 million of those women who aborted White fetuses were of European descent.

This is obviously a coordianted effort to genocide White Americans and any White European that moves to America. Disgusting subversives and treacherous inhumane traitors come in many shapes, forms and sizes, for each one has a hook-nose jew as a pimp and it’s an OBGYN.

For each White blond or redhead White woman lost to an interracial relationship, the White genome loses a maximum of 5 White children and 5 possible replicas of the blond and ginger rhesus negative gene. This is by definition biological warfare against the White race, and as such, a declaration of war according to international law recognized by the UN’s own definition of genocide:

The false notion of the “dumb blond” was created by this spy network to discourage White men from pursuing White blond women, and to “settle” for brunettes, or worse, interracial relationships:
This is reinforced also by denying relations or relationships to White men with White blond women, as they were denied to me since I was a child. My childhood former crush who was a natural blond, Georgiana who has always been part of the network, always told me that she had a boyfriend even though we were really close, which was also the reply I received in America close to 100 times. A second one named Alina who was 1-2 years younger, went and told her mother that I asked her if she wanted to have sex with me, even though I asked her not to tell anyone. Alina is very likely rh-negative, and I even believe the spy network in Romania is openly miscegenating Rh-negative White women with Rh-positive men on a TV show called “Te Vreau Langa Mine.” I believe that Alina is dating a jew since she visited her mother several times when I was in Romania. When I was growing up in Romanian, her grandmother invited me several times over to their house to eat watermelon which was a kind but odd gesture, and the watermelon was purchased from the gypsies selling them out of horse drawn carriages on the street. It’s possible her grandmother is jewish and they’ve been part of this network long before I was born.

In conclusion, the sole purpose of the spy network is to chase down the last White person by separating Whites and reducing their birth rates, and even attempt to infiltrate non-Whites into the royal families of Europa, so that CRIMINAL muslims and CRIMINAL negroes imported by jews, gain public acceptance from a law abiding White-Goyim-Christian populace:

History of jewish slave owners: Slave owners and their expulsions

Dailymotion video: Ricochet

This is apparent since almost no current European royal families contain spouses that are blond women; to shape the public opinion of Whites of accepting darker features. The purpose is also to prevent any White individual from coming to power by incentivizing and/or framing the individual, which would make the individual unfit to lead due to a criminal record, usually involving crimes against women or allegations by women.
The US DoD is pursuing this program because the leadership has been bought off and infiltrated by world jewry, and it is outnumbering and displacing Whites in their own countries by aiding and abetting migration from the third world. The US army that is majority White, is the only obstacle to White genocide in America modeled after the South African genocide.

History Is Repeating Itself As Germans Start Moving Into Neighboring Hungary While Merkel Cements Her Alliance With Islam

Population Replacement of the German People is a Reality

The US DoD also has an interest in miscegenation because an army made up of a single, lower IQ Eurasian-Negroid race, is more manageable and less likely to question orders, such as the White Soviet Union soldiers who were brainwashed by their jewish leadership into killing millions of unarmed and starving White Christians. IQ is hereditary.
Anti-miscegenation laws in the United States

Rh-negative Type O universal donors and their relation to #Pizzagate

Aryan rh-negative universal donors are targeted for miscegenation since rh-negative blood types are recessive, however, the immune system of a rh-negative woman does attack an rh-positive fetus resulting in miscarriages without medical intervention.

O negative children are also sacrificed by the global pedophilia network uncovered by #Pizzagate, and their O negative blood is used to prolong the lives of prominent jews who practice cannibalism and vampirism since they openly worship the devil Moloch.

This is why I was encouraged to donate blood in 2013, when I walked to Canada, and upon my entry into the US I had 6 vials of blood drawn for lab testing, which is an usually high amount. O negatives have been represented in Hollywood movies such as Prometheus (2012) which I viewed in Romanian in 2012, and Logan (2017).

In Prometheus, the Engineers who had 100% human DNA represented by modern day Germans or Teutons, represented the O negative universal donors which were sacrificed.

In Logan, the O negative daughter of Wolverine was miscegenated, and miscegenated O negatives are non-existent.

In The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), Riddick is a wanted ‘criminal’ with a bounty on his head and is hunted by mercenaries (I was followed by ex-DoD all over GA and NYC). The bounty for Riddick is at $1.5 million, which is usually what the bounty is set at for targets outside the network to be framed or terminated. Riddick belongs to a race that is extinct known as Furians (rh-negatives) which is a race of warriors which is code for Germans/Teutons (SS Death Camps/Gemany’s fire bombing). Riddick also has glowing eyes which is a physical trait of the rh-negative species. He has a vision of a field of mass graves which is likely used to depict the mass graves of SS troops in the German and French country side in Eisenhower’s and Churchill’s death camps. Later in the movie he exchanges his blood which is used to depict a blood libel if he would of been captured. The race of Necromongers represents jews and they attempt to colonize the entire known Universe by exterminating or converting humans in the search of the ‘promise land’ which is code for Israel. In the movie the priest tells Riddick that Furian infants were strangled at birth by their own umbilical cord which coincidentally happened to my own brother.

In Alien Covenant, the couples traveling to the Engineers’ home world are nearly all interracial, and there are 2 jews dating what appears to be White women. It appears that there are no universal donors on board. David travels to the Engineers’ home world with Shaw in Prometheus. Upon arrival, David releases the biological weapon that was stored on board the ship that he and Shaw commandeered on LV-223, where the Engineers setup military installations to manufacture the biological weapon with which they planned to exterminate life on Earth.

In Prometheus the contagion on LV-223 occurred 2000 years before the Prometheus expedition which coincides with Jesus’ murder, and Shaw gave birth to an alien on December 25th. The Engineers give a welcoming salute upon seeing the Jugernaut docking and the salute represents the Sieg Heil.

David releasing the biological weapon over the coliseum is represented by the firebombing of Berlin during WW2, and the coliseum itself represents the coliseum Hitler envisioned for Berlin. David represented by AI, (framing and spying network is managed by AI), exterminates all Engineers.
Sent to Prison by a Software Program’s Secret Algorithms

The release of the biological weapon over the home base of the Engineers could also be represented by chemtrails which can contain any liquid or powder, including nuclear waste water.

In Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), Max is a universal donor and his blood is used to improve the physical performance and prolong the lives of scavangers represented by jews. High octane, crazy blood filling me up! (O2 and copper content). Certain women are are used for breeding represented by pure-blood Aryan women, and a jew with genetic defects is the sperm donor.

In the Hunger Games series, Whites are living on reservations called ‘districts’ as a cover, and are sacrifice by the Capitol represented by the Jewry and the Rothschild family at the helm represented by President Snow who drinks a red liquid in one of the movies representing blood. Roses dominate scenes with President Snow which is symbolic of the Rothschild family; there are parties at the Rothschild mansion, and decadent modern art and modern wardrobes are all indicative of the jew.

In the Hunger Games the Whites show empathy for negroes being sacrificed by the Capitol which is a jewish diversion from the fact negroes are used as jewish proxies against Whites today. The districts are more or less monolithic which indicates natural segregation of the races, and the White women wear traditional German attire and their hair in a traditional German braid. The Hunger Games are predictive programming for Whites so as to condition them for a future envisioned by the Jewry in which the Whites are living on reservations in their own country, just as White South Africans. The jewry attempts to make the struggle of the districts against the parasitism of the Capitol as something to be glorified by the White audience watching the movies. The Capitol represents Washington DC today. The Mockingjay pin represents the Swastika pins worn by members of the Third Reich and images of the Mockingjay are forbidden later just as the Swastika is in Europe. The Mockingjay salute represents the Sieg Heil salute of the Third Reich also known as the European Salute. The remaining Whites in the Hunger Games are living in a militarized society with its sole purpose being the preservation of their race and people, which is the doctrine of National Socialism. District 12 with no military importance was firebombed just as Dresden was and the rest of Germany during WW2. “President Snow used to sell me, for my body at least. I wasn’t the only one. If a Victor is considered desireable the President gives them as a reward or allows people to buy them.”

In the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness, the crew of the Enterprise exposes their ship to a primitive species, and this is significant of the zero point energy vehicles invented by ancient Aryans/Arianni, or better known as, the Anunnaki, also known as sky gods. The Third Reich developed this technology leading to the operational “Die Glocke” device. From the documentary Zero Point Energy: An ancient sanskrit (acient language of the Anunnaki/Arianni), written by a King in the 11th century in the Middle East, (likely the text originated sometime around 3000 BC) there are references to “Vimanas” or flying machines with a propulsion system bearing a striking resemblance to that of the ALV. “Strong and durable must the body of Virmana be made. Like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its ion heating apparatus underneath, by means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the drive in whirlwind motion, the man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky.” (Sky Gods) At the Royal Children’s Hospital, Khan who represents the O negative universal donor, saves the life of a non-White miscegenated child. The hospital name is significant since royal European blood is almost always rh-negative. Khan donates his rh-negative type O blood and places a ring alongside the vial in a box, used in the movie as a small hydrogen bomb. The ring represents a royal seal and the box represents official correspondence. Khan and the 72 other universal donors in cryotubes are 300 years old, representing the extinct rh-negatives. Number 3 represents royalty. “A remnant of a time long past.”

In Interstellar, the population of the world has been reduced to a few million by a world-wide drought and a World War. In middle America, surviving Whites are living in farming towns and farming is taught in schools with corn being the last surviving crop. The US army has been eliminated in the war and replaced by drones represented by TARS and CASE. Ms. Hanley, Murph’s school teacher, actually admits to the lunar landings as being staged and fake. Professor Brand working for NASA builds a space station claiming he can solve gravity, and admits later that he lied. Murph later receives blue prints from her father to lift the space station off the ground using zero point energy.

In Captain America: Civil War there is 1 #pizzagate reference to a pizza chain called DaVinci’s Pizza, also located in Atlanta.

In Pandorum, there is a reference to cannibalism and kosher meat.

The growing evidence indicating the spy network is engaged in a covert biological warfare against Whites by using low-level chemical agents and even ionizing radiation, to induce symptoms that can be blamed on naturally occurring medical conditions

1. White male infants have a higher incidence of Autism than negro infants, despite the fact that Whites have a higher standard of living due to their discipline and higher IQ: CDC: Autism Spectrum Disorder

The autism rate in America for White children is catastrophically high, and it is very likely that it will soon become irreversible. An autism rate of this magnitude can only be explained by the fact that pregnant White women are targeted with microwave weapons which induces autism in the unborn children during pregnancy, or that pregnant White women are systematically being poisoned through the food and water supply.

2. Microcephaly and the Zika virus
The Zika virus supposedly carried by mosquitos that is also speard through sex, supposedly causes microcephaly in infants. I think these children’s mothers have been poisoned while pregnant. The virus originated in South America and it spead into North America, and the spy network will sacrifice the global majority if the White global minority can also be negatively affected. It’s possible pyriproxyfen causes autism in lower amounts.
The larvicide pyriproxyfen made by Monsanto that was founded by jews, was used and has been linked to microcephaly in infants in Brazil.
Happy Rockefeller and the Rock-a-Fellas
20 million mosquitoes to hit Fresno

3. In Europa, Nordic countries have a suspiciously high number of ovarian cancer incidents, and these Nordic countries have a high concentration of Aryan blond, brunette, and redheaded women who are extremely rare. Estimated incidence, mortality & prevalence, 2012
These Nordic countries have a high concentration of Aryan women and Aryan men with rh-negative blood, which identifies the White race as being an entirely different species than jews, mongols, asians, arabs, negroes, or any other race. This is likely the reason why they are being targeted to be terminated and the reason why these Aryan women have such high incidents of ovarian cancer, and I strongly believe they are being poisoned through their food and water supply.

4. The municipal waters in the US sometimes contain large amounts of estrogen which is blamed on livestock, soy and dairy products. In the last decade, there has been a huge increase in transgender White male minors under 16, which is another way the jewry ensure that the best males do not breed or breed with their own kind. As far as I am aware, livestock are not given estrogen, but growth hormones, and female livestock do not pass urine high in estrogen. The dairy products claim is invalid since dairy products are derived from mammals that give birth to males who feed on dairy products, i.e, milk. Those same males have no developmental problems unless artificially induced by the introduction of artificial factors, such as deliberately adding estrogen into the municipal water of White areas to serve the psychotic jewry’s idea that gender is a social construct, and the jewish promoted notion of superior “negro male virility.” This is also currently happening in Romanian in my town, and the municipal water has been contaminated with some kind of chemical that completely diminished my libido and ability to have morning erections or spontaneous erections. It’s also possible that the potatoes that I have been purchasing have been soaked in estrogenic water.
The Jewish Kinsey Institute of Sexual Perversion – Gender is a Social Construct
The Frankfurt School. Why America’s youth is subservient to Jewry

5. It is also apparent that the Flint Michigan water crisis was deliberately caused by switching the water supply, since it was widely known before that the source was toxic and it corroded metals. I do not know how many White families were affected or how many White children are permanently disabled as a result, but as I stated before, the spy network has a tendency to sacrifice negroes or any other global majority if the White minority can also be negatively affected.
Report Blames Tyson, Pilgrim’s Pride and Others for Manure in Texas Waters

This is why thousands of migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean which also creates “White guilt” and tolerance of non-White invaders in White countries.
Dailymotion video: SWEDEN muslim invaders not happy with their free stuff

6. In the US prescription drugs kill some 100,000 people per year. 7,000 deaths per year are caused due to mistakes made by pharmacists because of the physicians’ illegible handwriting on the prescription.

7. There have been cases of Chinese-made radioactive drywall installed in brand new homes in the US, and the likelihood of radioactive waste ending up in drywall by accident is extremely low. Radioactive material is simply not delivered by accident to a drywall manufacturing facility. This drywall was installed in White people’s homes in the US who were forced to abandon their homes, because of the stench of sulfur and corrosion caused by the gases emitted from the drywall, without insurance covering their loses that in some cases exceeded $1,000,000. This is despite the fact that someone like the jew, Larry Silverstein, was awarded double for the World Trade Center collapse. The Chinese COMMUNIST government KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY accepted the steel from the World Trade Center, and are directly responsible for destroying 9/11 evidence by melting the steel, thus aiding and abetting the jew, Larry Silverstein, in committing insurance fraud to the tune of more than $4.5 billion. Therefore, the Chinese COMMUNIST government is nothing more than controlled opposition for the communist US Deep State International Jewry to justify a DoD budget, and as such, the Chinese COMMUNIST government is also complicit in advancing #WhiteGenocide. To further establish these facts as the absolute and UNDENIABLE truth, the Chinese COMMUNIST government could have used the steel evidence to discredit the US government that is supposedly an adversary, but ACTIVELY chose not to. The Chinese COMMUNIST government also fought for the jewry-led allies against the Third Reich. The Chinese COMMUNIST government has also destroyed American manufacturing jobs held by White skilled workers through free trade agreements, which is PIRACY signed into law and promoted by the communist US Deep State International Jewry, in particular promoted and executed by Henry Kissinger. Bolshevik jews in Russia killed all White intellectuals, and in Germany dispossessed them to the point of committing suicide to the tune of more than 20,000 dead per year.

8. @KristenMeghan, is a USAF whistleblower who worked in Bio and Environmental Engineering. She tracked the chemtrail chemicals which compose of aluminum, barium, strontium, oxides and sulfites from the USAF that appear in larger than normal quantities in the soil, water, and air in Georgia, Oklahoma and Chicago. When she asked more questions, she was threatened to be placed in a mental institution and have her daughter removed from her custody, which is indicative of the framing program being conducted by the DoD for jewry. She also mentions that labs stopped running her samples. I received false lab test results in 2014 showing a testosterone count of 333.
YouTube: Kristen Meghan USAF Air Force Whistleblower USAF

9. Certain vaccines contain Glyphosate from Monsanto’s Roundup in the US. Monsanto is Rothschild owned.

It is important to remember that these psychopaths are openly involved in ritualistic murder and pedophilia, so it is no surprise that vaccines contain these deadly chemicals which are deliberately added to vaccines with the criminal intent to damage children. Vaccine Bombshell: Vaccines Confirmed to be Tainted with Glyphosate Monsantos Roundup It is extremely odd to have a chemical that is used as a herbicide, somehow contaminate vaccines that are administered to infants. There have also been cases of contaminate Chinese made baby formula in China and Chinese made food items sold in the US: FDA: Don’t Use Chinese Infant Formula | 2008 Chinese milk scandal

10. The manufactured “War on Terror” saw the introduction of backscatter X-ray scanners as a countermeasure against terrorism. ANY amount of ionizing radiation damages DNA, and it is possible that these scanners could be programmed to target certain White individuals with higher doses of radiation since the DHS is controlled by jews. Any jail, prison, airport or any other secure facility utilizing these scanners is OBLIGATED to provide a thorough pat down as an alternative to a body scan.
Homeland Security DHS Partners With Jewish Organizations
Zalmon Shapiro and the Apollo Affair

11. UPDATE 17/02/2017: The Fukushima disaster is a false flag like 9/11, and it is being used as a cover to poison targets with radioisotopes through the food supply, and even by soaking clothes and furniture in radioactive water. This conclusion is supported by the fact that the power plant is undamaged internally. The US DoD personnel stationed in Japan have maintained their presence despite the presumed danger. No Japanese government officials have evacuated as a result.
There is a possibility the Chernobil disaster was also a false flag or it was deliberately caused. There is evidence that indicates the earthquake in Japan that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant that irradiated all of Japan, all of the Pacific ocean, and recently ALL of North America, was deliberately caused using the DoD’s HAARP weapon system, capable of causing weather changing events and earthquakes to pursue Rothschild’s and jewry’s agenda of depopulation. It is important to note the strategic location of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which is precisely in the area where the radiation can cause the most damage to human life, by spreading all across the Northern hemisphere which is inhabited by Whites with the sole purpose and intent of silently murdering Whites. As previously stated, Whites in the Northern hemisphere are also negatively impacted by the migrants who are used as jewish proxies to murder and rape Whites. It’s also no coincidence that ovarian cancer is unusually high in Nordic countries, which was high before the Fukushima disaster. Russia, China and Japan are all aware of the HAARP weapon system, and have not informed their citizens on its use. However, these nations cooperate in a ‘space program’ together with the US, which has significance. The radiation leak in Norway which is fake news is also being used as a cover to poison targets with radioisotopes. DATED 01/05/2018 M/D/Y

YouTube: Reality of Illusion – Part 3 – Operation Haitiquake
YouTube: Haiti/Chile EarthQuake H.A.A.R.P 2013
YouTube: On Fukushima Beach – Must See Documentary

12. Fracking contaminates fresh water aquifers with various chemicals, including benzine, and this pollution is extensive in America’s fresh water aquifers. In Romania, the municipal water forms oil slicks when boiled. Hillary’s State Department is a strong proponent of fracking.

The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust
The entire New World Order was built on the deception that is the Holocaust allowing jews to achieve the status of victimhood, which is used by jews to gain acceptance in White countries that are obligated to tolerate their presence as parasites because the Holocaust was perpetrated by White Europeans against jews. This is a 5 stage process to cultural conquest described by Scott Lively, an opponent of the LGBT movement.
1. Requesting and demanding tolerance i.e. the right to be left alone.
2. Requesting and demanding acceptance to achieve equal status. Communism.
3. Celebrating acceptance and tolerance of abnormal behavior as moral values to be upheld.
4. Abolishing freedom of association and force participation of the populace in abnormal behavior being accepted and celebrated. Miscegenation, homosexuality, pedophilia are all center pieces of the framing program and promoted by the jewry.
5. Persecution of the section of the now minority that is in disagreement. Holodomor, Russian famine.

Dailymotion video: Holohoax season pass to 11 work camps

Dailymotion video: On her death bed without shame

The greatest lie ever told – The Holocaust – 2015 Documentary

The individual represented in this video is jewish and he promoted miscegenation to his viewers and followers

Dailymotion video: Anti-White Propaganda Part 3

Devil worship and greatest lie ever told second only to the Holocaust

The communist Internation Jewry that are the financiers of the International Spy Network openly worships the devil Baphomet, who is a transgender devil and this has significance since a lot of jews are transgender due to circumcision amputations which are common due to the high male circumcision rate among jews. As a result, they promote circumcision to other races in the hopes of achieving acceptance and equality in countries where they do not belong.

Transsexual jews also promote the child-free life better known as ‘transhumanism’ since they are damaged by circumcision and can not reproduce. Because of this, most jews are paranoid-schizophrenics and are incapable of living among other races without causing the same damages that they suffer from. It is for this same reason why they are incapable of living amongst their own kind without self-destructing, and historical accounts prove they even parasite off each other and are wholly incapable of achieving anything but destruction.

The International Jewry openly mocks Jesus and Christianity, promotes degeneracy, homosexuality, abortions, practices ritualistic murder; are openly involved in pedophilia and promote pedophilia in the media; denies creationism and promotes evolution to obscure our true origins to promote miscegenation; all in a coordinated effort to destroy the soul of humanity and the Christian church.

The Tactics of White Abortion

The future of reproduction in the New World Order

But How Do They Have Babies. The Brave New World of the Illuminati Tranny Breeding Colony


Gal Gadot is No Gal. Wonder Tranny Unmasked

Sarah Silver Man


Kellyanne Conway – Illuminati Tranny Reptilian Nephilim Hybrid

Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift and The Kushners in the Trump TranZone

Paris Hilton and the Androgynous Elite

Instagram of a Rockefeller Nicky Hilton Rothschild, PART 1 Mind Control #Pizzagate Illuminati

Instagram of a Rockefeller and Nicky Hilton Rothschild, PART 2 MK Ultra #Pizzagate

Rockefeller_Rothschild Instagram, Part 3 Satanic Holidays, Occult Symbolism #Pizzagate Illuminati

Talmudic Terror and Torture

Blood Libel – Jewish Ritualistic Murder

Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited:The Hidden Cult [FULL & HD]

Bizarre Opening Ceremony_ PART 1 Second 15 Minutes UNEDITED

Bizarre Opening Ceremony_ PART 2 Second 15 Minutes UNEDITED

The origins of Aryan civilization and flat Earth

Saved from the Flood ~ Oera Linda Studies (english)

Proof the Grand Canyon monuments are ancient pyramids

Flat Earth – Unraveling the Masonic Globe Deception

Dailymotion video: Nasassholes have been lying to us from the start

YouTube: Flat Earthers, you must watch this


YouTube: The Globe is Dead 2 ~ (October 15, 2016 Documentary)

YouTube: Flat Earth admitted by NASA scientific


YouTube: Antarctica is NOT a continent Tiger Dan925 Jumped Ship


There are no forests on earth! (ENGLISH VOICEOVER)

Types of frame jobs
Each case varies, but if the target can gather incriminating evidence against the source which is the US Deep State International Jewry, the case is simply dropped and other framing operations are pursued against the target. In some cases, DNA is collected and planted as evidence ranging from saliva and hair to dead skin and bodily fluids including semen, usually to frame the target for a sex crime. DNA is collect from sink and bathtub drains, and in some cases even the sewage water from a house will be collected as well as household trash.

Running The Show with Kosher Violence

Hollywood’s and DoD’s involvement in the framing program
It became increasingly obvious when I was in NYC that Hollywood jewry was partly responsible for the framing program since the program relies heavily on doctored video and control of state agents and agencies to cooperate in the program as they did on 9/11.

I was recorded in NYC by a Paramount movie crew on 5th Avenue across from Central Park on at least 3 occasions, and I was recorded again by a small movie crew when I left Gwinnett County Jail in 2016 in the parking lot. I’ve been cryptically featured in movies such as Prometheus as the Engineer on the DVD cover, Star Trek Into Darkness as Khan, The Adjustment Bureau and Star Wars. Here are some examples.
In this capture from The Adjustment Bureau, a black G35 or G37 sedan with fake air vents on the fenders is placed in the movie scene, and coincidentally in 2011 I was driving my second black G35 sedan and criticized negroes and mestizos on my350z and for placing false air vents on their Nissan cars.

In Prometheus I was cryptically featured on the DVD cover with a similar picture of me that Liviu (former friend) took when I was moving in 2007 to 1400 Herrington Rd Apt 20006. This was the only side profile picture of me that I kept on my Facebook account.
The shoulder and position of the head are nearly identical. The Engineers play a flute to access the Juggernaut and I used to play a flute when I was growing up in Goruna.

Typical modern day Teuton for comparison. Lip size, nose, eye sockets, ears, and skull shape is identical.
Here some pictures of rh-negative Teutons and miscegenated Teutons such as my father for comparison. Even after forced miscegenation skull shape and physical attributes persist with one half being alien.

In this capture of a Star Wars event in New Orleans where I also traveled once to pick up forged G35 coupe wheels from a White guy; the negro is wearing a black armband that says DEAD on it. In Romania I wore a black armband when my grandmother in Goruna died, who like I said was the real Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland or one of her many children.
The word eventually is spoken twice since as I stated, men are relieved of the target status only when they agree to relinquish political control in exchange for sex. Daisy Ridley likely is transgender. Most White men are excluded from this since 60% of White men are sexless, and certain females are selected for the target which are always non-White since the reason why some White men like me do not accept. The best of our racial stock of White women are usually deliberately targeted to be raped and killed by negro jewish proxies, are placed in interracial relationships, or are trafficked by the jewish criminal cabal into prostitution, pornography, and sex slavery.

Before attempting to frame a target, the target is always incentivized and provoked to commit a crime. Denyal of employment, reduction of income usually followed by placing the target on court settlements mailings lists or incentivizing the target to commit marriage fraud, unusual amount of traffic citations, denial of sex and relationships and sabotage. As a result, the International Jewry is indirectly responsible for over 75% of White deaths in White countries, over 75% of deaths globally, and over 75% of all crime and conflict. In the framing program this is called ‘gaslighting’, which was a term brought to my attention by Nick Spero of RenegadeBroadcasting. Here are some examples of my MKULTRA programed mother. Her programing likely took place when she attended school in Romania as all Germans were brainwashed through education after the war. MKULTRA individuals like her usually have a very low mental capacity with an IQ below 100, and an extreme commitment to the program fully prepared to forfeit their lives before admitting to taking part in it, and they are always past the point of rehabilitation.

In this video she is asking me to get a trash bag and I told her twice calmly that I had one. She also accused me of walking into the house with my flip-flops on even though I left them at the door. Various other annoyances come up on a daily basis.
Here is an exclusive and rare recording. She took the check off the table when she came into the house from work and hid the check as I was sitting in the backyard. She later tries to go trough my pockets to provoke me further. This is basically a provocation to result in domestic violence which would forbid me from purchasing a firearm.

The framing program targets members of the Third Reich and any children and grandchildren of Third Reich members in particular that do not bow down to the Jew World Order of total White genocide.

1. Animal cruelty is the TOP FAVORITE and also the very first clue as to who is operating the framing program. In Nazi Germany jews were sent to work camps as punishment for animal abuse which has always been a trademark of jewry, so the framing program concentrates on framing men and women of German descent. It’s also very noteworthy that Hollywood and Disney always featured animals in their movies and cartoons in the begining, which indicates a feeble attempt to escape the horrid animal abuse track record that jews have always had.

Animal cruelty carries a significant fine and/or prison sentence in some cases of as much as 20 years in prison, for a dog impersonating a police dog that is awarded the same rights under the US Constitution as a human being. This frame job can also serve as a spyop to induce false guilt and/or to provoke the target into overreacting.

Dogs are brought around a target to frame a target in the same way women and children are that are part of the network. Dogs were constantly brought to Father Fagan park when I was in NYC even though it is not a dog park. In this video, my mother’s neighbor is walking her dog and we cross paths as I am heading out of the neighborhood which was not a coincidence. Because the entire neighborhood is occupied by network participants, they could state that I was afraid of the dog, or I attacked the dog or shot the dog if I had a firearm using false surveillance video IF I didn’t have a camera of my own to record the event. This frame job has been repeated thousands of times around the US probably, however, no individual has testified against the state to this date that I know of. This is evident as in the past couple of years there’s been a sudden surge in pet owners, Hollywood celebrities involved with PETA, and the latest trend is dog daycares which I saw in NYC.

This frame job involves the target leaving spent shell casing at the scene(s) as physical evidence, which are then matched by the FBI through ballistics testing, even though there is no impending danger of an immediate arrest or rush to leave any ballistics or physical evidence at the scene(s). Dogs of the same breed look similar, and exact matches are found to match a registered police dog, which most of the time is a German Shepard or black Labrador Retriever. A German Shepard is also preferred over a Labrador Retriever in these cases, because they can be adequately trained to run a perimeter unaccompanied and sniff for drugs, even if the target isn’t drug user.

At Ngoc’s shop, a heavy-set Native American or mestiza who used to ride an ATV in and out of the parking lot, who also worked in the adjacent property behind Ngoc’s shop, appeared several times upon my arrival to the shop with a male German Shepard, and the intention to frame me was obvious from the first day I saw the dog. Ngoc also stopped bringing his 2 Golden Retrievers to the shop when this woman appeared with this dog. On one day, the dog appeared as I was sitting outside next to the entrance to the office in a lawn chair and Ngoc instructed the dog to “attack” and the dog playfully brushed up against me. On another day the dog ran the perimeter around the shop apparently sniffing for drugs. I took the dog by its leash and returned it to its owner who also appeared after Ngoc called her to retrieve her dog, and that was the last time I saw the dog. I cut off all contact with Ngoc a few days after this occurred, but he however continued to text me to go and retrieve my paychecks that my clients were sending me and I did not reply or return to the shop again. In these frame jobs a German Shepard is also preferred because it is known to inspire fear in a lot of people, especially muslims, negroes, and jews:

Muslims want to ban dogs in Europe
If the target is not successfully framed for being a drug user, then the target is a drunk, and killed the dog because of it. Coincidentally, when I was in NYC in the first quarter of 2016 after returning from Canada, I was recorded and photographed by negroes walking on the sidewalks past bars and found unopened beer cans in trash cans when I was collecting cans and bottles for can returns. I also found beer cans in the trash cans at Dupont Circle after I left NYC.

If the target cant be framed for being a drunk or a drug user, than the target is framed for being afraid of dogs. In these scenarios, it just so happens that the dog sneaked up on the target. The dog then barked which startled the target, since the target didn’t see the dog, but was aiming a firearm at it coincidentally. Coincidentally because it’s always coincidences, the target had his or her finger on the trigger of a firearm coincidentally with the safety off coincidentally if so equipped. Then, the target accidentally shot the dog that had to be in the exact spot where the target was aiming the firearm for the shot to be fatal to the dog. The target was startled by the dog’s bark to such an extreme degree that the target squeezed the trigger with 2+ pounds of force required to discharge the firearm, even though the human instinct when startled is to instantly open the hands. These cases if pursued are won on technicalities, and it doesn’t matter if it looks like a frame job and it’s highly improbable, or next to impossible to occur in reality. Again, the insanity to make a case stick is very apparent in this framing program, and there are always twists to make it stick. It’s easier than murder, not only because there are so many options to complete the animal cruelty frame job, but also because in a murder the victim and the suspect know each other almost always, someone obviously dies and the body must be the first piece of physical evidence and is required for a conviction, both can be placed at the scene, there is a motive(s), there is an ample amount of physical evidence, and a murder weapon. There are many people in the US who have dogs or cats, out of fear that they might become targets of the framing program involving dogs or cats. Marian Parvu acquired a large Rottweiler in 2005, coincidentally after the passage of the Patriot Act, and he brought the dog to my mother’s house temporarily while in the process of moving from Georgia to Louisiana. Ruben whom I mentioned earlier, did the same in 2008. This frame job usually involves a weapon as physical evidence, relies heavily on the target to report the weapon stolen, and they attempt numerous times to force the target to report the weapon stolen by stealing the weapon from the target and planting the weapon as evidence after. It also involves fake surveillance video, and a stunt double. The DoJ’s early release for drug offenders participate in the framing program as a condition of release, and I believe a select few are chosen and receive training at half-houses on how to frame targets for animal cruelty, though sometimes this is actually carried out by DoD personnel.

The majority of these drug offenders are obviously negroes, and are released under Obama’s and Eric Holder’s directive. Obama and Eric Holder fantasize about a communist America in which all economic boundaries and social classes are eliminated, including framing the White populace into criminal activity to level the playing field with the negroes of America that are criminals by nature.

My direct targeting was also racially motivated by someone who is a jew or negro that was appointed to the CIA, the FBI or NSA, since I criticized hip-hop culture on, and twitter, and it is my belief, that hip-hop culture is just as much responsible as the Clintons for imprisoning negroes by advertising drug use, gun violence and blind consumerism. I also saw, what appeared to be, a negro JSOC member in NYC in 2015 at Hudson River Park just south of Pier 40, and again in DC in April 2016 in front of the White House and he was working for the Secret Service. This negro individual was armed on both occasions with an assault rifle. One night after leaving the Pantry in NYC on 109, I went east on 108 and saw a negro, likely USMC, tie some dogs to a fence on my side of the sidewalk. I recorded video and walked east past the dogs and came upon 5 chicanos and negro individuals all recording me with their cell phones. I continued walking, and was met at the corner of Madison by a belligerent negro male likely the son of the negro who tied the dogs to the fence, who started questioning me on why I was recording him asking “are you recording me my nigga?” This negro proceeded to harass me and a shouting match ensued as I headed south and he spat in my face twice, and I filed a police complaint with the NYPD with an officer named Perez who saw the video on my camera and his face.

The fact that the officer was a chicano was not a coincidence. The way to avoid the frame job without a camera is to avoid the area which is a trap. I went in because I had a camera. There’s also been a record number of people trying to get through Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport with weapons, and these are people likely being framed.

Before I left GA to go to Tampa and then NYC, a second and third attempt was made to frame me for animal cruelty in Canton GA after the first attempt in Lawrenceville failed. As I walked through Canton GA, I trespassed on a private property and found refuge under a backyard porch, and left my white and black size 13 Nike running shoes on another property to draw attention away from my location.

As I sat under the porch for at least one week or more drinking charcoal water and eating Lance crackers that I had to ration, they mowed the grass of the adjacent properties, dug up entire portions of the street in the neighborhood, conducted surveillance directly over my location using single prop planes, USAF jets created weather changing events, they used a search party with blood hounds in the surrounding forests with canon fire or fireworks, and a male with a van and a cat and 2 dogs arrived every day to conduct surveillance from the property where I left my running shoes. I believe this same individual would later give me a short ride on my way back to NYC from Canada in an Ecoline van filled with dogs, and “workers” in the back. I believe that he has a son that looks a lot like him since him and his son visited Dyno Proven LLC. Both of these individuals are around 6′.4″ and his father might be taller. When his father visited Dyno Proven LLC he shook my hand and he spoke Romanian to me and told me he was Romanian, but I knew he lied. They appeared to be jews, and I am 100% sure they are CIA agents with full security clearances. His son also went to the ACLU office in Marietta ahead of me and instructed office staff not to take my complaint against the US government.
Because these CIA jews speak fluent Romanian, I believe they were very likely stationed in Romania and managed the spy network locally in the late 80s and early 90s that targeted my mother, me, and my brother. My mother was raped next to me when I was between 4 and 5 years old. The fact that my father was targeted in America and murdered, coupled with the fact that we were red flagged upon entering America further proves this. These same CIA jews are also very likely responsible for destroying birth records that reveal the origins of this family, or the name was changed from Karadja to Caragea. The destruction of these birth records likely occurred in the 50s after the Romanian monarchy was abolished, which coincides with Constantin Karadja’s supposed death. These CIA jews have unusual physical attributes resembling those of pure-blood Aryan men, which in my opinion could have only been made possibly through artificial means. Coincidentally, when I attended Lilburn Middle School I was called a “test tube baby” by a short and skinny negro who was in my home room. This was likely due to the fact that miscegenation had failed since the Y chromosome does not combine. He also made a cryptic comment and said my mother had “ABS brakes,” which could of alluded to my mother’s loyalty to my father before leaving for America.
This CIA jew and his crew eventually retreated, and I simply walked out and went to a McDonalds to hydrate where I was poisoned with liquid Ex-Lax in a hamburger.
A third and final attempt that I know of in Georgia, was made behind the 2176 Professional Building in Snellville on the left-side back-corner of the building.
A white Lexus LS, Fourth generation (XF40) 2007-2009, with a custom license plate and US Army sticker pulled into the drive way of 2156, and kept watch from the lower end of the driveway as I sat on the bench on Oak road in front of the 2189 shopping mall sign.
A Ford F150 with a bed lid pulled behind the 2176 Professional Building on the back left side, and another PT Cruiser kept watch on the front left side corner of the building. During this time 2 police officers on separate occasions from the Snellvile PD visited the RaceTrac. One officer was White and another that looked to be a chicano. This was designed to lure me behind the building which would of placed me at the scene of the crime, and the police officers would of been the witnesses. I believe the F150 carried carcasses of dogs and disposed of them behind the building. 1 or 2 hours after they left, a landscaping crew appeared, and what looked like a tall White FBI agent collected debris into a bucket from the vicinity of the RaceTrac. After they all left, I went to the Snellville PD, and a female officer wrote down my account of the story on a notepad, but was dismissive and did not investigate my claims. The F150 must have left tire tracks in the grass since it had been raining for days. Also, while I was at that location several attractive White women walked from the professional building to the RaceTrac AFTER arriving at work, and made purchases at the RaceTrac – obviously ridiculous for anyone to think they did that because they loved walking, and they could of stopped at the RaceTrac before arriving at work.

2. Arms trafficking. This is a backdrop frame job in the event that drug trafficking, gang activity, and animal cruelty fails. This relies heavily on framing by association which can be any individual that the target interacts with for any reason at all, and by planting contacts on a target’s devices, email accounts, and social media accounts.

3. Child molestation is another favorite since a 2 year old can not be cross-examined by the defense on the witness stand, and an older minor can be adequately trained to make false statements. American Security Council

This is an example of how spy network participants provoke a target to frame by association:
In this video, mestizo minors are running around right outside the garage door on our driveway:
In this video, a diversion is used to draw my attention towards a female minor who was 17 who was the daughter of a former employer, which is why I was hired:
In this rare recording I made at a UPS store in Duluth GA, I was able to capture what I believe to be a DARPA mestizo toddler attempting to attract my attention or provoke me. This is an extremely rare sighting, which I also witnessed throughout 2015 in GA and NYC, and it is very odd that my phone recorded without errors at that particular moment.
This is another rare recording of an event of a DARPA negro minor that crosses in front of me as I walk in a grocery store isle and even makes eye contact. Some drones will actually stop in front of a target and make brief eye contact to make it appear as if the target is associating with them, and this occured in Bucharest at a Carrefour located at Piața Unirii, Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu 2, Sector 3 030167, Romania, and a negress stopped in front of my face as I was looking at the garlic stand. That surveillance video was likely doctored and transferred to the FISA court to frame by association to other negroes by attempting to state that I associate with negroes. Carrefour is an Israeli company.
This is an example of a frame job involving child molestation, and in this particular frame job a married teacher was framed. The child also gave false statements to police about a secret room which didn’t exist, and there was also an argument about a herpes infection which was proven false: Neil Bantleman jailed in Indonesia criticizes Feds for lack of help
A related case where evidence is planted: FBI went hunting for spies. Found child porn instead

FBI involvement is fairly obvious since there is a YouTube video with hundreds of thousands of views in which Joe Biden is soliciting sex from a minor, and no charges have been filed against him.
The first time when this was attempted against me was while I was staying at 3308 Country Club Village Ln Apt E, 30092 in 2012. A heavy mestiza minor that appeared to be around 3 years old that was completely naked, appeared outside in the parking lot frantically crying and walking back and forth across the parking lot. I looked outside the window several times having heard the cries initially, but didn’t see her until she ventured away from the 3308 building into the parking lot. When I finally saw her from the top floor of my apartment, I dialed 911 and went outside to her and asked her several times where her parents were. While I was on the phone with the 911 operator, the female minor left the 3308 building and went to the next building on the main road towards the back of the apartment complex, and I followed her the whole time while on the phone with 911. The 911 operator didn’t seem concerned when she answered asking me the usual self-identifying questions, and also asking me if I see anyone else around, if she is hurt, what was her exact location, and to remain on the phone. I don’t remember if the child returned to the 3308 building or stayed at the next one, but 2 chicano adults took her in. No police officer was dispatched to file a report for child endangerment, against the adults in the care of the minor. It was obvious even then that the minor was likely left outside unattended on purpose, and I was expected to make physical contact with the child to frame me for child molestation.
Mestizo Malfunction Leads to Child Prostitution

While I was in NYC fighting this framing program, there was 2 individuals that would cut me off in their vehicles whenever I would cross a street, and record me at a high frame rate using an iPhone through the passenger window with a toddler in the passenger seat. Recording at 90-120 frames per second will reduce motion blur in the each frame which is a picture, and if the target looks straight ahead it can appear that the target is looking into the vehicle at the child, who is in the passenger seat. This individual and the child would then show up in a public place like a grocery store at the same time as the target to further complete the frame job, and likely use a stunt double in their homes. While in NYC, I also had an Indian family that basically pulled their strollers in front of me and took pictures of their toddlers with me in the background, while I was sitting down on a bench at the Father Fagan park on 6th Avenue. The way to avoid being framed is to record the event if possible, move, or by not looking into the camera and never smiling. They would also leave children’s books on top of trash cans in NYC for me to pickup, children’s toys, clothing, and single shoes. They would also leave cars that I would be interested in parked on the side of the road, and record video from inside or outside knowing I would be interested in getting a closer look at the car, and then later claim there was a child inside. While I was in NYC, I also noticed that children as young as 2 or 3 recognized me because the spies would collect cellphone video of me constantly, and then the kids would likely watch it in the same way they would watch morning cartoons, in order to recognize the target in court. In one particular instance a jewish or White woman at Pier 40 pulled her stroller in front of me and asked the infant who looked to be 2 years old if he or she recognized me. They also left a note on the ground in NYC in order to lure me into a residential apartment building where I would be recorded by surveillance cameras – of course since I did not know anyone in NYC, I had no reason to walk into any apartment building without being invited. This did however occur by accident at the NYPL at 66 Leroy St. where the library is in an apartment building, and a woman with fake blond hair, her infant, and her parents who appeared to be Russian jews, walked in as I turned the corner to make it appear as if it was the library entrance. I suspect many other other people were framed by these jews at this location. I walked in and walked out to find the entrance to the library which was next door and this was recorded by security cameras in the lobby. The main entrance to the library on Varick St. was closed with a sign that said it was around the next corner. It appears these jews are now attempting to score a lawsuit for child abuse or child molestation and are actively attempting to falsely state I was a babysitter for them. Only someone who is mentally challenged would allow a stranger who is homeless to babysit their child. It also appears that the child that was in the stroller at Pier 40 with the woman, was their child, and there was likely a hidden camera in the stroller.

Some children would also run by me in order to get me to look back, and the right video or picture can make it appear like they are running away from the target if the target looks back. The spies would also collect video of the me walking past a playground or school to force me to avoid children, schools and playgrounds. Ignoring all children and NOT avoiding school zones and walking past playgrounds while ignoring minors, is the way to prevent this frame job.
The trash that I was throwing away was also collected while I was in NYC. I destroyed everything that was self-identifying and/or flushed everything that was self-identifying down the toilet by cutting it or tearing it into small pieces. I also cut up a pair of REI waterproof pants before throwing them away.
Recently, after moving back home in Romania, it became apparent that they are breaking into my house and taking pictures of minors or adult women in my house while I am absent and gone for hours at time. These pictures are then likely doctored by adding me in the pictures, since the reason why I am asked constantly to shave or trim my beard and pull my hair back in a pony tail which makes it easier to doctor pictures and video.

On one particular day returning home from Ploiesti shopping for food, I found an adult male with an infant sitting on my bench in front of my gates, and then a car with 4 adult passengers pulled in front of my house as I was entering my front yard. This event was staged to provoke me into engaging into the situation being presented in which I would be framed by association. Again, the idea is to remain neutral and gather evidence.
It has also become apparent the Curteni guys who worked on this house when my mother was in the country, have been breaking into my house and taking pictures or video of their minor gypsy daughters in my house while I am absent.

They took 2 pairs of pliers and other tools from my house when they finished, and I also had a US made comb which they stole from my house while I was away gathering firewood. The comb is self-identifying since it is not sold in Romania. One of their gypsy daughters likely took possession of my comb which they will likely state was a gift from me in the event they manufacture an arrestable offense for child molestation and rape. There is also a fork missing from a set which was purchased in the US by my mother, and it is not sold in Romania. They took my tools from my house when they finished, so that I would be lured to their house and ask for my tools which I did once. These tools would be likely planted in my house in the event they successfully manufacture and arrestable offense for child molestation and rape, or they will state I let them borrow my tools. For the past 2 weeks or so and as of 09/10/2016, I have been painting and repairing windows and doors in my house, and I believe they are attempting to take credit for my work by stating in the event of my arrest that I invited them here to continue working. There’s been a 6 pack of beer that was planted on the side of my grandmother’s lawn, which they will state was payment by taking credit for my work since I do not have money to pay them. No one in their right mind unless they are mentally challenged, would actually take compromising and incriminating pictures or videos in the presence of minors, but that is the evidence that will be used as well as false testimony which is perjury under oath. That is the basis of most of these framing operations, completely exonerating the parents of child endangerment since an infant or minor must be under the care of at least one legal adult guardian at all times.

4. Mental illness/Disorientation/Public indecency/Walking and standing in the rain/Shirtless in public/Disorderly hair/Urinating and defecating oneself/Utilizing the opposite of an entry or exit doorway

The CORRECT answer is always NEUTRAL when asked by ANY health worker globally on the status of mental health. Germanwings Flight 9525 (4U9525/GWI18G) This usually works on people with low IQs. While I was walking through NY the spies would knock over random objects ahead of me including trash cans, newspaper vending machines, and even unearth traffic signs which is very likely a felony.

Some trash cans they tossed over upside down so that the trash would fall out when flipping the trash cans right side up. REVERSING the trash cans on video right side up, can make it appear like the target knocked over or emptied the trash cans into the street. They would also break toilet paper dispensers in public restrooms, and sometimes make a mess with toilet paper in the restroom. They would send UPS delivery drivers with delivery carts ahead as I would walk by, and use their own spies as witnesses to falsely state the target knocked over the boxes on the cart. They also used people shouting or making various loud noises in my vicinity in order to falsely state that it was me, and get a female spy in some cases to run or walk by me at a fast pace.
Dailymotion video: Negroes reciting Christian scriptures while subverting White Christian America for jews

Ignoring the situation and not making contact with the female is the way to prevent this frame job. I collected video of the trash cans being knocked over, and of the toilet paper dispensers being broken before I walked into the restroom at Hudson River Park Pier 40.
Disorienting the target by providing false directions is another way to frame the target for mental illness. My Google walking directions from NYC to Canada were incorrect and I believe falsified, and eventually I had to backtrack anyway to resupply and print new directions at a public library in Little Falls NY. When I was finally on my way, the directions again were misleading, but I followed them anyway to check accuracy and if it was indeed shortcuts. I eventually bought a $7 map at a gas station that had my location and a clear walking route to Canada. Upon nearing the border in Buffalo NY, the map no longer showed walking routes and only major highways. Several White people gave me directions to walk through residential neighborhoods in which I had no business being, and I smiled and respectfully declined. In the end, a few street signs pointed to Niagara Falls/Rainbow Bridge when I found my way close enough to the border. While I walked to Canada I found clean, dry cardboard on the sidewalks at least on 2 occasions which was planted on the sidewalk so that I would leave a foot print on the cardboard. This has also been attempted in Romania on 14/10/2016.
Public indecency is the reason why I was asked by Ngoc Nguyen and his brother why I don’t wear shorts. Scott Bennett was framed for something similar. Here is a very convincing false video which shows how easily it is to fake and smear a target with the power of the false witnesses within the network:

When I abandoned my Nissan Leaf, I took all valuables with me including an umbrella. When it rained which was often and not a coincidence, I witnessed on several occasions drones who were sent walking or standing in the rain in various areas, and this was a spyop to suggest to me that it was normal to walk or stand in the rain even in the possession of an umbrella, which is mental illness or depression which can frame the target into a suicide.. This has also been falsely reported against me in Ploiesti.

While I was at the bus stop on North Berkely Road for several days purchasing food from the nearby Walmart which had nearly all of its staff changed, I saw on several occasions male individuals who were shirtless walking on the opposite sidewalk or riding bikes shirtless. This was another spyop to suggest to me that it was normal to be shirtless in public since I was recorded constantly by dozens of people driving by the bus stop. The video collected would be falsified to frame me for rape or any other sex crime. Most people were driving by with kids in the rear seat while recording me with their cell phones.
Disorderly hair is another argument that can made to state that the target is mentally ill since institutionalized individuals don’t maintain their appearance. As of now, my hair and beard make it extremely difficult to falsify video and pictures. My mother who is involved in this since she ows the federal government of the US 10 years of her life in federal prison for marriage fraud, suggested to me numerous times that I should pull my hair back in a pony tail, which would give me a uniform look which makes it easier to falsify video and photographic evidence.
Urinating oneself also frames the target for mental illness just as defecating oneself if poisoned with liquid Ex-Lax. This was attempted when I presented myself at the intake center in NYC which is located on the far east side of the city. Some kind of urine pouch was inside my mattress that slowly secreted urine under the pressure of the weight of my body as I slept. Before day break, I felt the urine that made it’s way under my waterproof Columbia jacket and under my REI water proof pants through the waistband, and I got up and washed my pants and jacket before day break. This was attempted a second time at the West 4 subway station where an Asian female spilled a water bottle on the ground next to me as she was sat on the same bench as me. I exacerbated the problem by spilling my own water bottle and noticed that some individuals stepped in it instead of walking over it. A White homeless individual was also brought to the West 4 subway station who urinated several times on different occasions against a support pole. The restrooms at the West 4 subway station were closed, so when I had to urinate I did so at the end and off the platform, and out of the view of the public.

Various stores in NYC blocked entrance doorways to force me to use an exit as an entry. This happened at CVSs, and multiple times at the Whole Foods at Union Square. The goal in this situation is to use the surveillance video as evidence of mental illness if the target becomes confrontational or causes a public disturbance inside the store – as I said the food was poisoned occasionally or bottle and can returns were not accepted for various invalid reasons – stores, are of course, not obligated to accept bottle and can returns for any reason and I never asked for an explanation nor was I owed one. As an example, a large patch of ice formed around the bottom of the entrance gate in the front yard of my house in Romania which froze the bottom of the gate in place, forcing me to use the large gates as an exit and entry. It’s possible that water was dumped on purpose around the gate late at night since the reason the intruder’s dog was agitated around the same time, or that water runoff from the yard pooled around the gate.

5. Marriage fraud. This is done by incentivizing mostly White naturalized immigrants who are unmarried to marry an illegal immigrant inside the spy network for money in exchange for citizenship. This was suggested to me by my own mother numerous times since 2007, as well as other Romanians inside the spy network in GA, and they are all part of this network. These naturalized US citizens are then blackmailed for political control which is ironic since the communist Cultural-Marxist Obama supports open borders, and amnesty for non-Whites and Muslims. This is despite the fact that America only accepted White European immigrants until the immigration act of 1965 written by the jew Emmanuel Celler, and promoted by the jews Jacob Javits and Norbert Schlei to achieve miscegenation and #WhiteGenocide.

In January of 2014 under pressure from Ngoc Nguyen who was a ‘friend’ inside the network, I entered a marriage with a Columbian woman named Patricia De La Vega who was related to his wife, Lina. She said she was a foreign exchange student and needed US citizenship to reduce her tuition fees and medical insurance. I was suspicious and after the marriage I realized that she was lying, and returned her $5000 which she gave me before she was able to file for citizenship. We also took “wedding pictures” which are currently used to frame into various other false marriages in the US and in Romania with non-White women and to dispossess me of my childhood home in Romania through a divorce. My own mother is currently being blackmailed for committing marriage fraud, which is why she insults me and causes numerous disputes to cause an overreaction from me with legal consequences.

6. Vandalism. This has to place the target at the scene. This is similar to mental illness, and avoiding the area where the vandalism occurred is the way to prevent it. The car wash in Lawrenceville GA at 1106 Duluth Highway was vandalized with gang graffiti after I walked by on my way to the DFCS office in downtown Lawrenceville GA. After I walked by it, I saw a White male with various chicanos in a small, green, run-down Ford Ranger pick up that pulled out of the adjacent strip mall and made eye contact, and they were supposed gang members.

7. Renting property in the target’s name using stolen identification. The CIA’s and NSA’s involvement in this is fairly obvious. This is done to make it easier to place the target at the scene of the crime. While walking through GA, I saw many dog carcasses on the side of the road that were split in half and in a state of preservation, and likely were refrigerated, and ahead of this area they would conduct a fake traffic stop, hoping I would report seeing the dog carcass on the side of the road. This Gwinnett county cop that conducted these false traffic stops in 2015, appeared again as recentely as 3-4 months ago as I was leaving my workplace at the Best Buy store, and he was directing traffic for a road work crew on Pleasant Hill. All local police departments in the US are aware of this framing program and they will lend vehicles and even personnel to the CIA, NSA, DoD, and FBI for the purpose of framing. The militarization of police originated from this close relationship made possible by the Patriot Act.

8. Sexual harassment and rape. On December 7th, I left NYC and walked to Canada and crossed the border on December 23rd, and stayed until February 18th when I was driven back to the Rainbow bridge border crossing. I received 5 rides along the way for a total of less than 50 miles, and walked the rest of the way. I was at a detention center in Canada instead of a refugee center, due to lice contamination which were placed on my clothes likely when I was sleeping at the West 4 subway station in NYC, which helps solidify a frame job for animal cruelty. At the detention center in Canada they gave me a tuberculosis test under the skin to be moved from isolation to a dorm, and the male nurse had 2 vials on the desk leading me to believe they injected me with a live HIV virus so that I would ask to be tested, and I did feel sick the next morning, but I did not test until April in Washington DC which was negative.

They do and have infected people with HIV through tuberculosis tests, and have also infected women with HIV through non-sterilized manicure and pedicure instruments which is intentional. In my case the vial likely contained chemicals used for chemical castration or the nanorobotics DARPA implant which requires higher doses to achieve control such as a flu shot or direct injection into the blood stream. When the inmates in the dorm found out about the tuberculosis test, some offered me their clean underwear which had their names written on the inside and I had to write my name in instead – this happened 3 times. The laundry wasn’t delivered in bulk until a few days later, and when it was delivered the only pair that fit me, was a pair that had what looked like blood stains in the groin area. The inmates who did this were surprisingly White felons, and the negroes and chicanos in the dorm did not participate despite being aware of the framing program. These same inmates who offered me their clean underwear, also offered me their food. This was all recorded by the security cameras. Framing by association. Later on January 4th, I was moved from the detention center to a refugee center and various Africans and Jamaicans attempted to engage me in a conversation on surveillance video, and then the video would be edited and the individual would be cut out of all the frames to make it look like I am talking to an imaginary friend. Basically the video would start out with just me in it, an individual would move into the field of view of the surveillance camera, and engage me in a conversation. The blank side of the video before the individual moved in would be copied on all the frames during the conversation, and I would look like I am talking to myself. In order to provoke me to get tested for HIV and to lead me to believe I have HIV, they induced medical conditions in order to undermine my health using a powerful microwave weapon, which was being used in room 305 which was above 206. This microwave weapon causes immediate and severe cardiac palpitations, high fever and an inability to regulate body temperature, insomnia, headaches, memory loss, confusion, hair loss later, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, stunned growth noticeable in fingernails, a tender scalp, painful fingertips, and blurred vision. This microwave weapon was hidden in furniture and was being moved accordingly if I moved from one end of the bed to the other, and they appeared to be targeting my lower legs, which was obvious since the I had hair loss on my legs along with knee pain due to stunned growth which reduced regenerating ability from every day tear and wear. Throughout the night I would hear them slide this piece of furniture on the floor if I would move on the bed. I also heard cables hit the floor, and metal hit the floor which was very likely the actual microwave weapon, which in some cases is a simple copper metal grid with electrical wires welded on one end. I made numerous requests to be moved to the 3rd floor. They also attempted numerous times to get me to walk into other detainees’ rooms even though it was prohibited, and one night a negro detainee made up a story that he did not know how to turn off close captioning on the TV in his room. The names of the individuals operating this EMF/WiFi generator above 206 were Jace Mcaliston Aaron, and Campbell Whitinton.

Each room also had 3 beds, labeled A, B, and C, but it appeared that 305 did not have a bed over mine which was C. I kept a written log on everything that happened as evidence. I also nicknamed the individuals that tried to frame me since I did not know their names. The nickname I chose for one was Ashy Larry from the Dave Chappelle show, which was an individual from Jamaica. Another, Oger, after Shrek since he had unbelievably bad breath since he did not brush his teeth and tongue. Another, Predator, since he looked like the Predator from the movies and had a huge gap in his front teeth. These individuals would also get in and out of line at the same time as me. Leave or enter the lounge or lunch room at the same time. Cross into my field of view on surveillance video and stand in doorways when I would try to walk through. A negro guard named Brian, recorded me with his cellphone on the first day, and held his phone in a way that made it look like I was holding the phone myself for facetime. This guard also alluded that I need to leave my physical body and join God in heaven reading to me from the Bible on his phone, cryptically suggesting I was injected with HIV and I was dying, in order to push me to get tested at the center. Since the beginning they have also been attempting to get me to shave my facial hair, which makes it unbelievably difficult to doctor surveillance video. Doctored video and facial hair simply do not mix. I’ve had spies asking me numerous times, or encourage me to shave my current beard and cut my hair short. In this video a blond female spy who is only 12; the only females who are friendly to obviously frame me for child rape; came and sat down next to me on the bench in front of my house, and asked me how I get my haircut and if I am ever going to cut my hair, obviously so that MOSSAD and/or the FBI/CIA/NSA/GCHQ can have a match with the fake video they manufactured, and presented as evidence to the FISA court which is an ongoing secret investigation that is essentially without a time limit:
While in NYC going to the Whole Foods at Union Square and going upstairs to eat, I had one encounter where the staff made an attempt to frame me for rape and/or sexual harassment, since the restrooms for men and women where located on the same hallway. This also happened at a McDonalds in downtown NYC where female and male spies, or drones as I called them, went to the restroom at the same time as me which were located upstairs in a hallway, and male and female drones were used as witnesses even though I made no physical contact with any female at any time before or after. This hallway at this particular McDonalds was free from the view of any security cameras, and the restrooms only had one stall causing a line to form in the hallway.
Another instance in NYC was staging personal injury late at night before the Jefferson Market NYPL, using a young mestiza minor laying down on the sidewalk with her hair covering her face, her jeans sagging and thong showing, and 1 White male and 1 White female pretending to be rendering aid. Of course, rendering any aid or making any kind of contact automatically frames the target for sexual harassment, or rape, or into a false marriage.

9. Trespassing. They usually attempt this using celebrities or women that the target desires but are unobtainable, and they engage targets through social media by making extremely suggestive and cryptic postings that the target identifies with, from the data that the CIA/NSA collects on the target. This is likely the end result: Taylor Swift Fan Arrested at Singer Guest Home In Rhode Island
In my case since I was listening to Taylor’s 1989 album since about the time of its release and I engaged her on social media, she made very cryptic postings that often times coincided with my activities in Georgia or my own postings on Twitter and Facebook. One particular cryptic posting appeared to be a cryptic invitation to the Caribbean, which is a drug trafficking and tax evasion haven.

I followed a quarter of the way through on this invitation, and at Hartsfield International Airport I ran into a White male who said he was DoD who said he was being deployed and he had multiple pieces of luggage. I went on to explain to him that Islam is incompatible with democracy and that I didn’t agree with the Middle East wars. I was also followed to the airport likely to provoke me into driving faster than normal, and a police officer was posted around a bend on 85 South. Also a stall was staged in the HOV lane since I had the right to use it because of my HOV pass license plate on my Leaf. When I pulled into the parking lot and parked, some chicanos also arrived to likely plant drugs in my Leaf if I boarded a flight to the Caribbean. I was also lured to California and realized upon reaching my destination that the cryptic postings on Twitter by Taylor were staged. I eventually stopped following Taylor and all of her fans on Twitter and deleted most of the postings. At least 2 of these fans also made cryptic postings and moved to new accounts when I stopped following them.

10. Framing and blackmailing celebrities. This is done to prevent capital flight since a record number of US citizens leave the US and forfeit their US citizenship. This is due to the US becoming a police state using mass surveillance to control millions of people. These celebrities are also usually blackmailed through services rendered, and it can be anything ranging from security services, consulting, managing, IT support, music video and film production, even transportation and babysitting. While in NYC, I saw stunt doubles for Taylor Swift who has a 95% match, Calvin Harris with a 95% match at Hudson River Park with an all female Rugby team, Lorde who has a 90% match, and Anthony Hopkins who had a 90% match.

The latest is that Taylor Swift, Ella and Karlie Kloss are all transgender. This is significant since the Royal Family members of GB had transgender partners.

Celebrities are unlikely to resist since the video evidence is so damning, that its release can be a career ending event and extremely embarrassing. – the URL of this article was changed – new URL
There are worries about spies and recording devices. “Don’t even get me started on wiretaps,” Swift says seriously. “It’s not a good thing for me to talk about socially. I freak out.” As for who might bug a Van Nuys production office on the off chance that Swift is inside: “The janitor,” she says, as if naming one candidate among hundreds. “The janitor who’s being paid by TMZ. This is gonna sound like I’m a crazy person – but we don’t even know. (she is aware of the possibility of being framed for mental illness) I have to stop myself from thinking about how many aspects of technology I don’t understand.”

Swift pauses, as if weighing just how paranoid she’s comfortable with sounding. Then she plows ahead. “Like speakers,” she says. “Speakers put sound out . . . so can’t they take sound in? Or” – she holds up her cellphone – “they can turn this on, right? I’m just saying. We don’t even know.”

YouTube: Taylor Swift Afraid Of Being Framed For Murder

Taylor Swift Reveals Her Biggest Phobias To Ellen

These are some of the cryptic lyrics from Ellas’s last album titled Pure Heroin, and the framing program does frame targets for metal illness who are under the influence of drugs.

…we will never be royals… that kind of love is just not for us…
The jewry eliminates White royalty and coincidentally she was in an interracial relationship but the male in the music video is White.
White Teeth Teens
I wear the robe like no one could…I’ll let you in on something big… I am not a White Teeth Teen, I tried to join but never did. The way they are the way they seem, is something else, it’s in the blood. Their molers blinking like the lights in the underpass where we all sit…
A World Alone
…they all wanna get rough, get away with it, let them talk because we’re dancing in this world alone…
Framing program also works by provoking a target. The title of the song ‘A World Alone’ likely indicates the isolation procedure.
…all the double edged people and schemes, they make a mess and go home and get clean…
These are some of the most significant lyrics in the entire album.
…all my fake friends and all of their noise…
Likely indicative of the false friends that a target usually has.
Love Club
…I’m in a clique but I want out… I joined the club and it’s all on… The other day I forgot my old address. I’m sitting pretty on the throne…
Indicates what I believe to be an answer to a question usually asked by a psychiatrist.
…all my life I’ve been fighting a war. I cant talk to you or your friends… it’s not only you, my heart jumps around when I’m alluded to… I was frightened of every little thing that I thought was out to get me down. To trip me up and laugh at me. But I learnt not to want, the quiet of a room with no one around to find me out…
This is almost a direct reference to active targeting. The last lyric likely indicates the various comments and cryptic comments participants make to provoke or attempt to solicit a response from a target.
…it’s the closest thing to assault when all eyes are on you…
The framing program makes it a point to make the target aware that he or she is being targeted to elicit an overreaction by sharing the target’s profile globally.

11. Hate crimes. Most targets will be White men, and White women and I believe that minorities are used when the target is White so that if the target retaliates, it also becomes easier to frame the target for a hate crime. While I was walking north on 6th Avenue one night to go to the NYPL on 5th Avenue, 2 NYPD cars pulled over on the east side of 6th Avenue as I was walking. I continued walking towards the library, but sensing that something was wrong I decided to backtrack. When I returned to 6th Avenue, I found the NYPD Swat Team and K9 unit with M16s and several other NYPD vehicles at the scene, and one officer was speaking with a jew. I approached the swat team and asked what happened and I was told “nothing happened here.” I headed south on 6th and walked past a group of White men, likely DoD, who looked furious and looked down walking past me. The next day heading to Hudson River Park Pier 40, a white male walked by me stating that “the whole board got fired.”
Dailymotion video: Here is an example of Jews using false flags to justify violence against non-Jews

Also, a negro sitting in a chair at 333 (numerology is significant) 7th Ave left his beer can in the trash, and I picked it up, tossed the contents to collect the can for a return and he got up out of his chair and actually assaulted me by punching me in the chest; obviously a provocation to retaliate which would of resulted in a hate crime if charged. I proceeded to yell in his face and asked him if the NSA, CIA or DoD paid him to be there. The whole time I was being recorded from what looked like a news van with a satellite dish on top with a White or jewish male inside recording me with what looked like an iPad.

12. Falsified marriage. This is done to steal from the target using stolen identification. When I was in NYC I applied for a NYCID and I received the envelope opened since a copy was made and used to apply for a marriage license. While I was at Hudson River Park feeding the seagulls not far north from the Hudson Rive Cafe, a chicano family appeared completely out of the blue with a photographer and their daughter dressed in a wedding gown, AFTER I lost recording capability. They took pictures with the seagulls flying in the background and then the bride moved on a separate bench and managed to take at least 1 picture with me in the background. At a later time at the NYPL on 5th Avenue, an Asian famale with fake blond hair appeared and sat next to my computer station. There was a story not too many years ago, of a French business man who was sued by his wife for not having sex with her, and she surprisingly WON, and the man was likely framed into a false marriage for financial espionage.
While I was waiting and sitting on the steps of the Jefferson Market NYPL library to open on 6th Avenue in NYC in September 2015, a woman with a child showed up and waited near me, and dozens of women walked by pretending to talk on their cell phones likely collecting video and pictures of me near the woman and child. To ruin all the video and pictures collected, I looked into the camera of the cell phones as these women walked by, and I picked my nose looking into each camera in a ridiculous and over-the-top way – this ruins all “evidence” collected since I am doing it intentionally knowing I was being recorded.
In these false news stories a Rothschild appears to be dating a negro. This is an example of framing by proximity and association. There’s no physical contact or eye contact in any of the pictures, and the pictures are taken at opportunistic times to make it appear as if they are together. This is something that I also experienced in NYC walking on the sidewalks and in Georgia currently with negresses and other women appearing at the same time in my vicinity in public. The Rothschild family’s link to the framing program strengthens.

In this false news story a dog appears in one picture and animal cruelty is one of the frame jobs.

13. Harassment/Rape While I was in NYC at Hudson River Park and walking through the city, I was recorded CONSTANTLY by hundreds of women using mostly the iPhone. In one instance, one Asian female purposefully ran into me while jogging and kept going without apologizing which was an incentive and a provocation to harass her, or to be framed into another false marriage by association. The current jewry miscegenation plan according to Barbara Spectre, is that Asian women should date White men and that White women should date negroes. The only way to prevent this frame job is to ignore it completely and remain neutral since it’s perfectly legal to record people in public. I also suspect this video was collected to falsify surveillance video:

In this rare video capture, a jewess followed by 3 men walks out of the garden center of a Walmart just as I am walking past the entrance which can frame me for sexual harassment and rape. If the event is recorded from the parking lot or another area, it can appear that I might have made physical contact with her as I was swinging my arms walking by. This also happened in Athens GA in 2015 with a jewess jogger bending over slightly and a jew in a BMW coupe recording the event from the parking lot of a gas station as I walked by her on the sidewalk, as well as in NYC and Washington DC. The jewess in this video is identifiable as a jew due to her miscegenated physical attributes which are defined by a heavyset figure with a high BMI, coarse hair, and overall body proportions.

14. Framing by association and proximity.
Copies of my data have been made without my permission or knowledge as of 01/25/2017, and my data was transfered to some non-white or crypto-jew inside the network in order to take credit for my counterintelligence report that I alone wrote. This is another such case in which jews managed to infiltrate themselves into places where they don’t belong, by cheating and stealing which defines their race and non-white accomplices as parasites:

This is usually done by staging conflicts between children, adults, staging automobile accidents or numerous car stalls which I saw as I walked through Georgia, drawing attention by staging personal injury such as older negro men and children falling or needing medical care, and hoping the target engages in the situation that is being presented. Drones will also appear in public and make prolonged eye contact as if ‘recognizing’ the target. This can frame the target for any number of crimes including child molestation, assault, and hate crimes. I’ve observed situations were a personal injury was staged using an ambulance with paramedics in DC and NYC, involving older negroes which can frame the target for a hate crime just by being in the area or walking by the scene.

Personal injury was also staged using russian-jewish female minors with blond hair, usually falling off a scooter in a park for example and this happened at Father Fagan Park in NYC twice in the presence of the parents. Making contact with any minor by rendering physical aid which is obviously not needed in the presence of the parents, automatically frames the target for child molestation.

In NYC when I would make purchases, sometimes I would receive change that had various numbers written on the notes including numbers resembling gang graffiti, and in one case I received a note that had an NYC phone number on it, probably a phone number belonging to a mestiza or negress. I made a purchase with this note at a fast food restaurant in NYC and the staff which were chicanos, celebrated. When I closed my Delta Credit Union bank accounts in Georgia, I received notes that were marked with blue ink in the corners from specific years, and they also had 5 small holes punctured in each note visible only in direct light, likely marked by the FBI.
While I was at the Father Fagan park a heavy set, old White homeless woman was brought there who was wearing Addidas pants which was not a coincidence. She had a slight resemblance to my grandmother in Goruna, Romania. She also littered trash all over the park. Before she was brought at the park, I purchased an Addidas jacket at Macy’s which was a size too big since merchandise that fit me was removed off the shelves at all the stores in NYC initially. I changed the White stripes on my jacket to black since the jacket was self-identifying. On one particular night a chicano who appeared to be DoD appeared at Father Fagan park, and engaged this homeless woman in a conversation and told her that he worked in Georgia, and actually kissed her, despite the fact that she smelled terrible and her stench was repulsive even 20 feet away. She got up after this male left and walked off at a fast pace, likely to attempt to inspire sympathy for having been “sexually assaulted,” however, it was abundantly clear that everything in NYC was completely staged and controlled just as it was in Georgia and Tampa. She also approached me later and asked me if I smoke on 2 separate occasions. This woman eventually disappeared and didn’t appear at the park any more. This was repeated with various scenarios involving other homeless individuals all over the city and the West 4 subway station where I spent my nights as winter approached. While I was in this subway station, I was hit several times with weaponized x-ray machines hidden in handbags and a powerful EMF generator from the basement of a Duane Reade on 6th avenue adjacent to the subway station.

15. Bank robbery. This was done several times in my case and an investigation commenced within hours using FBI agents collecting trash and debris from the lawn in the vicinity of the building into a bucket. They would also cut the grass, and sometimes dig up entire portions of side walk and even the asphalt. I suspect that spent shell casings are dropped off at these “crime scenes” which serve as ballistics physical evidence. This was likely a spyop to provoke me into confronting the individuals collecting the trash.

16. Arson. This usually works if the target smokes, and it’s attempted anyway simply if the target supports legalization of marijuana which also helps frame the target for marijuana use, EVEN if the target doesn’t smoke or use marijuana. Since this started, I’ve had numerous spies, including relatives in Romania, ask me if I smoke which is completely random without a pretense just like negroes in the US asking me if I was Russian before. While I was in Lawrenceville, GA in August of 2015 waiting for the Gwinnett County DFCS Office to open at a bus stop, I spotted a small burnt tree branch next to the bus stop, and shortly after several individuals pulled over into a parking lot that was out of my view, and the smell of burning leaves filled the air. This was a spyop to provoke me into venturing away from the bus stop to find the source of the fire which would place me at the scene. 2 Lawrenceville PD officers dropped off 1 bottle of Smart water and 1 of Gatorade that were poisoned with what was likely a sleeping aid, so they can plant evidence on my person such a lighter or matches and probably a pack of cigarettes or marijuana. I did not accept obviously, and left the bottles at the bus stop which were removed later by someone else while I was at the DFCS office; likely removed because they contained poison, and in both of those bottles the liquid can be replaced without breaking the safety seal. I did not find the bottles in the trash at the bus stop after returning, and I did look.
Simply supporting legalization of marijuana in order to keep degenerates out of overcrowded prisons, also plays into framing the target for marijuana and drug use which is illegal in Georgia. It also helps solidify a frame job involving the use of a K9 unit at the target’s residence or place of business, which can obviously also lead to framing the target for killing a police dog. Of course in this world as a result of mass interception, nothing is a coincidence or an accident.

Fires were also started behind Gwinnett Place Mall when I was at the bus station on Satellite Boulevard. The staff at the QT near the bus station was also changed and DoD men were brought in and one was an amputee.

17. Armed robbery/theft by receiving. On the day that I abandoned by 2015 Nissan Leaf in Acworth in the parking lot to the left of the LGE Community Credit Union because incoming calls from the tow truck driver were rerouted, several officers appeared and searched my Leaf and called in the serial number of every recording device that I had in the car. Days before, I heard news over the radio that a Best Buy had been robbed in North Atlanta, and all of my devices were purchased at Best Buy. This is were I abandoned by Nissan Leaf: LGE Community Credit Union
While walking through Georgia and to Canada, numerous drones would list cars for sale and they would all usually be Nissans since I only drove Nissans with the exception of my first car. Upon purchasing any of these cars, they would likely be reported as stolen and have drugs hidden in the upholstery and/or the unibody of the car. The previous owners were also very likely smokers.

18. Conspiracy to commit terrorism. When I was in NYC walking on the sidewalks with my Sony camera taking pictures of the women recording me with their cell phones, or women attempting to take selfies with me in the background as I walked by, or when I was recording a video log of the day’s events or recording various odd occurrences, I would sometimes encounter White men wearing sunglasses that appeared to be DHS or FBI agents with high-res cameras taking pictures of the buildings on my side of the sidewalk and at the same time as I would walk by.

These pictures would very likely be planted on my recording devices in the event of my arrest to frame me for conspiracy to commit terrorism. I believe actual arrests have been made in NYC for simply taking pictures of buildings. This could of been a spyop to convince me to take pictures of the buildings.
When I would walk under a construction site on a sidewalk or near a construction site in NYC, video or pictures would be collected of me in those areas to very likely falsely state I caused property damage or personal injury by taking control of earth moving equipment or cranes with wrecking balls. All construction workers in NYC are part of this spy network. A bus was also left unattended and running on W Houston St in front of the Film Forum and near a bar, and a Breathalyzer test would of likely been falsified just as a drug test.

My Greyhound bus that I took from DC to GA was also left unattended and running and the driver was a negro.

19. Ransome notes / kidnapping / robbery
Because there are soo many of these fucking White cucks, cowards and fucking traitors GLOBALLY, and everyone is part the network except the target, they can falsify ransome notes to implicate a target in a kidnapping as an example. Since 2016 I noticed a perculiar amount of twitter postings asking to write letters to convicted felons, the latest being Dylan Roof who was involved in a false flag attack and the case is fake. The handwriting is lifted off anything that the target writes on, and it is always advisable to print in all caps when writing on anything and always electronically print any correspondence.

20. Failure to appear / unpaid traffic fines
Since the target is targeted with traffic citations excesively, they will issue citations and deny payment upon attempting to pay the fine. In January 2007 after leaving the Opera nighclub where coincidentally I saw a White cuck who drove a red Corvette to the club kissing a negress on the dance floor which was not a coincidence since they made eye contact, I was driving North on 85 to head home to 1400 Herrington Rd between 12 AM and 1 AM, and came upon a traffic bottle neck which lasted 30 minutes at least. After clearing the traffic, I sped up to at least 95 MPH and I was clocked at 97 MPH by a White Dekalb county cop just past spaghetti junction on the county line – argument can be made it was an illegal traffic stop. I was issued a citation that was $1000 after passing the subriety test but failing to recite the alphabet. This might have significe since Germans after WW2 were required to sing the Horst Wessel song before being summarily executed. I went to pay the fine in Dekalb county on the due date, and found an incredibly long line extending outside the building and into the parking lot. When I got to the clerk who was a negress, I was informed there is no amount due because “the citation is not in the system and did not exist.” I checked the citation online in Alpharetta while working for the Kim Firm LLC using one of their computers one weekend and found no arrest warrant. Later on the news, I heard that Dekalb county clerks were involved in a scandal where they were writing off traffic citations for hundreds of drivers. This might have been yet another spyop to endear me to negroes for writting off my false citation. I saw that same cop again a few months later clocking drivers while I was driving to work in North Atlanta on 85 South near spaghetti junction before the 285 off ramp. That was the last I heard of that citation and Dekalb county.

This too, is a recycled frame job. Ruby Ridge: 24 Years Ago, the Federal Govt Changed its Rules to Launch a Sniper Attack on an Off-Grid Family
“Remember, whatever narrative about dangerous white separatists federal officials proffered about the Weaver family, Randall had only sold — under questionable circumstances — two sawed-off shotguns to a federal agent, and his failure to appear in court, for all intents and purposes, was the fault of the court clerk’s ultimately egregious error.”

21. Bait and switch
An adult female is used to bait a target, and then the adult female is switched with a female minor. Usually the evidence is phone conversations, text messages, and sometimes luring the target to a location for sex. This was attempted once that I know of but possibly more than once. After pulling into my apartment complex in 2014, I met a fake heavy-set blonde who was apparently another MOSSAD asset-jewess who told she was previously married and she had 4 or 5 kids. She gave me her phone number after I drove her to the Bank of North Georgia on the corner of Peachtree Industrial and Medlock, and then drove her home which was an apartment complex across the road from the bank which looked more like a hotel. While texting me, she attempted to lure me to her apartment by texting that she was hungry and didn’t have anything to eat while I was working at Pointe Parkway not too far away. I texted back and told her I couldn’t leave work and she later texted me and said she ordered something. The next day we were suppose to meet at Medlock Tavern and I canceled the date. I met another MOSSAD asset who was a White female or jewess at Whitehall Tavern in 2014 who told me she was previously married with an amry vet who suffered from PTSD; another clue of DoD involvement in the framing program since some double as IDF; and I texted her off and on after meeting her but no date was set since she did not reply but once to tell me slept all day. When we met she told me she had 2 jobs as a bartender, and she told me the exact location likely to provoke me into stalking or harassing her for not replying to my text messages. These phone numbers and phones could of easily been transferred to a female minor or any female to frame me for texting a minor or to frame by association, and since 2013 I was always given advice by network participants to ask for phone numbers instead of asking women out, and the phones would of likely been given to female minors or the text messages would of been rerouted to someone else.
In Romania I was constantly followed by a female minor who said she was 14 I believe, that her family was living a few houses down from mine and her family appeared to be a Romanian-German family that was moved in by this network since this minor looked a lot like my childhood crush, Alina, who I think was married to a Romanian jew at the time when I was there in 2016. This female minor constantly appeared as I was walking home from work on the street with her friends who were muslim-romanian kids which was a provocation spyop since I despise muslims, and she cut in front of me to pay at a grocery store downtown. She also appeared many times going to the grocery store up the road when I was in my front yard. I recorded her and her female friend who came to me and engaged me in a conversation as I was sitting on my bench in front of my house minding my own business, and my vimeo account was deleted shortly after I posted the video. It’s possible this 14 year old MOSSAD asset was used many times to entrap the men in my home town. The video was located here:

22. Child porn possession
Retweeting non-pornographic pictures or videos of children on social media, and the use of the NSA and FBI monitored Tails operating system and compromised Tor network, constitutes ‘probable cause’ and suspicion of child porn possession, which allows Tailored Access Operations to plant hidden child porn files on a target’s storage devices – USB drives, SD cards and harddrives for later ‘discovery’ during an FBI investigation over another false offense. The Tail OS is marginally secure enough to maintain password security for things such as this very report even though Tails contains NSA backdoors and the Tor relays are compromised, and the FBI maintains and operates child porn websites for blackmail operations and Facebook hosts it which is where ALL child porn originates. A lot of child porn is planted on customer-returned electronics that have been sabotaged in the US since there’s been a huge increase in refurbished laptops and electronics in the past few years, and these are state-sanctioned blackmail operations for the general population numbering in the thousands. The US retailers that participate in these child porn blackmail operations with known FBI links include Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Microcenter, Staples and Office Depot, and all employ FBI informants and even NSA employees – some are jews.

I really don’t know what demented-imbecil NSA-DoD fucking pedo-jew setup this AI framing program, running out of some Langley-Saturn-square-Chabad-Lubavitch server, or Greenberg-Facebook or Google servers that are fronts for the DoD, or how many fucking jews worked on the AI program managing daily life in America for all the useless zionist-christian cucks, and non-White fucking drones brought to America by jews who volunteered to participate in the framing program. This is yet ANOTHER smear against a target and state sanctioned frame job, and an investigation of some sort is launched against a target simply because a target retweets pictures of children, that SOMEONE ELSE posted on social media. The target does not have to be in possession of any pictures of children, but to simply retweet or repost content containing non-pornographic pictures or videos of children, that some drone somewhere in the world uploaded. This is how outlandish and ridiculous the FISA court has become since coming under total jewish control. Here is an example of Dickie Spencer advocating the use of child porn, apparently to treat pedophiles to prevent them from raping children, and an example of a border line pornographic video of children that some twitter drone uploaded.

Content like this sometimes comes up from multiple drones that have children and upload their pictures to twitter to bait a target into retweeting it:

Provoking and incentivizing the target
Most of the time it is easier to provoke the target, than it is to frame the target, and in my case, this was done by systematically denying me employment, firing me, and systematically denying me dates with women that I preferred – usually White American or European blond women in their early 20s, and they always bait and reject to provoke which is why they always keep their NSA cellphone out when they bait which is always recording.
While in NYC my source of income being homeless after forfeiting my cash benefit, was bottle and can returns to buy clothes, shoes and sometimes food. Sometimes I would go to as many as 3 Duane Reades or Walgreens and my bottle returns would not be accepted for invalid and insignificant reasons like being too early or too late in the day, or inadequate staff even though there were no customers present. Refusing bottle and can returns due to my lack of a spare trash bag to count in, and having bottles or cans that the stores did not carry even though I saw accepted bags from others containing the same brands that I was told were rejected. 100% of the time the person telling me they were not accepting bottle and can returns were either negroes or Indians, which could have been a coincidence, however, nothing in a controlled environment like NYC is a coincidence. This was another spyop to provoke me into committing a hate crime. Whenever I would decide to make a purchase, spies or drones as I called them, would immediately enter the store to make small and insignificant purchases to purposefully increase my wait time in the checkout line, to irritate me. In Romania this is also happening at Carrefour and other stores by staging missing price tags, or requiring additional personnel to delete items I do not wish to purchase upon checking out.

Psyops to demoralize the target
In my case this was done mostly with children since I always wanted to have my own, pregnant women who I have a soft-spot for, and attractive White, blond women that I prefer that I wouldn’t be allowed to date. This would be reinforced by sending an unusual amount of children my way, and negroes dating blond women which I’ve seen too many times at peculiar times for it to be a coincidence.

There was also an abundance of dead cats on the streets as I walked through GA, and when I went to Canada. There was also a dead cat that was placed at the end of the driveway at my mother’s house in April 2015.

Psyops to induce fear and guilt
This is done by driving firefighter trucks and ambulances near a target without an actual medical emergency or actual fire or by diverting actual emergency traffic near a target, in an effort to induce fear with the sound of police sirens and to cause the target to run by inducing a guilt complex. This occurred numerous times in NYC, Grayson GA, and Lawrenceville GA. They also seemed to be interested in collecting video of me running away from police or police cars, while running across the streets in NYC to cross intersections.

Poisoning the target to provoke. Retaliation is futile as ALL testing labs are controlled to deny the target legal recourse. THIS PROGRAM IS MANAGED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY WHICH EMPLOYS A LARGE NUMBER OF JEWS.
Wikipedia: According to an Observer interview with Lithuanian-born Joseph Harmatz, Kovner obtained a poison from Ephraim and Aharon Katzir. Harmatz also claims that later Israeli President Chaim Weizmann approved of the plan. The poison was claimed to be used on 3,000 loaves of bread for former SS guards in an American prisoner of war camp, “Stalag 13”, but he was concealing their bigger plan of poisoning the water supplies of Munich, Berlin, Weimar, Nuremberg and Hamburg. The Nakam group intended to kill 6 million Germans – as many as the Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust. According to Harmatz, they would have taken care to exempt American residential areas from the area, so as to murder only Germans as far as possible. It was alleged that the Katzir brothers supplied Harmatz with the poison and that the Haganah gave Kovner false documents of a supposedly Jewish Brigade soldier, and he boarded a ship in Port of Haifa.[citation needed] When the ship approached Toulon in France, the British discovered that Kovner’s papers were forged[citation needed]. His accomplices managed to throw the poison overboard. Kovner was sent to an Egyptian jail. According to Joseph Harmatz, leader of Nakam after Kovner’s arrest, they were betrayed. Although uncertain, he suspects the Zionists sabotaged out of fear that such a crime would diminish support for a Jewish state. As a result of the failure of the mass poisoning plan, it was decided to move to Plan B. Under the command of Kovner’s deputy, Yitzhak Avidav, the Hanakam group poisoned hundreds of loaves of bread that were designated for the S.S. prisoners. On 14 April 1946, Nakam painted with diluted arsenic some 3,000 loaves of bread for the 15,000 German POWs from the Langwasser internment camp near Nuremberg (Stalag 13). The camp was under US authority. On 23 April 1946, the New York Times reported that 2,283 German prisoners of war had fallen ill from poisoning, with 207 hospitalized and “seriously ill”.










The liquid Atrazine or another chemical finds the weakest point in the shell and penetrates causing damage along the way. Once past the shell, the liquid penetrates all the way to the core with ease since the core is much softer. The watermelon wa and it was purchased at the same market.

The following poisons are used:
1. Chemicals used for chemical castration: Usually in TB tests, and usually laced in water or any food item containing a large amount of liquid, or baked goods. This chemical or one similar to it, burns the esophagus and stomach lining slightly when ingested, and cause immediate dehydration turning the urine yellow or orange. This liquid could be Atrazine but multiple chemicals are used. I bought CVS branded water in a tamper proof 1 gallon jug contaminated at the bottling plant that was brought to the CVS at Dupont Circle. This also happened at a Rite Aid on Connecticut Avenue, and a Whole Foods in Buckhead in 2014 in a plastic container of chicken. After this happened when I was in Washington DC, they “opened the tap” on the women and I suspect that these women likely have STDs. Non-surgical neutering

2. Chemical or solution to induce vomiting: This is a clear and nearly odorless liquid and induces vomiting immediately upon ingesting it and vomiting depends on the target’s ability to resist the chemical. I was poisoned with this at a Taco Bell in Canton GA, the Common Pantry in NYC in frozen food in a stryrofoam container, and the Whole Foods at Union Square in Brown Cow Cream Top Plain yogurt that was resealed. I then headed south on Broadway and saw a White blond woman in US military uniform walking on my side of the sidewalk since I knew the CIA is running this framing program and poisoning the food during processing or by resealing food and water containers. This happened again by placing 2 White male military personnel in uniform outside the USPS on Varick St., when I was denied a US passport application multiple times at multiple locations on the basis that did not have enough proof of citizenship which was a lie. I collected video of these military men when I walked out of the USPS location and walked passed them without interacting with them. Eventually a negress USPS employee approved it which was not a coincidence.

3. Liquid ExLax: This is laced in almost any food or water item. Frames the target for mental illness. Severe diarrhea occurs within 1-15 minutes depending on amount ingested. This also happened at the Common Pantry in NYC in cooked food when I went for seconds, and I stopped attending. There is also a related poison that causes severe constipation.

4. Estrogen poisoning/testosterone inhibitor. The inhibitor which has long-term effects simply removes the ability to achieve an erection, and also causes pain in the testicles. I suspect it comes in a white powder form. Treatment with testosterone replacement is necessary. It also causes pain in the bones since it likely reduces bone density.

5. Sleeping aid to knock the target out and likely plant evidence or kidnap the target. Kidnapping occurs in emergency vehicles such as by an ambulance. A fake ambulance followed me when I walked all over Georgia. This sleeping aid raises the heart rate considerably.

6. Soft metals/heavy metals. Aluminum/lead and even gold particulate poisoning in water and food. Cause brain damage and drop in IQ.

7. Radioisotopes are used to induce cancer. Signs of poisoning include diarrhea after ingestion within 3-4 hours, cardiac palpitations within 1-15 minutes, and hair loss within 24 hours.

8. Bysphenol A is also laced in high amounts in water, and is blamed on plastic bottles leeching the chemical.

9. Unknown chemical or radioisotope in baked goods which causes headaches, brain inflammation, rear neck pain, fatigue and weakness, fever, lesions on the gums, tongue inflammation, dullness of the taste buds, a sore throat, indigestion in higher concentrations, and joint and muscle pain. Symptoms usually last for a few days after exposure. I SUSPECT THAT THIS PARTICULAR POISON IS INTRODUCED INTO THE FOOD SUPPLY IN AMERICA IN LOW AMOUNTS ON A MASSIVE SCALE WHICH EXPLAINS THE CATASTROPHIC RATE OF AUTISM IN NEWBORNS WHICH WILL SOON BE IRREVERSIBLE.

10. Unknown chemical that induces temporary or permanent and partial blindness and a reduction in low-light vision. This is commonly blamed on electronic devices emitting blue light and is commonly mentioned in the media. I was exposed to this poison in the food supply between 2016 to present, and I was a computer and smart phone user for years before without any vision issues. Signs of poisoning include blurred long-distance vision immediately after exposure especially after sleeping, and what is commonly known in the movie industry as ‘lens flare’ and an inability to focus which affects short range vision.

11. Unknown chemical infused into fruits and vegetables that causes tooth pain unpon bitting down into the fruit or vegetable. Also known in the dentist field as “sensitive tooth syndrome.”

12. Unknown chemical in municipal water or infused into fruits or vegetables that doubles or triples melanin levels and causes the skin to be susceptible to tanning. Likely also causes profused sweating to the point of completely soaking clothes in sweat.

13. Unknown chemical that reduces melanin levels to 0, and the skin becomes impervious to tanning and sun burn. One jew who seems to be a user of this chemical is Baked Alaska and other jews in the public spotlight including Richard Spencer. Its use is obvious since some jews are also using a bright red hair dye, not just in the US. but in other parts of the world. I also noticed the NSA/IDF/MOSSAD/CIA secret police who appeared in Grayson GA and Marietta GA in 2015 are also users of this chemical. US troops in Iraq and the Afghanistan seem to be fed this chemical since many do not tan, and it’s also the first clue as to where these chemicals are sourced: criminal elements of the DoD since it is a DoD program in collaboration with Israel. Putin also seems to be a user since he was a black-haired jew and is now blonde.

Driving the target into bankruptcy

In my case this was done with an obscene amount of traffic citations, selling me counterfeit Huper Optik tint for my 2015 Nissan Leaf which had no heat rejection compared to the tint installed on my 2004 G35, which was lighter tint and rejected heat. Sabotaging electronic equipment like my 9500ix which had its firmware corrupted and could not be updated anymore. A WiFi enabled brand new Hero4 Black camera which had its firmware modified wirelessly to remove video recording capability and time lapse pictures. A Canon digital camera without a view finder which would turn on but the LCD screen remained off and wouldn’t take any pictures. A router where certain Ethernet ports stopped working. The BIOS on a 990FX after I left the BIOS password off which I eventually sold to Ngoc. The 2 engines I put in my 2005 G35 which both had a blown head gasket on bank 2. The ECM on my 5MT Nissan Maxima which was constantly throwing a SES code for an EVAP leak despite checking for leaks. The ECM in my 2005 G35 which also had a code for EVAP despite replacing the system, and even my $1000 GE black washer right at the end of the warranty period which I sold with the dryer as a pair. Also by firing me without a warning and sometimes without a valid reason, and systematically denying me employment and business opportunities. Most of my clients were jewish which was not a coincidence.

Inducing medical conditions to force the target to seek medical care and become dependent on prescription medication and covertly infect the target with the DARPA implant
This is done with portable weaponized x-ray machines sometimes hidden in handbags, furniture and walls, or microware weapons, which are classified as energy-based weapons systems and are used from areas inaccessible to the target. A neighbors house, an apartment above or below, a jail or detention center, hospitals, etc.

Currently, 07/12/2017, and for the past couple of months in the US since returning from Romania, both my mother’s neighbors have been shooting an EMF or X-ray weapon into my mother’s house and into my head causing severe headaches, insomnia, fatigue, sleepiness, cardiac palpitations, brain hemorrhage evident by the presence of blood in the inner ear, and a drop in IQ. As of of 10/3/2016 M/D/Y, my neighbor in Romania, Vasilica, has had an Internet-enabled, remotely controlled microwave weapon somewhere on her property that is being fired at me in my own house, which has induced random insomnia, cardiac palpitations, knee pain despite no physical injuries and being able to walk long distances, bone pain, blurred long-range vision likely due to a Vitamin D and E deficiency since the EMF likely targets those vitamin channels in my body. It has also been causing me to blackout and literally shake upon standing, and it has also been affecting my testosterone levels to the point of being completely suppressed despite maintaining a diet of eggs and potatoes to avoid being poisoned with testosterone inhibitors through my food supply. These medical conditions are induced randomly and whenever the EMF generator/microwave weapon is operational, to give me the false impression that these medical conditions are naturally occurring. The latest cryptic talk from drones, is that I must have diabetes and syphilis even though I haven’t had sex in years, and I am more than capable of heavy manual labor for extended periods of time. Coincidentally, my grandmother or intruder as I call her has been spending a lot of time away from home, who is also involved in the spy network.

Bobby Fischer experienced the same EMF or X-Ray radiation:
YouTube: Bobby Fischer – Anything to Win (Biography) FULL

In 2014, I presented myself with insomnia and fatigue and I was given a false diagnosis of diabetes at a Gwinnett Clinic on Peachtree Parkway even though I went to the clinic after eating. During the sign up period for Obamacare, my monthly premium was $250/month being a non-smoker without medical conditions, and I was given this false diabetes diagnosis after attempting to sign up for Obamacare. The diagnosis was given to me by a female Asian doctor. Had I presented myself to a doctor with insomnia in 2007, I would of likely been prescribed sleeping medication and I would of became dependent on it, however, because I was able to sleep fine when I wasn’t at home, I did not seek medical help for the mild insomnia I experienced from 2007 until it became severe in 2015. A target who is dependent on prescription medication can also make it easier to frame the target for mental illness, especially medication for migraines. This is what is being used to watch people through walls and it’s very likely responsible for the high autism rate in America.
California woman files $1.7 billion parking meter lawsuit – similar to smart electric meters and ISP-issued WiFi routers and modems

YouTube: Researchers Use WiFi To See Through Walls

In 2014, I started wearing multiple pairs of shoes, and I noticed towards the end of the year in 2014 that my feet had an unusual, potent and persistent odor despite washing and spraying Lysol in my shoes before and after noticing. I was infected with this fungus, so that if I did manage to find a natural blond White woman of MY choosing, she would be repulsed by the smell and reject me. I also noticed that wearing shoes became uncomfortable, and my feet blistered easily. Throughout 2015 the skin of the soles of my feet pealed constantly with discharge, and I went to George Washington University Hospital in DC in April 2016, and I was diagnosed with Athletes foot and was prescribed an anti-fungal cream. Because I was homeless and washed in the Rock Creek river, and there have been cases of women in Georgia being targeted to be terminated with flesh eating bacteria likely placed in Neosporin or lotion that the women used, I was afraid to fill my prescription for anti-fungal cream thinking it might contain flesh eating bacteria, and since I washed in a creek, it could have been used as an excuse to say I was infected with flesh eating bacteria from the creek. Picture I took on my way to Canada:

In 2014 or 2013 I became infected with salmonella from Mexican avocados I purchased at the farmer’s market in Duluth called Nam Dae Mun. This infection occurred despite the fact that I ate pealed avocados mixed with cucumbers and tomatoes in pure lemon juice which is highly acidic, and I suspect the salmonella was likely bred in a lab to resist high acidity and antibiotics like the fungus that was placed in my shoes. This infection was marked by drastic night sweats, extremely high fever on the verge of a seizure, severe fatigue, and diarrhea without indigestion. I went to the same clinic in Duluth and requested an injectable antibiotic and the symptoms resolved shortly after. I suspect this injection contained the injectable Darpa implant, but the shot was not delivered into the blood stream and the infection was planned. I suspect this criminal network is responsible for a lot of the salmonella outbreaks in the US. This account of salmonella poisoning which is part of my medical record, is currently being used to discredit my account of having been targeted with a weaponized x-ray machine at the last apartment I had in the US which occurred in March and April 2015.

My Time In Vienna 05/2016/My time in the Gwinnett County Jail In April 2016
Everything in this framing program is taken to an extreme. Consumption of alcohol socially is public drunkenness, depression is mental illness, exposing the spy network is schizophrenia, shouting and cursing in a voice memo or phone conversation is domestic violence, anyone who is a target in any normal pictures with children is a child molester, nationalism is communism, the Holocaust figures cant be challenged, facts are false, lies are truths, consensual sex is rape, free speech based on facts is a hate crime, and migrant sex-offender-pedophiles are innocent because the migrants have been brought into Europa and America by jews.
While I was in Vienna and asking several blond women out for coffee, I met “Mary” who was the only one to say yes out of 8 or more. While there I also met Sasha, Magda, and “Rachel” who was American just to name a few. “Mary” was from Russia, a natural blond on her way to the US embassy to obtain a US Visa. She told me a story of a drunk on a taxi that strangled her and she filled no police complaint. She also said the guy was banned off the taxi. She could of very likely been a Russian jewess and very likely one of many that appeared at that train station.

This fabricated story alerted me that it was very likely part of my global profile and it was actually a story about me that never happened. On June 28, 2015 I was arrested for driving with a suspended license by a negro officer, which was not a coincidence as I would later see him again on 316 issuing a traffic citation on my side of the highway as I was driving to Dyno Proven LLC. I used Uber and Lyft to continue operating my business, and to reinstate my license which took approximately 1 week. At no point during that time did I have a female passenger with me, and Lyft and Uber does not pick up multiple customers.

The app in question is Lyft which was disabled on my phone by the CIA, NSA or FBI, along with a GIF image creator to prevent me from posting video. I was also in NYC when I had my court date in August/September 2015 for driving with a suspended license, and I turned myself in on April 2016 in Lawrenceville GA. I was in jail for approximately 2 weeks for failure to appear for driving with a suspended license. This is called by the NSA and GCHQ a “false flag operation” or JTRIG, to inject all sorts of false material onto the Internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets. I suspect the videos or pictures are probably uploaded on Facebook. JTRIG manipulation
At the train station in Vienna I also met 2 Romanian spies, and one was a Romanian jew who was in the sitting area who seemed to be homeless since he had a tear in the rear of his jeans.

This Romanian jew then went on to “recite” me various false stories about the history of Romanian and eventually he reached a point and said “We can negotiate.” Shortly after 2 Asian adult females sat down and made eye contact with me and smiled, and this was likely an invitation for a threesome in which I would relinquish political control or be framed for rape. They got up and left eventually since I made it abundantly clear I wasn’t interested in them especially because they are Asian, or any females inside the network. It is very likely these women have STDs since this was likely repeated with other White men.

The second spy who I engaged in a conversation because I overheard him speak Romanian, encouraged me to pay the train conductor for my ticket instead of purchasing an actual ticket, and obviously the train tickets are checked at each border crossing.
As I said I went to jail for about 2 weeks in April of 2016 for failure to appear for driving with a suspended license in 2015. While I was in this jail an Indian doctor on duty attempted to convince me to accept another tuberculosis skin test injection which I declined several times since I was suspicious of its contents. This same Indian doctor then attempted to convince me to consent to a chest x-ray which I declined since I already surpassed the maximum amount of lifetime radiation exposure for a human being many times over. After I declined all offers for an x-ray or injection skin test, this Indian doctor then conceded to NERVOUSLY administer a physical exam. I was placed in isolation as a result of rejecting the TB test and I believe my food was laced with a testosterone inhibitor while in isolation.

While in jail, my cell mate who was a convicted felon with a probation violation nicknamed Cali, and who also claimed to have been a gang member in California, made several derogatory comments about Whites, Christians, Christmas, Europa, and also suggested that was a paranoid-schizophrenic when I explained to him that I spotted several spies in the jail dorm, and in fact it was a majority. He became confrontational when I told him that I suspected him of being a spy, and we were not cell mates by coincidence, since he made very cryptic comments about my situation that he had no way of knowing about unless he was told. I actually laughed at his confrontational attitude, and told him I was proud to be a White European. He went ahead and informed a guard about the accusation I leveled against him, and we did not speak to each other anymore after this incident. I was released the next day I believe. Also, while I was in jail, a negro inmate from across the dorm made eye contact and waved several gang signs my way on several occasions. Recently I contacted the local police in Romania who are obviously involved in the spy network as are the German and British police and others, and I was asked if I was alone in my travels when I became homeless in the US and went to Tampa, NYC, Canada, back to NYC again, and DC when I contacted my mother to return to Romania. It appears that the spy network has been actively trying to link me to gang activity and drug trafficking in Lawrenceville and/or NYC, or Tampa or anywhere else I went in the US. This is a recycled frame job.

Why America’s Opioid Epidemic was Maliciously Manufactured by the Criminal Cabal

Bobby Fischer was also imprisoned on drug charges despite the fact that he wasn’t a drug user. There have been cases in the US of fast food drive-thru workers placing drugs in people’s meals. I think these people are likely framed. Coincidentally, it was suggested to me by a woman in Ploiesti that I should work for McDonalds.
While I was at Berkmar High School I sold negroes and chicanos bootleg hip-hop albums, and I kept this collection of bootleg degenerate music until 2015 when I formated the storage device. A lot of drones lately have been asking me what kind of music I listen to since the data on that storage device was likely recovered by the CIA or NSA or FBI. The music collection alone can be used to state I culturally appropriate what is known in degenerate circles as “gangsta rap” or the “gangster lifestyle.”


In my Leaf, most of the XM radio stations were preset to news stations, and I left Taylor Swift’s 1989 album in the CD player. Since 2010 and especially in 2014 and 2015, I started listening to classical music, movie soundtracks, and mainstream music by White pop artists including Lorde and Taylor which is evident from my Google Music purchases. This is also evident from some of the anti-circumcision and anti-immigration videos I made and posted on Facebook years ago and Vimeo recently. Like I said, anything is used as an argument in court to create a criminal offense. Nothing is off-limits.

YouTube: Bobby Fischer – 11 September 2001 (9/11) full interview, transcript

In Lawrenceville for my 2004 G35, I also had the custom license plate “25th Hour” from a movie by the same name which is about a White drug dealer who has 24 hours to report for a prison term. Anything and everything is used to CREATE a court case, and frame the target into criminal activity. This is why I was asked several times by police since this started if I have any tattoos, which is a very odd question to ask unless arrested. I have no tattoos. If I did have tattoos, they would probably tattoo someone with something similar in the US to frame me by association, likely a woman. When I quit working for Enviroclean and Phoenix, because I realized spy network participants were trying to frame me where I was working by placing evidence in my trash bags that I was trowing out, since the reason I used to find a bunch of dead birds on the sidewalks around the buildings at Point Parkway in Norcross that I cleaned for Phoenix, a negro conveniently showed up with a Nissan Leaf as I was charging mine at Nalley Nissan in Brookhaven. He told me they were hiring at Greenwood which made ice cream not far South from the dealership. Interacting with this negro could of framed me by association for any number of crimes, and this interaction was recorded by the dealership security cameras. I went and applied, and a White male who looked to be FBI entered the building shortly after, and the attitude of the staff completely changed. I went back the next day and the staff was changed. Another FBI agent also appeared at a Pepboys in Buckhead where I purchased 2 pairs of pliers around or on 11/7/2015 D/M/Y, and he looked extremely disappointed as if he had a personal stake in my downfall likely because these state-sponsored agents are compensated additionally to frame targets. I decided to just continued operating my cleaning business on the weekends until I abandoned my Leaf and quit everything. Framing by association repeated in NYC with various negroes talking across me while I was waiting in line to enter the Pantry for dinner or breakfast, or they would sit at the same table as me. A negro also offered money for “physical exams” which involved a car ride to another location. This also occurred in Washington DC in front of the White House where a negro had a suggestive conversation with a White Secret Service employee about traveling to Georgia. I took a Greyhound bus back to Georgia which I bought with money sent to me by my mother. While in Washington DC various negro and even White former felons were brought to Dupont Circle where I spent most of my time. I could tell they were felons by the various tattoos they had. A White felon had a USPS plastic box on his bike which I asked him about since he was a felon and could not legally work for the USPS. These felons were released by Obama’s and Eric Holder’s corrupt DoJ under the early release program, and most of them are negroes.

Other significant and offensive framing operations against nations/False flag attacks/Corporate espionage and sabotage
Important to note that some false flag attacks do have real victims and those that do not even have false funerals and false bodies and that alone can attest to the sheer magnitude of the global spy network. Spies are not “crisis actors.” Anyone who brands them as “crisis actors” is either unaware of the spy network or they’re spies themselves and is providing these “crisis actors” with legal cover since they’re unregistered foreign agents of MOSSAD. Some actually have IMDB profiles to provide legal cover if targeted for legal recourse. The false flag operations with planted and false victims are easily identified. In order to sustain the numerous false flag lies, neurosis is induced into the general public by presenting half-truths, which makes anyone questioning the official jew media narrative appear to be a paranoid-schizophrenic. This is covered in great detail by @Sineaderade: Induced neurosis and how it is used on us
Nonlinear warfare – A new system of political control 2014 Adam Curtis

Syrian civil war
The Syrian conflict is also staged. There are jews currently living in Damascus despite the fact that the majority Sunni population is aware that jews are responsible for the civil war. Assad who has been framed for chemical weapons attacks on civilians with evidence to prove it, has not made an effort to prove to the world that he was framed. The word ‘jew’ is being omitted by Assad, and he supposedly has the army and state media at his disposal. It’s apparent that the conflict is being fueled for the sole purpose of displacing muslims to sustain the refugee influx into Europa for the Greater Israel Project. Assad could have easily been killed by a Reaper drone years ago.

YouTube: BBC News Caught Staging FAKE Chemical Attack In Syria!

Dead victim of sarin gas attack in Syria opens her eyes


This is how the enemies of #Syria prepare their dirty propagandas to blame Syrian Government

Syria gas attack

Syria gas attack 2

Shayrat airbase is operational after bombing

Current Israeli-Palestinian conflict
There are several points to consider leading me to believe with absolute certainty that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is staged.
1. Palestinians are Sephardi Jews and also Sunni muslims, and they were also part of the Ottoman empire which was made up of Khazar-Ashkenazi jews and arabs.
2. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Brunei, UAE and Qatar are all rich Sunni countries that are in an alliance with Israel, haven’t taken any of the Sunni refugees currently invading Europa, America, and Canada.
3. The Sunni refugees invading Europa are risking their lives crossing the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean, but have made no attempt to attack Israel. ISIS is made up of Sunni muslims funded by the CIA and MOSSAD, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Israel.
4. Palestinians are still capable of establishing contact with the outside world and exposing Israel’s supposed war crimes through video and news broadcasts, even though they are encircled. Israel is capable of hijacking any WiFi device just like the NSA and CIA, and any electronic devices sold to Palestinians can be sabotaged with malfunction timers, but they are still recording Israeli demolitions and bombings.
5. Despite Israel being in violation of several UN resolutions with impunity, they have not yet exterminated the Palestinians. The UN and UN resolutions against Israel are used as a diversion from the fact that jews have no uncontrolled opposition in the entire world. The UN approved the formation of Israel.
8. Some of the photos and videos of Israeli bombings coming out of Palestine appear to be staged like the Syrian bombings.
9. Muslims and jews have proved time and again that they are more than capable of sacrificing their children to achieve their goal of world conquest. More muslim children die from circumcision alone, than from US drone strikes and bombings. Circumcision is practiced on both sexes so the death toll is very high.
10. Hamas which is labeled as a terrorist organization was or is being funded by Israel and Qatar.
It’s fairly obvious that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is staged to preoccupy and distract the West, and that jews and all of the muslim states in the Middle East are colluding to conquer the civilized world by conducting a war of deception. As I mentioned earlier, the spy network also attempts to inspire symphaty from their target, which in this case happens to be the civilized Western world.
Israel funding Hamas, Olmert admits

Israel’s 6-day war
This war or war games were faked by Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. It appears some of the video footage from this war is actually from WW2 of allied incursions against German positions in North Africa. All of these 3 Arab states were at the time under crypto-jewish control. This fake war allowed Israel to buy political capital and improve its standing as a military power to likely deter an attack from Europe, since Israel penetrated European governments using the framing program since the end of WW2.

Mexican–American War
There is a large discrepancy here in that currently and for the past few decades, the US-Mexican border has been completely open, so much so, that in some parts of Mexico the male population has almost completely evaporated, which is why Mexico is the sex tourism capital of South America. Texas and California are now majority Mexican states which makes it appear as if the Mexican-America war was never fought, and it seems to be some kind of deal between American jewry and Mexico. It is also apparent that a lot of the jewish transsexuals and Hollywood celebrities who are transsexuals, are very likely harvested from mestiza surrogates, which explains miscegenation being promoted by Hollywood. It’s also possible that the DoD’s secret cloning program might be using mestiza surrogates to disproportionately increase the crypto-jewish population in the US to counter the remaining White male population, which is why freshly arriving mestizos enjoy such things as Temporary Protected Status, DACA Dream Act and amnesty.

Iranian Revolution
The downing of the Iranian Flight 655 was a false flag which indicates the cooperation of the Iranian government with Israel and the US International Jewry. The purpose was to provoke the Arab world into attacking US military installations in the Middle East to likely spark a war with Iran and other crypto-jewish-sunni states in the Middle East with the purpose of flooding Europe and North America with refugees to create Greater Israel, which was always the stated goal of jewry.

Romanian Revolution
My newly formed opinion is that the Romanian Revolution was a false flag to bring about the end of the Ceausescu regime that was implementing National Socialism policies instead of communist policies. The regime eliminated all national debt by selling the country’s food to Russia which created some social unrest and ended jewish usury which obviously riled the jewry, but at the same time large infrastructure projects were created the likes of which were never seen again, and the regime even provided free apartments to married couples. Ceaucescu also ordered the construction of the world’s largest green houses in response to food shortages and in an effort to become completely independent of foreign food imports. It is possible that he was aware of the current danger of a poisoned food supply. My grandmother in Goruna once told me that she wrote a letter to Ceausescu asking for employment for my mother which was granted by Elena Ceaucescu personally at the Palace of the Parliment, suggesting once again that this family was always a target of the international jewry as I have also been denied employment to this day. While I was in Romanian various spy network participants brought up Ceausescu as a negative in Romania’s history, even though the regime implemented many social programs that benefited the populace. I also believe that Ceausescu was likely framed for giving orders to the army to murder unarmed civilians which is a jewish tactic since the revolution was started by jewish students, and the revolution was likely led by the same forces that caused the civil unrest that was seen in America during the 2016 presidential election: jewish-communist subversives and proxies. The Syrian government is currently being framed for a chemical weapons attack on its own citizens, which is another example of this tactic to topple legitimate governments. The Syrian uprising was also led by disloyal elements claiming regime abuses.

North Korean conflict
If it is not abundantly obvious by now, world jewry funds all sides to keep the wheels turning on the new world order established after WW2 and divert attention away from its culpability and parasitism. It does so by distracting and preoccupying the world with its manufactured threats, and it destroys and exploits opposition and expands its financial influence until the destruction of the world is assured with it being the only survivor. Jews have done this for as long as their wretched race existed, for it was also they who created the proxy armies now invading Europa and North America since this war was fought before many eons ago, and this war will continue for as long as the parasite himself lives. The topography of the Earth is evidence of this war. The result of the war was PERMANENT quarantine and the death of one of Odin’s sons, Thor.

Germanwings Flight 9525 (4U9525/GWI18G). The copilot was framed for mental illness because he stated to a health worker he was depressed. The flight control systems which are fly-by-wire were hijacked through WiFi, and so was the electronic cockpit door which was disabled while locked to place him at the scene of the crime – the cockpit. The intended targets were Yvonne Selke, a Booze Allen Hamilton contractor, and her daughter, Emily Selke, who was also a target by association. Emily Selke was just 22. The reason the Selkes left to move to Germany was because Germans in large part oppose the NSA. In this Youtube video, Tilman Knechtel presents evidence showing that the downing of Germanwings Flight 9525 was planned. Aykut Anhan born 16 December 1985, known as Haftbefehl meaning “arrest warrant” in German, is a German rapper of Kurdish/Turkish descent born in Offenbach, who released a song called Julius Cesar. In the lyrics translated to English he says the following line: “I’m on the roof and I fly while the holy ghost is navigating, copilot suicide.” Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed in March of 2015 and the song with those lyrics was released in 2014.
YouTube: Are German Rappers Predicting Global Terror Attacks and Celebrity Deaths?
If Emily Selke and her mother discussed their plans with anyone else to fly to Europa in the months before the crash, or booked the flight months before, or if they simply looked up flight information online months before, the NSA would of intercepted those communications and browsing history looking at flight information, and would of had plenty of time to manufacture a credible frame job crashing their flight.

MH17 was shot down using a missile programmed to detonated in the front of the jet to destroy the flight control systems with shrapnel and/or kill the pilots with shrapnel. Malaysia held two 9/11 truth conferences and MH17 and MH370 were downed after, which indicates retaliation for criticism or opposition to world jewry as former axis power Italia was also targeted through operation Gladio. Japan went through a devastating tsunami caused by HAARP and the Japan based Toyota Motor Company was framed for unattended acceleration on its passenger cars.

A Ukrainian MIG29 shot down MH17. Ukraine currently has a National Socialist movement funded by jews as INSANE as that sounds, which helped clear out Ukrainian jews to Israel for a large scale conflict with Russia. This is another instance that can attest to the sheer size of the International Spy Network.

YouTube: 5th episode: “It was a MIG”

It’s very likely there was no political target on board, but the goal was to frame the Pro-Russian Volunteer corp in Donbass, and to rally the West against Russia for a potential large scale war with NATO. MOTIVE: Gen. Philip Breedlove desperately wanted a war with Russia, and coincidentally he was supreme commander of NATO forces in Europa in 2014 when the jet was shot down. Hacked emails reveal General Breedlove was maneuvering against Obama to escalate Ukrainian war
Detonating the missile outside the jet prevented missile shrapnel from being trapped inside the remaining cabin and fuselage, which could have been used to identify the origin and the manufacturer of the missile. The infamous video of the BUK missile system being towed in Zugres on July 18th 2014 which was posted all over the Internet by various disinformation agents from GCHQ, the NSA or CIA, was actually filmed on July 5th 2014, 2 weeks before the jet was shot down.
The BUK missile system was also being towed away from the Russian border and into Ukraine. I am unsure if the MH17 pilots knew they were flying over Ukraine’s conflict zone, but I think the jet was likely fed falsified radar information and the pilots were deceived into thinking they were flying over safe territory. Ukrainian airspace also remained open over the conflict area instead of being closed. The civil war in Ukraine was used as a diversion. At 36,000 feet everything looks similar. The very next day after the jet was shot down, and without any proof, the smear campaign began against Russia by the jewish controlled media in the West to build public support for an attack on Russia by NATO, which will undoubtedly lead to the end of the White race in Europa which is the goal of the communist international Jewry as it has always been.

NY Daily News, Putin’s War

The Guardian, Murder in the Sky

The Sun, Putin’s Missile

MH370 which is the second Malaysian airliner, simply went missing in the Indian Ocean, and with today’s technology, not finding a jet-liner in an ocean is not an excuse. These are false flags with the intent to lure Western political dissidents into seeking asylum in Malaysia.
MH370 pilot resurfaces in Taiwan two years after flight disappearance

El Faro, a cargo ship, was discovered 15,000 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean. 28 Americans died. There are no significantly suspicious events leading to what is likely an accident. The data recorder was found recently, but because it’s a digital recorder it can he hacked and the data can be doctored. Search crews find data recorder from sunken cargo ship El Faro

Japan based Toyota Motor Corporation unattended acceleration
…to be completed…

Japan based Toshiba Corporation
…to be completed…

Hewlett-Packard Company
American company HP, which resisted the introduction of backdoors into its hardware and software up to the time of the aquisition, lost $8.8 billion on a $11.1 billion acquisition of UK based Autonomy with ties to Cambridge University which has strong ties to the Rothschild family. Michael Richard Lynch, David Tabizel, Richard Gaunt were the founders of Autonomy. One does not need to look far to find a jew with an insatiable appetite for stealing, fraud, democracy and equality.

Daimler AG
…to be completed…

Volkswagen Group emissions scandal
Source: Wikipedia Volkswagen, shortened to VW, is a German automaker founded on May 28, 1937 by the German Labour Front (National Socialist NAZI organization) and headquartered in Wolfsburg. Volkswagen is German for “people’s car”.
On 9 February 2017, Der Spiegel reported that the Israeli secret service, Shin Bet, knew about the scandal early.
21 Sep 2015 First business day after news, VW stock down 20%
22 Sep 2015 VW to spend $7.3B to cover costs of scandal; stock declines another 17%
23 Sep 2015 CEO Winterkorn resigns and later all top management is fired and suspended.
29 Sep 2015 Volkswagen announces plans to refit up to 11 million vehicles affected by the emissions violations scandal
Volkswagen announced plans to spend US $7.3 billion (later raised to 16.2 billion €, US $18.32 billion) on rectifying the emissions issues, and planned to refit the affected vehicles as part of a recall campaign. A study conducted by ICCT and ADAC showed the biggest deviations from Volvo, Renault, Jeep, Hyundai, Citroën and Fiat, resulting in investigations opening into other potential diesel emissions scandals.
What will I get for my VW diesel car in the buyback?
Owners who opt for emissions modifications will receive a minimum payment of $5,100, regardless of what vehicle they have. Payments for cars that will also be modified to meet emissions standards are determined by taking 20 percent of that NADA value, and adding $2,986.73. Current and former lessees will be eligible for payments equal to 10 percent of the vehicle’s value plus $1,529.01, and will have the option to get their leases terminated at no cost.
It’s important to note that a lot of VW owners are part of this global spy network and they are instructed to consume and buy certain brands, including VW diesel cars. Since MOSSAD was aware of the potential fall-out before anyone else, it’s possible MOSSAD sabotaged the firmware for the ECUs without the knowledge of upper management. Essentially, people who are part of this network, received a free car from the German car maker. This is significant since Hitler also received a free car after his imprisonment. Anyone know knew about the scandal ahead of time, could of sold or bought and short-sold purchased stock in the company before the stock crashed.

The Unite the Right rally incident was a false flag to brand White Nationalism as terrorism through the White House program of Countering Violent Extremism. This serves the same political purpose as the Anders Breivik false flag to equate White Nationalism with terrorism. It appears that a stunt double framed the owner of the vehicle who is a jew, and drove into Antifa members supposedly killing 1 heavyset White woman. A police helicopter also supposedly crashed killing 2 police officers bringing the total to 3 dead. Even if a woman died, the jew responsible will not see prison due to noahide laws.

Orlando Pulse gay nightclub shooting
I thought this was worth mentioning here since the jewish-controlled media claimed it was the worst mass shooting in US history. Like I said, spies who get away by fooling the general public simply by sheer numbers.
YouTube: 100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX
YouTube: 100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX -More PROOF links Below-
These are eye witnesses giving interviews in front of green screens with a fake background. The lighting is off and they stand out from the background. Like I said, it takes hundreds of these spies working in tandem to achieve the desired result of a false flag attack. It’s the witnesses, the “victims,” the entire crews of the media stations, the local police, the DHS, the FBI, the CIA, the DoD, etc.

Florida Parkland

White House Active Shooter Drill
This happened when I was in DC. It was reported as a real event.

Shooting Of Ballwin MO Officer Mike Flamion And Convicted Fellon Alton Sterlin
This all spawned from the Dallas shooting which was a hoax and a psyop conducted by the DHS/CIA/FBI/MOSSAD. The goal apparently is to prevent the November election of Donald Trump, by declaring Martial Law which #BLM leader Deray hopes to achieve according to his hacked Twitter account. The officer was supposedly shot in the neck which was supposedly a non-life threatening injury, and he was unconscious but no one in the video is looking at his neck.

Alton Sterlin was supposedly killed by being shot in the chest multiple times even though that is not in the video. He was miraculously still conscious and even raises his left arm which required him to flex his chest muscles, which is not only impossible due to the paralyzing pain, but also because he would be instantly dead. There’s also a lot of “blood” suggesting he was shot in the heart and chest multiple times which would of killed him instantly.

Keith Lamont Scott shooting hoax of 9-20-16, Charlotte, NC +Tulsa, OK shooting parallels

#Roanoke, Virginia WDBJ shooting

YouTube: #Roanoke, Virginia WDBJ shooting

Charleston church shooting
Just like Alton Sterlin, Dylann Roof took pictures with his weapons and posted them on social media so now there is no doubt that he had weapons. The pictures were likely planted on his Facebook which is why I abandoned my social media accounts. Dylann’s guns however appeared to be fake, while Alton Sterlin likely had real weapons even though he was a convicted felon. Dylann said he was unemployed, but had money to purchase ammunition for a .45 and a bullet proof vest. He had negro friends on his Facebook page as well, and his negro friends said he didn’t use any racial slurs. There was an active shooter drill on the day of the shooting. There is also an issue with the shadows of various objects in the surveillance video suggesting it’s doctored. He entered the church with 5 magazines and a firearm that are not visible or in a bag. He attended a negro church without drawing suspicion of wearing a bullet proof vest with the front crotch tail exposed. The funeral for the hero-anti-2nd Amendment “senator” Clementa Pinckney was a wax dummy. And so Obama’s and Jewry’s drones called for a race war which will lead to Martial Law to prevent the next election. Negress calls for race war
YouTube: Absolute Proof Charleston Shooting was Staged
YouTube: Hard Proof of Wax Dummies in Fake Charleston Shooting Hoax

#brusselsattacks. Related to Jacky Sutton’s and Serena Shim’s framed deaths
A few years ago, it was discovered that Turkey was covertly supporting ISIS: Links between Turkey and ISIS are now undeniable
There were 2 female reporters, Jacky Sutton and Serena Shim, and both reported on evidence of Turkey supporting ISIS. Jacky Sutton was framed for a suicide at a Turkish airport. CCTV footage raises questions about Jacky Sutton’s death
The 50-year-old Sutton hanged herself with shoelaces from the hook of a bathroom door, Turkey’s private Dogan news agency said, without citing a source.
Serena Shim was murdered by Turkey 2 days later after being accused of being a spy for uncovering the link between Turkey and ISIS. WikiPedia page for Serena Shim
Journalist safety in Turkey
She was a passenger in a car that collided with a truck. But Press TV, an Iranian broadcaster, does not accept that it was an accident.
Her death occurred the day after she broadcast an item – as shown in the clip above – in which she said the Turkish intelligence agency had threatened her and accused her of spying.
She had reported that Islamic State militants had crossed from Turkey into Syria on trucks bearing the symbols of the World Food Organization and other NGOs.
Shim, an American citizen of Lebanese origin, told Press TV viewers she was “a bit frightened” by what Turkish intelligence “might use against me.”
She feared arrest, noting that Turkey is labeled, according to the press freedom watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, as the world’s largest prison for journalists.
In a report on the Press TV website, a London-based political analyst claimed that “our sister Serena” had been “assassinated by the government of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”
One or more of the Brussels terrorists were red flagged by Turkey before entering Europa, but were given unprecedented legal leeway while in Europa. Turkey likely red flagged them to draw attention away from Turkey supporting ISIS. One of the terrorists also served ONLY a 10 year prison sentence for the attempted murder of multiple police officers before carrying out the #brusselsattacks. It is very likely that the attackers were part of this spying network, and it was very likely the reason why they received so much leniency in Europa. Usually anyone who is not part of the network is immediately placed under surveillance and is placed on some NSA or GCHQ list.
YouTube: Brussels Attack False Flag Theories Explored with Sibel Edmonds & Kevin Barrett

#ParisAttacks #Bataclan
YouTube: Paris False Flag Hoax – Stade De France Lack of Evidence of Bombing
YouTube: Paris False Flag: Bataclan “Eyewitness” Media and Actor Troup Part 2
YouTube: Paris Attacks Hoax
YouTube: Paris Attacks Hoax (secondary link)

YouTube: Paris False Flag: Bataclan Eyewitness Hoax Actor Ginnie Watson

Gare Du Nord
Just like in the Benghazi embassy attack, US army personnel were used to lie to the public. I walked Paris from the airport and to the Eiffel tower and back, and EVERYONE in the city is part of the global surveillance network. NOTHING happens by chance and this was another false flag. The muslims wouldn’t be in Europa if Lybia and Syria wouldn’t have been destroyed by the US for Israel.

Istanbul airport false flag terrorist attacks
All of these false flag attacks conveniently occur in NATO member states where the concentration of these spies is so high, that they can stage false flag attacks without suspicion from normal members of the public since there are not many left or none at all. It’s also no coincidence that MANY of these attacks and shootings occur inside buildings out of the view of the public, instead of a public park or a high-traffic tourist attraction that is outdoors. In Istanbul, there are no bodies around the blast radius immediately after the detonations. One terrorist is running around in the airport with a gun looking for victims because there wasn’t any. In one video a woman CONVENIENTLY stumbles directly in front of the security camera shortly after the explosion. There is also a video of what is supposedly a funeral, just like the Sandy Hook shooting funerals.

The coup was staged. As a result it allowed Erdogan to purge the government and the army of any dissidents, and grant himself new executive powers reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire. The European Secret Army being created and the muslim foreigners entering the German Army and European Union, will ensure Erdogan’s success in attacking any European countries resisting Islamization. This has been made possible through the centuries long process of purging European monarchies of power and installing jew-controlled democracies, including the defeat of the National Socialist Third Reich that sought to establish Ethnostates and order.
Erdogan signs bill enabling reconciliation with Israel

COMMENTARY: Is Turkey’s Erdogan Jewish?

I think the bodies were probably dropped off from the back of the truck because there are no tire marks of blood on the street, even though the truck did supposedly roll over people. There is also no blood on the front, or body parts lodged into the truck’s engine bay which was pointed out by @Sineaderade. I originally thought that the truck was washed or that the hood fell off the truck before stopping. The attacker conveniently left behind his ID just like in a Gladio style false flag attack. This attack required the cooperation of every individual in the area, since the reason there are no pictures or actual videos of the attack being staged.


YouTube: Berlin Truck Hoax – False Flag Staged Event (Proof)
YouTube: Berlin Christmas Market Terror attack IS A FAKE

7/7 London bombings

Dailymotion video: Proof The Teletubbies is Communist Propaganda – By Evalion


#blacklivesmatter shootings and school shootings in the US
As I stated previously, the targets in this framing program will be mostly White men and some White women as well. It is very apparent when watching the videos of some of the #blacklivesmatter shootings, that some are staged for settlements and to inspire sympathy and trust among White members of the public for framing program participants who are mostly antagonized negroes and mestizos.

This also promotes FALSE multiculturalism and White guilt, and FORCED multiculturalism globally such as the refugee crisis in Europa, is one of the goals of the US Deep State International Jewry, ROBBING everyone of their cultural identity and sovereignty.
Obama: I’m still not enforcing immigration policy no matter what SCOTUS says.”
The shootings are usually a result of purposefully failing to follow the universal policy of what is known in law enforcement as, “pursuing and apprehending the suspects” who are unarmed. The police officers in some of these cases are acquitted of wrongdoing or are simply fired because the shootings are staged. There is a also another dark side to this framing program, and it involves pornography and “consensual rape” of White married women, who are likely blackmailed or have sex unwillingly in order to prevent themselves or their husbands from being framed.

The similarities between the communist South African #ANC #EFF and #blacklivesmatter in America and Europa
South Africa’s ANC is openly communist and negroes are exterminating the Whites in South Africa which is in the last stages of a genocide with complete media blackout. Any efforts to draw attention to this modern day genocide which is equivalent to Holomodor have been successfully subverted by the jews who installed the ANC government and other jews who control YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Dailymotion video: Jews conspired and are viciously Genociding White South Africans

The most corrosive and troubling component of the CIA framing and spying network are staged school shootings. Some school shootings are staged such as the Sandy Hook shooting, to disarm the American public through gun control laws of any firearms, especially ‘assault rifles’, who are aware of the spying and framing program, and could potentially be inclined to actually organize a militia against the source of the framing program. The AR-15 and M-15 made by Colt and Armalite have been the main focus of a ban because those are the most common rifles in the American household priced under $1000. The rifle cartridge 5.56 is the most common and the ammunition has a high muzzle velocity making it ideal for medium range engagements, and the AR-15 and M-15 are interchangeable with police and army issued rifles with infinite configurations even though police and military rifles are select fire rifles capable of 3 round bursts and fully automatic firing modes. The civilian spec rifles are semi-automatic just as any civilian spec firearms.

Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag

USA News Is FAKED! Green screens, CGI, Crisis Actors

In one particular school shooting, an ambulance picked up a body, instead of the coroner. A coroner is an officer, as of a county or municipality, whose chief function is to investigate by inquest, as before a jury, any death not clearly resulting from natural causes.
Suspicious occurrences before and after the Sandy Hook shooting:
Sandy Hook Freedom Fighter, Scott Walker, Arrested

“Carver assisted in passing a law one year before the event, sealing all future pediatric homicide reports from the public. This essentially allowed his office to distort records or even fake deaths.”

YouTube: Sandy Hook ‘Dad’ CAUGHT Playing FBI (NEWTOWN HOAX Proof)

YouTube: Sandy hook student says it was a drill

YouTube: Sandy Hook: Murdered Child Found Alive in Obama Phot-Op

YouTube: The Happy Sandy Hook Actors

Mentally ill involved in shootings/Controlling human body functions, including hormone secretions through microwaves:

Shirley Temple – The Big Picture of Child Trafficking: Mind Control Culture

Monarch Mind Control

MKULTRA survivor testimony 1996

Russia Develops ‘Microwave Gun’ Able to Deactivate Drones, Warheads

Controlled America

Hearing “Voices” The Hidden History of the CIA’s Electromagnetic Mind-Control Experiments

Devices that “talks” to Mind